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                 01/21/2018 03:25 PM  
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03/14/2010 05:09 PM ID: 83327 Permalink   

The Martians Are Coming - and They´re Russian


Imedi TV, the pro-government television station in Georgia, has caused a panic in the small country by putting forth a ´simulation´ of what a new Russian invasion would look like, after "troops attacked pro-Russian separatists."

Within the span of the broadcast, the anchor spoke of conflicting death toll numbers from each side, played sound bites from Russian officials, described bombing the central airport, and even showed 2008 stock footage of Georgians fleeing.

Only at the end of the broadcast was there any note about what they were watching was not real. Both the leader of the orthodox church and president were alarmed by what they saw. Hours later, an apology was issued in scrolling text on the station.

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  Way back years ago  
A network(don´t remember which) made a news mock report of the start of a nuclear war called "Countdown to looking glass" I watched most of it and went to bed. We usually left the TV on until the last person went to bed and I was home alone. My sister came home and saw what was on TV and burst into my room and told me to pack a bag and meet her in the car in 5 minutes. I had to calm her down and prove to her that it was fake. II still make fun of her for that.
  by: VermiciousG     03/14/2010 05:17 PM     
actually happened, and we´re all underground right now attached to the matrix. damn robots win again...
  by: djskagnetti     03/14/2010 05:30 PM     
  Georgia can thank the US & Israel for this  
The totally useless war in 2008 accomplished nothing and was just to test russias nerves. Many lost their lifes for this totally useless attack. But georgia was also betrayed, because the US and Israel promised to help them. But when Russia invaded to stop the killing, they did nothing. The US always betrays their allies around the world.
  by: evilrat   03/14/2010 07:42 PM     
  evil rat  
Yes an evil country that must be eliminated
  by: grayxray   03/14/2010 10:58 PM     
This also happened in New Mexico a few decades ago, a radio station said that the Germans (who were being trained at a local military base) had taken over the city. The news paper got thousands of phone calls in a matter of minutes.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     03/14/2010 11:22 PM     
  blaim the germans  
Still works.

We are still a part of the Evil. In every Schnitzel you eat is a bit of a brain-controlling substance and in a couple of years we will take over the world.
Adolf is still in on the road in a wiener-wagon.

Funny thing: I was asked pretty often if we are still all nazis when i was in Australia. And some jerks greeted me with "Heil Hitler" as they thought it is still like Hello in Germany. But the best was to a guy from California. He was there for a few weeks and did not realizes that he totally pissed me off. But that was because he was so dumb.
Anyway, he first asked a friend of mine (a dutchman) "Oh you´re from Holland, isn´t that in Amsterdam?" making it hard not to laugh or cry and then he came to me and asked if Hitler was still in Charge in any position. It was hilarious when I answered "Yeah, he is actually my great Uncle and we sure get these f*ckers who beat us back in history. Now that we have Arnold and the US we can try it again, damn jews"
It was when Schwarzenegger became the Gouvernator.

That guy left pretty soon without any more words.
  by: z of germany   03/16/2010 12:08 PM     
Did anyone seriously think that the US or Israel, or anyone else for that matter, was seriously going to get into a ground war with Russia on Russia´s home turf? I don´t care who you are, that´s just suicide.
  by: ixuzus     03/17/2010 04:52 AM     
Yes, many Georgians believed that. It was sold to them like that. Then, when Russia came and nothing happened, they wondered.
  by: evilrat   03/17/2010 02:03 PM     
  Isn´t Georgia part of Asia?  
Today´s Princess Bride reference.

Never get involved in a ground war in Asia and never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

  by: VermiciousG     03/17/2010 02:44 PM     
umm.. orson welles radio broadcast of the war of the worlds? and it wasnt even as real as a country being invaded by a former enemy..

hah, this just makes me think of those gullible americans, ALIENS ARE COMING!!
  by: TheDeeder   03/20/2010 12:12 AM     
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