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                 01/22/2018 09:21 AM  
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03/17/2010 04:17 AM ID: 83364 Permalink   

Man Hit by Four-Seater Plane and Killed While Jogging on the Beach


South Carolina: A 38-year-old pharmaceutical salesman has died after being hit from behind by a four-seater Lancair IV-P aircraft. The plane was making an emergency landing after running into difficulties at 13,000 feet.

The plane was coming in silently having lost its engine and pilot Edward I. Smith had limited visibility due to oil on the windshield. Jogger Robert Gary Jones, who was listening to music with ear buds, never heard or saw the aircraft coming.

Investigations are continuing into the accident but a former NTSB official backed the decision to crash land on the beach, saying that this sort of aircraft "sinks like a rock". Both Smith and a passenger escaped relatively unscathed.

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  That is  
exactly why I never jog on the beach. That and because sand gets in between my toes.

Staying healthy can kill you.

Planes kill. Ban all airplanes.
  by: womenareviolent     03/17/2010 01:34 PM     
Ban all ear buds. This is becoming an epidemic! :)

  by: bbeljefe     03/17/2010 01:58 PM     
  The "living" condition kills.  
Ban all living.
  by: Dayron   03/17/2010 02:00 PM     
if I ever jog, I have one ear bud out, one in. You never know when you might need to hear something. Even if the engine is dead, I´m sure the plane made some kind of noise coming in.
  by: gryphon50a   03/17/2010 02:55 PM     
A kid where I used to live was hit by a train because he was listening to his ipod while walking down the tracks
  by: JayWar   03/18/2010 12:34 AM     
  ^ darwin award  
  by: EricS     03/18/2010 03:08 AM     
  The traintracks...  
...are just DUMB. But damn, running down the beach?! That´s gotta either boil down to fate, or simply bad luck. Either way it was apparently his time, lol.
  by: tuogh     03/18/2010 10:14 AM     
That happened to a girl around where I live too. What made it worse is that she saw one train coming and moved to the other tracks. What she didn´t see was the train coming the other way.
  by: jstern   03/18/2010 03:34 PM     
  This is the pilots responsibility  
If a pilot makes an emergency landing it is his responsibility to make sure it is a safe place to land. If he doesn´t have visibility he is gambling, in this case with someone else´s life.
  by: feldagriff   03/18/2010 05:55 PM     
You might find this difficult to digest, but no one is really at fault in this situation.

The pilot was most likely aided by flight controllers in navigating to the beach he landed on and obviously, his reduced visibility and flight control´s radar could not be expected to see a person running on the beach.

It was even said by an FAA official that he could have yelled out the side window to alert anyone who was on the beach but even that is very unlikely to have worked. Those windows are about four or five inches square and the aircraft was probably traveling at around 80-120 mph, so by the time he was close enough for the runner to hear him (even without wearing headphones) it would be too late for either of them to avoid the collision.

  by: bbeljefe     03/19/2010 02:42 AM     
Aircraft make two noises.... engine noise and wind noise, most of which is heard mostly behind them when in flight.

So, considering that wind noise is common on the beach and this aircraft was making no wind noise, I would hazard to guess that this man could have been sitting idle with no other noise around him and not heard the the plane coming at him.

  by: bbeljefe     03/19/2010 02:48 AM     
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