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                 01/24/2018 12:48 PM  
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03/01/2010 02:05 AM ID: 83123 Permalink   

Sidney Crosby: He Shoots He Scores


The Canadian hockey team has proved that hockey is in fact Canada´s game. with this win, Canada has has broken an old record for gold medals won by any nation, previously held by Russia.

USA proved to be a force on the ice as they played the game with all they had, scoring an equalizer with 24 seconds left in the third period, which sent the game into an overtime period.

This is where Canada went back to play offensive, and in just few minutes Sidney Crosby scored the final goal to seal and secure the gold. Tonight the Olympics will hold the closing ceremony.

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Admin please correct the caption to read "Sidney Crosby He Shoots He scores Gold For Canada" I forgot that, this game is not favoured around the world and some may not know who Sidney Crosby is.

I have never watched Hockey before Olympics, and the bug just got a very strong hold on me now..... hahahaha A Canadian Wannabe.
  by: skcusswentrohs     03/01/2010 02:09 AM     
  what a game!  
In fact...what a tournament!

For a country who didn´t get a gold last time it hosted the Olympics...we sure are kicking ass in Vancouver!

It would´ve been a shame to loose to USA. They were good, but we are the best!
  by: pas content   03/01/2010 02:02 PM     
  i missed most of the game  
but i did see the VERY questionable play by the us at the end of the 3rd (i think was was about a minute-and-fourty left) and they pulled their goalie (the same thing canada did in the last game against the US and cost them any chance of winning) and scored with under 30 seconds left... THAT was a good goal... questioable stategy but it sure paid dividends in giving them the tie... i missed the final goal, so that could have been a good one.

as i´ve said though many times, i´m not a hockey fan... hockey for me ranks somewhere before golf and after curling...LMAO
  by: HAVOC666     03/01/2010 02:22 PM     
  @havoc - the know it all that just proved..  
you willingly inject you opinion into articles you dont know much about.

´questioable stategy´ lol.. employed by every team on the brink of defeat in the final period.. period.

i know you say your not a fan of hockey. but it calls into question all your posts in which you ramble on about other things your not a fan of.

dont bother lol im not looking for conversation.. peace
  by: danharvey   03/02/2010 04:13 PM     
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