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                 01/17/2018 07:15 PM  
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03/08/2010 06:42 PM ID: 83267 Permalink   

Brad Paisley Has ´Alcohol´-Induced Fall


At a concert in Charleston, South Carolina, country singer Brad Paisley had a bit of a tumble when giving an encore finale of his song ´Alcohol.´

Probably misjudging a step, he took the fall and is quoted from Twitter afterward, saying: "I hit hard, and I mean freaking hard." After finishing the show, Paisley was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Only suffering some bruising despite worrying about a possible broken rib, Paisley was on Twitter after the incident, and even posed with medical staff, posting pictures on his Web site.

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  Now he´s got something  
that he can write another twangy song about.
  by: John E Angel     03/09/2010 12:03 AM     
These nobodies should trip on stage more often.
  by: Malefice   03/10/2010 09:01 AM     
Guess you´re not into country music, but thats no reason to insult. If it was a nobody they wouldn´t have sold out shows, or have multiple albums and tours.
  by: Kroww   03/10/2010 07:05 PM     
  Brad Pastey  
White people can´t run and play guitar at same time!
  by: joebooreal   03/11/2010 02:35 AM     
A nobody? Surely you jest. This man is a millionaire and a brilliant songwriter, singer and entertainer. You must have just arrived from Melmac.
  by: lurker     03/11/2010 07:27 PM     
LOL! Took me a minute.
  by: John E Angel     03/11/2010 07:33 PM     
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