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                 04/16/2014 06:11 AM  
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03/14/2010 09:26 PM ID: 83331 Permalink   

ICANN Delays .xxx Domain Decision


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has once again postponed the decision on whether or not to allow pornography Web sites to have a .xxx domain suffix. The .xxx suffix would be used as a virtual red-light district.

It is this aspect of the domain that is causing controversy with religious groups stating that adding a .xxx domain suffix would legitimise porn Web sites, but fail to keep porn on the Internet away from minors.

It is widely believed by detractors that even if a .xxx suffix was available, most porn sites would still keep their .com addresses.

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  I thought... was a ´xxx.´ instead of a ´http://www.´, like: for example....but I could be wrong. Either way, they should just get on with it imho. It would be a nice clear designation.
  by: tuogh     03/14/2010 10:02 PM     
  Stupid people  
It isn´t the responsibility of ICANN to keep porn away from minors, it is their parents. Screw these idiotic groups that don´t want to take responsibility upon themselves.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     03/14/2010 11:20 PM     
Your link is broken.... :)

  by: bbeljefe     03/15/2010 05:04 AM     
  Oh and, note to religious groups......  
the billions of dollars per year it generates is what legitimizes the adult industry, not three letters.

Another nugget of truth for you religious groups.... if you really want to succeed in hurting the porn industry, succeed in stopping white, conservative Republican men from using it. After all, they equate to the adult industry´s largest clientele.

Why? Because of their sexually oppressive religious teachings.

One more nugget of truth.. The border cities between Texas and Mexico are filled with white conservatives every winter during deer hunting season. These men spend around $2500.00 per year to be members of these deer leases close to the border so they can easily cross over to the cheap, young hookers in Mexico.

The bitter irony is that it´s well known (at least where I´m from in NE Texas) that the easiest time to pick up horny, married women at a bar is on opening weekend of deer season.

Anyway, I got a bit off topic but yeah, you religious nuts keep on fighting that evil xxx. That will make everything alright.

  by: bbeljefe     03/15/2010 06:25 AM     
Definately the last bit, in place of ´.com´ or similar. This part is what´s called the "top level domain". Everything to the left (including www), is a subdomain. This is why URIs without ´www´ or with something else, like ´news´, still function.
  by: ofwolfandman   03/15/2010 09:57 AM     
  I think (but do you really care what I think?)  
Triple x is a great idea. Put ALL hard core porn on it and ban it from .com. It would leave porn available for those who want it yet allows parents/companies to block a single domain, thus making simpler the task of keeping children´s eyes and horny co-workers away from it at inappropriate times.

It´s getting pretty frustrating to search for innocent phrases and getting the top 50 responses as porn sites.

I do agree with N3T_K1LLA: it is the PARENTS responsibility to teach their children. I think the xxx domain would assist in doing so.
  by: womenareviolent     03/15/2010 11:11 AM     
Innocent? You really need to write some kink to get kink. Breast cancer doesnt even turn out porn... On Google anyway.
  by: Rv3   03/15/2010 02:56 PM     
  womenareviolent´s right  
Surely sticking *.xxx into any content filtering software would make administration far simpler. You could even make new versions of FireFox and Internet Explorer with "Adult Features" accessable only via a password etc. Go nuts, think of the ways this could help parents

As for the God Botherers campaining against porn, the answers simple, don´t watch it! Noone´s forcing you to.
  by: spacechimp     03/15/2010 02:58 PM     
About 2 - 3 years ago I tried looking up "Vancouver library". For the life of me, I couldn´t find it through all the porn (literally in the 1000´s of hits). Someone had added those two keywords to what must have been every porn site on the ´net.
And though Google has done a great job on filtering lately, I still need to keep a close eye on it when my youngest (7) is watching over my shoulder - especially while searching for images for him.

A simple .xxx exception in the search would definitely help.
  by: womenareviolent     03/15/2010 04:07 PM     
  Thanks ofwolf  
for the clarification :)
  by: tuogh     03/15/2010 08:53 PM     
  introduce xxx domain  
and then give sites one year to convert, then make it illegal to host porn on .com
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   03/16/2010 02:57 AM     
I´d say you fell victim to a campain of keywording.

It´s hell of a job to do, but some waste their time to do it. Hell, I know how to do it and actually to do it with Shortnews... XD

ButI dont have 6 months to waste :P
  by: Rv3   03/16/2010 05:45 PM     
Teach me! Teach me! Gawd, I wish I could hack the hackers and do some payback!
  by: womenareviolent     03/16/2010 06:02 PM     
  Why force them off .com?  
I would force adult sites to use .xxx as their primary domain but there is no reason why they couldn´t keep their .com, .net, .org and whatever else simply by redirecting them to the .xxx site. It would make filtering a whole lot easier. I find porn distasteful but I´m a big supporter of .xxx domains if it is handled correctly.
  by: ixuzus     03/17/2010 03:55 AM     
  The internet  
is the Las Vegas (sorta) of the world. Any vice you want, you can get. You aren´t going to stop people from getting their ´fix´ so to speak.

Even the best filtering software is only as good as the day its definitions are updated, just as with anti-virus software.

New websites are up and online every day, many sites operate under different names as well.

The sad thing is, parents and organizations are relying too much on government to take action so they don´t have to. This is not what government is meant for in this case, yet those who bitch the loudest, get what they want if they do it effectively (bribe, manipulation, etc..). That is clear in the most recent years, obviously.

Then again, I guess it is human nature to blame others for their own short comings.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     03/17/2010 12:35 PM     
Try finding a recipe with brown sugar in it...

@ix: I think they need to do what was originally intended: take all adult content and put it in on .xxx. Change all .com, .net, even .org accounts to .xxx
  by: nimira     03/19/2010 03:12 PM     
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