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                 01/21/2018 09:26 AM  
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03/20/2010 12:56 AM ID: 83428 Permalink   

Murderer of Two-Year-Old James Bulger May Get Off With Child Porn


Jack Straw has been given background direction by his superiors to proceed with Jon Venables’s crime of child porn. Straw is being forced to use the “easier option” of the decision for Venables’s sentence being made by his parole board leaders.

Venables will be prosecuted for breaking bail and there will be no trial for him possessing child sex material labelled as class 4, which is level the worst type of child porn. Venables sexually abused James Bulger before murdering him.

The news source said, "There is a strong feeling that this is too little too late. Mr Straw should have taken a harder line from the start but now the genie is out of the bottle, causing a frenzy which is proving a nightmare to keep a lid on."

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  For anyone that is not aware of...  
the seriousness of this story. This man at the age of ten was with a pal from school when they both took a little 2 year old boy and tortured him for hours before leaving him weighed down on a train track. Venables has been done for drugs and should have been recalled some years ago and has during his time as a free man broke bail on many occasions.

This man could now be free at the age of 36 or even earlier, as now his charges will simply be breach of bail. He will walk free and be a danger again to countless children, but the government gets to save some bucks and this has preference to our children´s lives.
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 01:07 AM     
  News of the world again?  
"The News of the World has learned that..."
"A source told us..."


Furthermore, it´s not even been released that child porn was the offence he is accused of, it´s just speculation.
  by: jamesmc   03/20/2010 01:14 AM     
it has been on a lot of news and TV programs here. At first we were told he had fought with a workmate, then we are told he was done for drugs. Why on earth all this if it were the fact of just a drug charge or just an assault? Serious crime in our country involves child crimes, rape or murder. So he sure as heck did something bad.

In a past another news source implied that others were involved in this porn! So how come this is even a question now?
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 01:22 AM     
you are going to wait a long time if you´re waiting for justice in this case. I have a question though. A while back there were rumors that a criminal in Ireland, Sean Walsh, was actually Robert Thompson (Venables´ partner in crime). Walsh & Thompson both were from Liverpool, same age, Walsh came to Ireland at the same time Thompson was released from prison, etc. Also, pictures of Thompson at age 10 & Walsh at 18 looked remarkably similar (you can look them up on the net). Do you think they are one and the same person? I´m asking you because it is clear from your posts that you have been following this case closely.
  by: gryphon50a   03/20/2010 02:09 AM     
Thompson is on the left here:

And here is Walsh:
I kind of think they do look alike, plus with all the other coincidences...
  by: gryphon50a   03/20/2010 02:11 AM     
Just read the wiki on this. Venables and his accomplice had to use highchairs at their trial for Bulger because they were 10 and 11 at the time, and were charged as ADULTS?
  by: caution2     03/20/2010 02:56 AM     
How young would you be OK with someone getting executed, or even thrown in prison for the rest of their life?
  by: shiftyfarker   03/20/2010 08:38 AM     
  To say nothing of the parents  
of the murderers, who cares if they understand what they did? They´re murderers, and can´t participate in society as if they were not.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   03/20/2010 10:47 AM     
Im afraid I cannot accept the news of the world as a source. They are notorious for just making stuff up.
  by: Eidron   03/20/2010 06:11 PM     
I am sorry I have not come back on your questions. The only man I have heard wrongly thought to be Venables is David Calvert he is the same age from the same place and he has served some prison time. But he is now married and has children unlike Venables.

As for this Walsh guy I have not heard of this so will see if I can trace it up.

As for my following the case, I only got wound up about it again when I read he had to be pulled of a work mate. Ran riots in a gang fight and was done for drugs. Then we here this!
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 08:22 PM     
  Got It...  

Walsh sought help months before attacking girlfriend
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Published Date: 17 May 2006
Sean Walsh, the man jailed last week for attacking his partner and a toddler, tried to be admitted as a full time psychiatric patient just three months before the attacks.
Walsh was jailed last week for 15 years for the attack on his former girlfriend, Georgette O´Carroll and her three-year-old daughter in November 2004. That August, he sought help, his parents told the Kilkenny People this week.

"He was very paranoid
and told us he was hearing voices in his head. He wasn´t able to cope and just wanted to stop it all. He knew he needed help,´ father Larry Walsh said.
"He wanted to be admitted but he was told that he would have to be assessed first. Seán walked out in the middle of a consultation. He has had suicidal tendencies for years and stood out in front of a train in Wigan when we lived there," his father added.
According to his family the Health Service Executive made no attempt to follow up Seán´s cry for help. "What happened in November wouldn´t have happened if Seán had got the treatment he needed. In the weeks before the attack Seán couldn´t sleep and was hearing voices in his head. We tried to keep him at home. It was the worst we ever saw him. He was very withdrawn and wouldn´t communicate," they said.
Walsh, who had a heroin problem, had been a psychiatric outpatient at St Canice´s Hospital since he arrived here in 2001 from the UK. He had been in regular contact with the psychiatric services in Wigan from the age of 15.

Your the man @ gryphon.

Well that explains his actions and being with venables, he was one lose cannon, waiting to blow!
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 08:29 PM     
  Admin Can you please  
Delete got the wrong guy!
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 08:34 PM     
  Exicution of a child?  
@Shifty. No, Serious psychiatric help and maybe even prison to follow if they make progress and remain violent! Adult Serial killers and child murderers should never be released to harm the public again! And these people should be made to earn their keep and pay back society.
  by: captainJane     03/20/2010 08:39 PM     
  one thing that bugs me  
about this case is how people have always said these kids were born evil. They may be evil, but they weren´t born that way. Robert Thompson was from a very abusive family. His mother left home early to escape an abusive father, married an abusive man, who in turn abused all of his kids (she did also), and all of his sons bullied their younger brothers. Robert was I believe the fourth son so of course he was on the receiving end of alot of abuse and doled it out in turn. It was "normal" for his family. Venables, although from a richer family, was definitely on the receiving end of abuse in my mind. If you read detailed reports of the case, as soon as his mother found him that day, she grabbed both him and Thompson and started to hit them and drag them out of a store (this was when she only believed they were truant). Also, according to transcripts of Venables´ interrogation, the interrogators had to repeatedly ask her to stop yelling at her son because it made him less likely to confess. To me, the parents are partly responsible. The two perpetrators may be sociopaths now but I doubt they would have been if they´d had normal parents.
  by: gryphon50a   03/21/2010 01:13 AM     
  Thanks gryphon50a  
And the wisdom of trying these two kids as adults? Fat lot of good that did them...
  by: jamesmc   03/21/2010 05:31 PM     
Venables was also subjected to violent films and porn. I am not sure about Thompson.

Had they been trailed as adults there would not be a problem now.
  by: captainJane     03/23/2010 11:31 PM     
  It´s funny  
how people are ALWAYS in favor of killing animals that attack humans, no matter what age the animal is...since the reasoning is that once they get the taste of blood and rush of adrenaline, they continue to seek it.

Yet, if it´s humans killing humans we give them free housing, free meals, free gym memberships and all the protection and rights that honest working people of society don´t even get to enjoy.

Kinda makes becoming a criminal sound wonder the crime rates are rising. The retirment package is too hard to resist.
  by: GagnierA   03/25/2010 01:39 PM     
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