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                 01/19/2018 06:32 PM  
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03/23/2010 12:33 AM ID: 83457 Permalink   

Lady GaGa to No Longer Deny Having a Penis


Eccentric singer Lady GaGa, aka Stefani Germanotta, has decided to quit denying that she has a penis, a controversy ignited by her risque video for her new single, "Telephone."

"I´ve heard it´s been blurred out so you don´t know if she´s a man or woman," Germanotta said. "Others have said it´s been cut off or she´s doing a full frontal."

"In fact, I was wearing opaque tights on under fishnets, but it´s pixelated so it´s all down to each person´s interpretation as to what they are missing," she(?) said.

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  The best part of writing this  
for me was deciding whether this is hard news or soft news ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/23/2010 12:34 AM     
with some of the outfits she wears, it is literally impossible for her to have one. People need to accept the fact that maybe she is just not as beautiful as female singers are apparently supposed to be. I don´t see why everyone needs to be a singing model anyway.
  by: gryphon50a   03/23/2010 01:59 AM     
  Oh good lord  
I happen to know more about GaGa that many people on SN it seems. With two children who like her music I had some researching to do and I have to admit I also like her music now.

She has done more than one nude photo shot, one with Kanye West and while Kanye is a lot of things I don´t think he would be holding a naked man with breasts no matter how much he was offered.

I do find it interesting that it seems to worry men more than women and even applaud GaGa for having quite a bit of women and men make out sessions in her videos. If anyone would have actually taken time to even see the first few minutes of Telephone they would have heard the two women walking down the cells after locking her up, one saying "Damn she doesn´t have a ****" and the other one saying "Yeah, thats too bad."

I do hope that this continues playing out if for nothing else the publicity that it gains, especially those who rather listen to rumors instead of doing some research(hell when on earth has it been easier to research with today´s technology) and finding it out for themselves.

Actually I guess the bigger question is why does it matter? Maybe it scares some people that she is Trans gendered perhaps? The best thing is that she has been shaking up the music world and the gossip fodder enough that she is going to be on top either way. Another good story Ben, and much more exciting that politics.
  by: TaraB     03/23/2010 03:14 AM     
  no way!  
Gaga´s just like me, I never thought I have anything in common with her....herm...him? wtF!?
  by: MannyisHere     03/23/2010 04:02 AM     
  Well Tara...Kanye is obviously doing much  
better than I, because I do have a price for grabbing fake man titties.

  by: bbeljefe     03/23/2010 04:17 AM     
  @ Ben_Reilly  

well i guess it could be both?
  by: Devil Duck     03/23/2010 04:39 AM     
For me personally, why lie about being transgender. I mean I don´t care either way, her or his music is great. Who can really deny that. If they say its music is s*** than they are obviously in denial. But honestly, it´s 2010. Racism, gay marriage, etc all went out the window. In 20 years all these racist jackasses will be in their graves and I won´t shed one damn tear for their sorry dumb pathetic lives.

In 20 years, everything will be different. Unless of course we´re all gone in 2012 but that´s another topic.
  by: Quintessence   03/23/2010 06:42 AM     
I hope you are right, but I honestly doubt in 20 years anything (racism, anti-gay, etc) will change, in fact I can only see it getting worse. But honestly, I hope you are right!
  by: nimira     03/23/2010 12:31 PM     
In twenty years times racial bigotry and homophobia will be at an all time high, thanks to continued non-Western immigration into Western countries.

They´re still stringing up homosexuals in some parts of the world.
  by: Malefice   03/23/2010 12:39 PM     
Well I´ll grab her titties anytime, anywhere and yes I told the husband that too. She is a beautiful person and not only do I like her music, I love that she is truly a performance artist AND unlike all the other "stars" out there today she both dances and sings.
  by: TaraB     03/23/2010 01:48 PM     
  I know it´s just fueling the topic.  
Get a life :P
  by: Rv3   03/23/2010 02:53 PM     
"I mean I don´t care either way, her or his music is great"

Are you kidding me? half of what "it" sings is sound effects. Soldier Boy has better lyrics.

"Ra ra, ra ra rah-ah, ga ga ooh la la..."
  by: EricS     03/23/2010 10:28 PM     
I do not know, do you think that kind of music is suitable for kids? Did you listen to the lyrics closely? Its OK for older teenagers but i would not recommend it for kids. But its not an issue here because the kids wont understand the lyrics anyway.
  by: evilrat   03/24/2010 02:34 AM     
  I think I´m finding out that  
this is not true.

I googled it and there more to say this is untrue.
  by: MannyisHere     03/24/2010 05:09 AM     
  Lady Gaga  
and others are putting the nails in the coffin of legitmate music, if you ask me. I have appreciation for a variety of arts and the methods used to create them, but this digital age of talentless hacks who are more gimmicky than gifted?

There´s no denying that the songs are structured to be catchy. That´s what pop is all about. But since I´m the kind of guy who likes to read the lyrics and see what is trying to be conveyed, I can easily resist Gaga.
  by: Dayron   03/24/2010 08:47 AM     
  Don´t like her, then don´t but your here reading  
"I do not know, do you think that kind of music is suitable for kids? Did you listen to the lyrics closely?"

Evilrat- Yes I do and yes I have.

"Its OK for older teenagers but i would not recommend it for kids. But its not an issue here because the kids wont understand the lyrics anyway."

Who are you or anyone else to determine that any performer is "ok" or to be "reccomended"? I also think you would be shocked as to what kids understand these days. When I was a teen there was this group that wanted to "protect" the children from the evil, offensive, sex-filled music called Heavy Metal, that group was the PMRC. I believed that trying to ban children and teens from listening to music and what kinds of music was wrong then and it is wrong now. I didn´t protest the meetings in DC, write my congressmen and the President(Clinton) and even the Vice President, whos wife Tipper was a major player in the PMRC.

My point is that just because YOU(any you, even all that have given their opinion on this thread) don´t like someone or YOU don´t think it is real music or has any worth, etcetera doesn´t mean jack s***. In fact try to ban kids from listening to something and all you are going to do is make them even more interested in the singer, band, genre just to prove they can listen to it. Instead I prefer to find out what kind of music my children like, hell often we have the same taste. I, myself, listen to all music because I really enjoy all different genres.

If you think that you or anyone else can stop kids from listening to something I really feel bad for you because you are the kind of parents that mom spent hours before the Motley Crue/Lita Ford concert I took her to or BulletBoys/Winger/Cinderella hearing about . She had told me before we got there that I didn´t have to be around her that she would understand, but I thought it was great that my mom would come to a concert with me because the friend that was going backed out and she didn´t want me to go alone. She didn´t know who the hell the Bulletboys were and had heard Cinderella, Winger, Lita Ford and Motley Crue, but she went to both the concerts with me because she cared enough about my safety and respected my individual taste in music, THAT is a parent who is a great and loving person.

At both concerts she had groups of teenagers that would come up and tell her stories about their parents didn´t know where they really were because they weren´t allowed to listen to the "devils music" or that thier parents thought they would kill themselves, be doing drugs or the litany of other reasons. That is the parent I strive to be, one that cares enough about my children to know what their interests are and at the same time give them the freedom to explore their own tastes in music even if it is something or someone I wouldn´t choose.

You don´t like GaGa? Don´t listen to her then it is that simple. I don´t like Fox News or Glenn Beck and guess what? I have the freedom to change the channel and to not purchase his books. Simple and easy.
  by: TaraB     03/24/2010 04:26 PM     
  Whatever she has  
She´s great, I like her voice and her image is pretty funky.
  by: Claridus   03/24/2010 04:37 PM     
do kids listen to lyrics closely? Apparently "She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper was all about female masturbation, I listened to that song a million times as a kid and never figured it out.
  by: gryphon50a   03/24/2010 05:24 PM     
Where have you been? It is good to see you posting and a big thank you! She Bop was indeed about female masturbation and there was a small, failed attempt at having MTV banning the song.

I love music, some of it tells a story or is so beautiful it can make you cry. Some on the other hand is nothing more than a fun dance beat or how about misheard or misunderstood lyrics? They have websites and a few books dedicated to quirky trivia about such songs.

Love hearing what other people think a lyric is or find out I have been wrong for oh sometimes 20 years haha!
  by: TaraB     03/24/2010 05:36 PM     
"Don´t listen to her then it is that simple."

I wish it were. Between every human drone, the radio, TV commercials, award shows, it can be tough. I can avoid watching TV commercials and award shows, and leaving the radio off is fairly easy. But not so easy when it comes to those people. You know the ones. The guys/girls who walk around carrying a cellphone or other device that play their music as if they have a theme song for when they walk.

All I need is permission to crucify these people though. And I´m there.

  by: Dayron   03/24/2010 05:48 PM     
You don´t have a theme song?!??

I don´t care for her music myself. Its just not my thing I guess. Needs more industrial. But my daughter thinks her and some kid named Justin something or other are great.

As to her having a watched a couple of videos, including Telephone, and I have to say I highly doubt she does. And it is sad that so many people talk about her looks. She has a fantastically wacky sense of style, and she is very pretty. But she´s famous for singing, which should be what matters.

Take away the pop crappiness and throw her in to some industrial noise with decent lyrics and I would probably adore her. She has a great voice.
  by: deadvenusblue     03/24/2010 06:01 PM     
Each to their own, including your daughter.

On the subject of her and a penis? I... just don´t care. I don´t see what good it will do for me either way.
  by: Dayron   03/24/2010 06:12 PM     
Sorry, in my first post only the bit about not having a theme song was directed at you. :) I am sadly still waking up, even having been at work for 4 hours :P
  by: deadvenusblue     03/24/2010 06:15 PM     
  Dayron, DVB  
DVB-Justin Beiber..the youngest has dreams of being married and going all over the world singing and dancing since she has plans of being on stage.

The girls still laugh when they watch footage of me and my friends when they were playing and had bands at the club a lifelong friend´s mother owned and video taken when Deathfest 1 was playing inside the city limits. The mayor at the time was in her late 70´s and was pissed she couldn´t stop it. So they held the first annual Praise Religion day or some equally stupid name. All of the bands but 1 showed up and Trey from Morbid Angel was busy with the others paining different wounds. Awesome times.

Dayron-Now that cellphone s*** bugs me too. I have a standard ring on mine, people are shocked. The only time I had a ringtone was 6 years ago I think and I couldn´t tell you anything except it was a female singer. Now we have played some tricks on my parents and his with ringtones. I bought and downloaded "Big Papa" on my dad´s phone a few years ago because the girls call him Papa. The first time it rang it was funny watching his face when he realized it was on his phone..he was such a good sport about it and actually set it to play when I called. I loved the looks he got when it would play while we were in public and the one girl made a comment about a old white man having B I G on his phone.

My comment about not liking it turn it off was more to those that think they should be able to ban or bar musicians. I also listen to Eminem and that used to be only when the girls weren´t around.
  by: TaraB     03/24/2010 06:18 PM     
I´m hoping the cellphone jam sessions are just a phase, and that kids will one day feel embarassed about it. At least it´ll be an inkling of proof that it was like wearing neon green and pink clothing combos in the 80´s. Regrettable, but a learning experience =P haha.
  by: Dayron   03/24/2010 06:25 PM     
Lady Gaga sounds exactly lke 90s house/techno/happy hardcore. The only difference is she´s on TV. And while I´d like to agree with you that all main stream music is crap. He/she/it actually writes all her own material. She was a song writer and many of her songs were famous prior to her being known. Quite frankly she has talent, she was just too damn ugly to be a star. Plastic surgery has fixxed that... somewhat... so let her have her day. Shes probably the first "popular" artist I´ve liked in perhaps a decade.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     03/24/2010 10:57 PM     
  You remind me of something Tetsuru...  
I heard a man say once about the difference between the music in the 70´s and the 90´s (or perhaps 2000´s)... "The seventies was a time when the music was beautiful and the musicians were ugly."

I tend to agree with that sentiment with regard to the commercialization of music today and quite frankly, I don´t care for a lot of the new music that our younger generation seems to like.

All that being said, what I like or don´t doesn´t mean s*** to anyone other than me. I´m a metal head from the late seventies and early eighties, who continued to be a metal head through the nineties and on into the 2000´s. I´ve also been a DJ in venues where I couldn´t play the new stuff I wanted to play and had to play the new stuff the crowd wanted to hear. And the old stuff the crowd wanted to hear. I learned from that that there is some good new music in other genres that I actually really enjoy.... at least when in party mode.

An example of a bad move for music (IMO) is this autotune thing. Personally, I hate it but then again, it isn´t my responsibility to love it.

Fortunately, I don´t DJ anymore so I don´t have to litter my music collection with an autotune recordcase.

In any event, I wasn´t attacking you, you just said something that sparked a thought in my tiny brain.

What I really want to say is, like Tara said, if you don´t like it don´t buy it. Adding to that, if you can´t stand to be around it without wanting to do harm to your fellow man... seek help. ;)

That last bit was directed at Dayron, btw. And just a tidbit for evilrat... you can and should keep your children sheltered from reality but when they become curious about it is the time to be honest with them.

The way I see it, music is the least of a parent´s worries where evil can be learned.

Another parenting tip, although somewhat off the topic... If you want your child to respect you, lead by example. When your 4 year old son yells Dad, answer with yes sir? After all, you want him to say yes sir and no sir... yes ma´am and no ma;am, dont you?
It takes no more effort to answer a child with yes sir or no sir than it does to answer "WHAT?"
But it does make the child feel as if he is being treated as an equal, even though he knows he ultimately isn´t.
It worked well for my wife and I. Our twenty three year old son uses yes sir, no sir, etc. with us, strangers he meets and with all of the customers he encounters at work.

And of course, we still show him that same respect.

In closing... I know my post seems all over the road and that´s only because it is.

The moral to my story... Treat your kids with respect and allow them to grow up in their world. Be mindful the dangers but don´t punish your kids for their "own good", because it won´t work.

Long live the backward played satanic message records that never really did anything other than discredit the claims by religious zealots. These f*cks were busy spinning the records backward looking for Satanic messages while at the same time, playing the records forward said enough to discredit their religious superstitions.

In closing, I certainly hope some of you got the point in this tome I´ve written... It was the best I could do being 11/10ths drunk.

  by: bbeljefe     03/25/2010 04:08 AM     
"so let her have her day."

Trust me, plenty of tweens and hacks are going to make sure she not only has her day, but her year. Perhaps years. And eventually she´ll fade. But for now, it´s straight to the top of the billboards.
  by: Dayron   03/25/2010 10:17 AM     
"At least it´ll be an inkling of proof that it was like wearing neon green and pink clothing combos in the 80´s. Regrettable, but a learning experience =P haha."

They are back! I saw them in 2 stores so far. I also saw those god awful outfits where they are sweatpants grey and have orange, red, blue or neon green stripes going vertically, the little skirt and the 1/2 shirt all there. At least bring back something that was neat, not this preppy s***.
  by: TaraB     03/25/2010 11:08 AM     
  If you want to hear horrible music...  
that´s so catchy that it´s disgusting, youtube Wacka Flocka Flame. Oletsdoit.

I hate that song, but it´s sooooo catchy... ugh.
  by: C.O.G.   03/25/2010 12:16 PM     
I don´t see how any of this states that she´s absolutely and unequivically supporting the rumour that she has a penis and coming clean about it...the whole thing is just a publicity stunt and a satirical jab at the media and the people who make these claims just to get them talking, which it has seemingly worked wonders.

I´m definitely not a fan, but I also don´t support rumouring or trying to hurt people intentionally. This whole thing is old and moldy and should just go away.

I don´t have personal proof, but she looks female enough to me. I don´t know, I could be wrong and I honestly don´t care if she´s male or female or both...I´m just tired of hearing about it.

Maybe she should shut everyone up once and for all and come out with an official sex tape like everyone else in Hollywood, or even a solo nude body tour tape (lol). It´d definitely sell that´s for sure.
  by: GagnierA   03/25/2010 05:54 PM     
Jeebus. How can that happen?! But you know what? As long as the hair doesn´t come back, I think I can deal.
  by: Dayron   03/25/2010 06:01 PM     
I´m your biggest fan
I´ll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi
baby there´s no other superstar
you know that I´ll be your papa-paparazzi
promise I´ll be kind but I won´t stop until that boy is mine
baby you´ll be famous, chase you down until you love me

As far as artistry, our vote is what we buy. I know that certain songs are hot because they are fire in the club, other songs catch for the music video, or just a great live song ; or great song period.

I may fan some flames but, I can relate, music has not only changed, but is getting better. Music is bringing more people together. I don´t think any era is better than the music thats out now. In thirty years music will be better than now.Personally, I don´t want to listen to heavy lyrics all the time. Sometimes something easy to listen to gets through a hard day or get me into where I have to go in the a.m. .
  by: MannyisHere     03/26/2010 03:48 AM     
  Lady Gaga  
We already went through this a few years ago with Joanie "Chyna" Laurie. Her video with Sean "packer" Waltman proved she is a hermaphrodite. She looks great so good for her!

I don´t care what Lady Gaga does or doesn´t have either. I don´t like the yellow hair, but, if she´s happy, cool! She is very successful right now. Good for her, too!
  by: awkslave   03/27/2010 07:07 AM     
  @Malefice & awkslave  
In twenty years times racial bigotry and homophobia will be at an all time high, thanks to continued non-Western immigration into Western countries."

They´re still stringing up homosexuals in some parts of the world."

oh yeah, cause only non westerners of homophobic... LOL

try almost ANY relgious fundamentalist from any country... and when i comes done to hate of gays 99% of the time its comes down to religion, hence non-western immigration isn´t the problem (but of course xenophobes would think so) religiously indoctrimnated bigotry.

and FYI, if people could avoid going to jail for it they would STILL be stringing up gays, pagans and all the sort in the US too. hell even in canada (undoubtably more liberal a country than the US) people still get beat up or bullied for being gay or alternately religious (or, and often worse in term of social reprecussions) non-religious).


"We already went through this a few years ago with Joanie "Chyna" Laurie. Her video with Sean "packer" Waltman proved she is a hermaphrodite. She looks great so good for her!"

go watch the video again (or go find here playboy pics)... if you still think she´s a hermaphrodite its probably because you have penis on the brain... either that or you have no idea what a herphrodite is and hence what they look like.

she´s a female bodybuilder, THATS IT... she not a hermaphrodite for having a more manly body (aside from genitalia) then most men do.
  by: HAVOC666     03/27/2010 07:47 AM     
  what does  
hating gays have to do with this story? Any one is free to like or dislike whatever they want. I don´t particularly like gay men because it´s disgusting, unsanitary, unnatural and so on so forth. I´m also not religious or a bigot...though I can agree with you (as off topic as it is) that most people who go public with the issue are religious types...
  by: GagnierA   03/27/2010 03:39 PM     
"I don´t particularly like gay men because it´s disgusting,"

personal opinion, not a fact.

though its your right not to like them for whatever reason... no matter how personal, or rediculas the reasoning might be... and it does get more rediculas from here.


no morso than anal sex with women, perhaps you should try it sometime... if you can get passed the childish "its disgusting" phase of thinking about anal sex... this reaction reminds me of kids worrying about cooties because the opposite sex is disgusting to them... excerise some percaution and the cooties wont get

people seem to forget that its not only gay people that engage in anal sex.

"unnatural and so on so forth."

this is just complete bulls*** pushed by religion onto the masses, no-one else would ever say such a thing (because it clearly not rooted in facts), because homosexuality is in nature... and the sheer fact it occurs in nature means it IS natural.
  by: HAVOC666     03/27/2010 04:10 PM     
So you´re gay, big deal? There´s no need to get all defensive. Yes, homosexuality happens in nature...that´s common knowledge. But so does murder, cannibalism and suicide. Does that mean human society should learn to embrace and accept these acts as well?
  by: GagnierA   03/27/2010 05:58 PM     
Ah, yes -- the "he who defends gay people must he himself BE gay" fallacy. A timeless treasure for bigots.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/27/2010 06:03 PM     
"So you´re gay, big deal? There´s no need to get all defensive."

actually i´m not... but it funny you say that after claiming not yo be a

and btw, congradulation of joining the ranks of the ignoramuses that think that people that defend homosexuality are gay... which there were was an easy hint in my post that i wasn´t hence "no morso than anal sex with women, perhaps you should try it sometime".

"Yes, homosexuality happens in nature...that´s common knowledge. But so does murder, cannibalism and suicide. Does that mean human society should learn to embrace and accept these acts as well?"

homosexuality, yes if thats their oreintation.

cannibalism (it has happened and not just by deranged or religious [quite possibly redundant] people, but also out of desperation for survival... and in that case, yes.

suicide... yes if you want to end your life you should be allowed to... to say otherwise if to forefeit the very basis of life and control of your body. i don´t necessary agree with it (for most people´s reasons) but yes, it should be their right.

a better example of something thats natural that shouldn´t be legal (and isn´t) is rape and thats illegal because it lacks consent of ALL parties involved... as would cannibalism but again in times of desperation (as historically have occured), life and death, than yes cannibalism is acceptable as far as i´m concerned in that scenerio... perosnally i would turn to cannibalism well before i bark, insects or grass for food as they do in some countries... its a matter of survival.
  by: HAVOC666     03/27/2010 06:21 PM     
  Oh man  
I am not attending the apocolypse with Havoc! :P
  by: deadvenusblue     03/27/2010 06:28 PM     
Well.. I don´t much like gay sex either. Unless it´s between two women and myself. At that point in time, I´m all about some gay sex. But then technically, that would be bisexual sex so maybe I´m wrong.

In any event, two clean people who engage in safe sex are not participating in anything unsanitary... even if they are of the same sex.

As for disgusting and unnatural, there are completely heterosexual men and women who defecate and urinate on one another as a means of satisfying their sexual desires.

Based on your personal, heterosexual preference, would you call these people more sanitary, acceptable and natural?

Either way, if they´re doing it consensually, it´s none of your or my business.

  by: bbeljefe     03/28/2010 05:00 AM     
I´m not into that scat and bondage stuff, and it goes without saying that those kinds of people have other issues that need to be tended to if that´s what gets them off, lol.

As for "straight anal", since it´s now been brought up a few´s more or less just a novelty that I have no interest in. Tried it a few times, wasn´t all that enthused about it...besides I like my women to not have prolapsed anuses and the multitude of other problems that can (and do) occur with that sort of thing. I mean, sure, it felt alright...but the girls I had done it with were in considerable pain and that isn´t the point of sex. Anal sex is for the lesser endowed (not to put anyone down, everyone is just different) and porn videos.

To those who like it, all the power to them I suppose...but it really isn´t worth the trouble.
  by: GagnierA   03/28/2010 07:11 AM     
Lady Gaga can speak for herself:
  by: Lurker     06/25/2011 01:25 AM     
Totally forgot that I wrote this.

Al Qaeda kidnapping story < 500 hits.

Lady GaGa + "penis" > 6,000 hits.

  by: Ben_Reilly     06/25/2011 01:45 AM     
Yeah, it was kinda funny reading through all of this again. I certainly would´ve worded a few things differently, but it was a fun discussion nonetheless :)
  by: GagnierA   06/27/2011 07:46 PM     
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