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                 01/20/2018 06:13 AM  
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03/22/2010 02:25 PM ID: 83447 Permalink   

Woman Offends Neighbours Gardening in Nothing But a Yellow Thong


52-year-old Catharine Pierce has caused a stir in her neighbourhood by insisting on doing her gardening in nothing more than a small yellow thong. Police attended a scene recently but deemed that Pierce´s gardening attire wasn´t breaking any law.

The housing authority in the neighbourhood changed their rules to insist that tenants are clothed when they´re outside. Last year, Pierce was threatened with eviction for her topless gardening habit.

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  Let nature  
take it´s course. Once she gets some mosquito bites or severe sunburn she´ll knock this off. In the mean time, if she´s not doing anything lewd, what the heck leave her alone. She´s on her own property and "The Land of the Free" is getting more and more restricted by the day. Let the neighbors divert their eyes. I would take this as a neighbor over a loudly barking dog any day.
  by: The IT   03/22/2010 03:48 PM     
  A Crime?  
At 52 years old this has to be a crime
  by: grayxray   03/22/2010 04:11 PM     
Would you feel the same if it was next door to you and she was fat and ugly? Just a question...

I would imagine that they would at least make her have a privacy fence if she wants to do this...
  by: redheadedwonder   03/22/2010 06:24 PM     
  privacy fence seems reasonable.  
people shouldn´t have to concern themselves with averting their eyes when they walk out of their own homes or that of their children. Not that the police should be involved. Sounds like a job for the homeowners association to me.
  by: VermiciousG     03/22/2010 10:05 PM     
  titties are titties  
let it all hang out, however low they may go =P
  by: djskagnetti     03/22/2010 10:18 PM     
  Any Accidents???  
If this woman is causing car crashes then she can be sued.

Palm Springs, CA passed laws against thong wear girls on motorcycles for that reason.

Are there any photos of her on the net?
  by: Mr.Science   03/22/2010 10:30 PM     
  LOL @ lil puritans  
Land of the free indeed. It´s retarded. Go to europe, changing areas, etc.. are often unisex. If you crash because you´re staring at someone it´s your fault. Learn to drive.
  by: d-man   03/23/2010 02:49 AM     
  Nude is normal  
Get a whole nude attitude!

Like your body? Show it!
Who says there´s anything wrong with skin?
Skinful isn´t sinful
Turn life skin-side out - go naked
It´s time to turn your life skin-side out
naturistspace . org
  by: sarababe5556   03/23/2010 04:46 AM     
This is just a prime example of the sexism that still exists! A man can go around topless but a woman can´t?! Shame on you! In New York it is perfectly legal, look it up!
  by: rutgers   03/23/2010 06:24 AM     
  Land of the Uptight  
This is probabbly the most embarassing aspect of being an American...

Let´s look at the stereotypes:

1. Fat
2. Warlike
3. Puritanical
4. Uneducated

... in this case, not too far off.
  by: theironboard     03/23/2010 08:09 AM     
You forgot smelly.
  by: grayxray   03/23/2010 05:57 PM     
  I would hit it...  
I Googled her name.

She is actually a nice looking girl for being 52... Got MILF?

My wife is 50 and looks great, so I´m somewhat partial.
  by: richie65x   03/24/2010 03:14 AM     
or learn to operate that damn camera phone faster. :-)
  by: Burnfactor77   03/24/2010 09:26 PM     
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