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                 01/17/2018 12:17 AM  
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03/24/2010 07:00 PM ID: 83489 Permalink   

United States Postal Service Cutting Saturday Delivery


Washington, D.C. - Wednesday marked the first day that the USPS officially requested a review from the Postal Regulatory Commission on its plan to drop Saturday service, and officially reduce deliveries to only five days a week.

As recently as 2006 the USPS was still shipping over 200 billion items a year. That number, however, is expected to drop by 25% by the year 2020, and the decrease in revenue and deliveries has caused the USPS to review its Saturday delivery service.

After a $3.8-billion loss last year, and an expected loss of up to $7 billion this year, Saturday services are not the only thing on the chopping block - which is estimated to save about $3 billion a year. The USPS will still need Congress to approve the changes.

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  Time to trim back my NetFlix account  
  by: VermiciousG     03/24/2010 07:04 PM     
And GameFly, dangit.

  by: NicPre     03/24/2010 07:05 PM     
  This is what happens  
when a company doesn´t adjust for market changes. The post office should have shrunk a long time ago, but they became so dependent on Junk mail delivery that when the economy sank, the junk mailers pulling back, and the increase of paperless delivery (e-mail) the post office didn´t adjust and now they are going bankrupt due to too many employees and too many locations.
  by: bala_mt   03/24/2010 07:28 PM     
Well when you´re paying $20+ dollars an hour to a postal worker, what do you expect is going to happen? (Yes, that is the starting wage for a mail delivery person in the state of California...)
  by: N3T_K1LLA     03/24/2010 08:21 PM     
Yeah, I think it´s about the same here in Missouri.

  by: NicPre     03/24/2010 08:26 PM     
Florida, is about 17 to 19. I know PO Workers that Made 80,000 a year, they work Mad Overtime and V Time and they work every holiday they can, like Xmas and Sundays. If you have a biz overnight for Sunday, they will make an attempt to deliver. My Friend work on a Sunday, 8 hours of time and a half and only 2 overnight packages could be delivered. So he work about 1 hour and hung out under the bridge for 7.
  by: thedrewman   03/24/2010 09:24 PM     
Postal workers earn every dime they make. They work in an extremely hostile and stressful environment. They are treated like animals by their supervisors and upper management. I understand why some of them go ´postal´ from time to time. My wife used to be a postal employee and believe me it was no walk in the park. They liked to have killed her.
  by: Lurker     03/25/2010 02:47 AM     
  I think I need  
a job with USPS.

(jk, my parents met at USPS!)
  by: H. W. Hutchins   03/25/2010 05:22 AM     
  With Lurker  
I am not saying that each position is difficult, but I know what a lot of the carriers here work in and they make $20 after a few years maybe but they deal with hell. The weather in Michigan is brutal, frigid cold or hotter than hell during peak summer months. They walk in areas you wouldn´t even want to drive through in some cases and my moms carrier was hit with ice balls in the head, had piss-filled balloons thrown on him and attacked by a Pit Bull, all in one year, the most shocking part to me was that he came back at all.

There are very few lazy people that work there and the reason they have the union is pretty clear when you see how they treat their carriers while they have protection of some sort, without it they would be in hell.

I do think that they opened up too many *new* satellite offices, spending millions on property and buildings when they could have some drop offs at local businesses that would be willing to give them some space to pick up packages and mail and to be pick-up points throughout a driving route.

Lazy workers? You walk through some areas in Detroit, Philly, NYC, LA, Boston and so forth.
  by: TaraB     03/25/2010 05:46 AM     
  My heart´s out to the USPS workers  
I´ve always respected what you do and I appreciate your service. period.
  by: VermiciousG     03/25/2010 06:21 AM     
  Use get mail on a Saturday?  
WTF.... why would you need to receive mail on a Saturday.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/25/2010 10:51 AM     
Because companies love to send you a bill that needs to be paid ASAP and it either comes on Friday when something makes the carrier late or Saturday when their offices are closed. That way when you call on Monday first thing 8-9 am you have late charges, interest fees and if you are lucky you wont get your service turned out on the only day they actually were on schedule for something.
  by: TaraB     03/25/2010 10:57 AM     
Really? Here in Aus 14 days is usually the time given for bills to be paid or before the next invoice.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/25/2010 11:08 AM     
  USPS Cutting Saturday Delivery...  
If anyone cares, the Postmaster general (PMG), Jack Potter, as this is a contract year will tell the population the sky is falling down-in order to break the unions. Upper management at the USPS has cut employees nearly 27% while adding 50% in upper management in the last 10 years! The PMG, others make more than the US President in salarly an benefits -all while leading the USPS in these dire times. The facts are, business mailings are down, but they´ve been down before in other recessions and have never been used to close cities small post offices, cut service either. Management is so hositle to their employees, its like combat with employees dreading to come to work-with the Postmasters League even finally standing up to the USPS as they´ve had enough of the USPS (upper management) cutting service. BTW-think the USPS is broke? think again. Management sends their supervisors all from office to office, on a per diem (and vice versa-yeah vice versa, that means back to the origanal). Management at the USPS is the problem at the USPS not the workers
  by: webbandit   03/25/2010 03:32 PM     
  Delivering mail, sorting mail, clerking mail  
and nothing else at the post office or any privately run freight company are as grueling as you guys make it out to be.

Let´s be real folks. How about some of you overworked and underpaid postal employees go out and drive a septic truck or work as a plumber? Then you can actually get a feel o what it´s like to work in s***ty conditions. Often without cushy union forced wages and benefits. Or maybe you might like to become roofers or framers and climb atop steeply angled structures, in the hot sun or bitter cold wind every day it doesn´t rain. Fence builders have it easy too. All they have to do is dig holes in the hard ground all day long while fighting off wasps, spiders and poison ivy. That is, when the sun is hot or the wind is cold and it isn´t raining. When it´s raining, these people can´t work and don´t get paid. See how long you can make it at a trade like that, then get back to me with your whining.

Now, off that rant and on to another...

I thought the USPS was this awesome cool profit making machine for the taxpayers? I know I´ve had arguments to that affect since I´ve been on this website. Actually, I know one person who argued that the USPS was in the black and that was theironboard. He wasn´t the only one, just one I remember.

As another poster pointed out here, the USPS has not looked into marketing of its service and it has been nothing short of derelict in its spending. Why do you suppose that is?

It´s because the USPS doesn´t have to make a profit in order to stay in business. UPS and Fedex do have to make a profit and somehow we don´t hear them singing the blues.

The USPS needs to be dissolved and the practice of delivering mail needs to be placed solely in the hands of the free market, where it belongs.

One other reason, btw, that the USPS has lost revenue is that people who actually need to have mail get to the people who they´re sending it to, when it´s supposed to get to them, use UPS or Fedex.

  by: bbeljefe     03/26/2010 02:46 AM     
  Few Things  
First of all our Fed Ex here is a piece of s*** and I am seriously thinking about filing charges on the guy they have. I have medical supplies delivered here and for over a damn year now this guy has; Delivered to to the neighbors, leaves it on my front steps in the rain or snow even though they were told by the Detroit office that I leave my porch door open during delivery hours, The box states the product on it and a few times we have found the boxes opened and my supplies all over the yard. Screw Fed Ex and their s***ty delivery and no I don´t care if they are private owners or not they are violating HIPPA and they have been told by the Regional office AND the supply company that they are to leave it INSIDE my porch, I had to get a sign to let them know it also.

"and drive a septic truck or work as a plumber? Then you can actually get a feel o what it´s like to work in s***ty conditions. Often without cushy union forced wages and benefits"

Second BB, I am not sure if you realized it or not, but Plumbers may work in s***ty conditions but you are talking about cushy Union jobs well Plumbers have very cushy Union jobs and really nice and expensive Union Halls right down the road, I don´t feel anything for someone that makes $20 to start and up who plays with pipes all day. My cousin is a pipefitter and within 5 years of it was making nearly double what I did and I didn´t have a walk in the park with my job and Im not just talking about being on my feet all shift and dealing with many patients that were everywhere from life-threatening to a UTI. It all comes down to the point of view that each of us have.

You know who I think has the s***tiest jobs and no union in almost all of the states? CNA´s who literally get all the s*** on top of working 1-2 staff to 20+ patients each shift. They make $9 to start and maybe get $15 after working there for years and usually have no insurance(health, dental). If they are working in a rest home setting or Care center they are constantly lifting, dressing, bathing and cleaning. Here to be a CNA and work in the above mentioned they have to take courses and be licensed by the state, home health aids are spared that and of course could be anyone. Their cost per hour is 10-18, but the workers themselves make slightly over minimum wage as I found out when calling today for info(that is another story)

We could of course talk about how many dirty jobs there are and compare costs and union vs non-union or watch a few seasons of Mike Rowe doing some of the most disgusting jobs I have seen and those people get paid nothing. I will still stand behind the fact that those workers who walk their routes are not having an easy time of it, hell they are out walking as long as the fence diggers are and instead of digging the hole and staying in a small area they are walking all over heat or frigid cold carrying a heavy bag. It is hard work just like other jobs can be hard to do or disgusting in their own right.

I sure don´t think that Kevin thought getting pelted by ice balls, hit with piss filled baloons and attacked more than once by dogs would think his job easy at all. Again, it is what each of our views on what constitutes hard work.
  by: TaraB     03/26/2010 07:08 AM     
  USPS Cutting Saturday Delivery...  
Lots of folks understand whats going on here, the PMG said how bad things were money wise which isn´t all the facts.
Fed Ex and UPS uses the USPS for their deliveries BTW, when it (the letter, parcel) gets to the (their hub) its delievered by them. Im sorry if it came across as the commnet being whiney- never made more than in the 50,000´s and that was when we did work overtime. I´ve worked the dirty jobs also, yeah, been there done that so yeah I can say what I´ve said. Then again its all subjective what will put tears in someones eyes may not in mine or maybe vice versa.
Stop and think, many small citys in rural areas depend on their sat delivery and so do those waiting for their parcels, medical ect, ect. The current PMG is using this recession thats the iusse.
  by: webbandit   03/26/2010 12:25 PM     
You made a point that I had planned on saying and then once I saw the words Fed Ex I was reminded of what happened yesterday yet again.

I have a friend that is a rural route and special deliveries some days(she is a part-time employee) and she had mentioned the fact that they get Fed Ex and UPS material at their hub. So we pay Fed Ex and UPS more to avoid the USPS and they handle our stuff? Sounds like a rip-off to me because if I pay for Fed Ex or UPS I expect better service and for them to have my documents, package, letter or whichever thing I pay them for delivering.

Another thing that most of us wouldn´t know unless we have a friend or family member working there is that there isn´t just one union, there is a union of the carriers and a union for the rural routes and they have been talking about closing our hub that we got just a few years ago and of course it cost quite a bit to build. It also made it easier for all of the drivers to start off at the same point daily because the Post office that the RENT downtown is the one where customers can go to, but there isn´t any room to park all the trucks, so again we paid for the building that they want to close and they will lock the gates up so the trucks will have to park somewhere they rent. See the trail of mismanagement?

Then the carriers union wants all the proposed lay-offs to be rural carries and double the ones left on mail for them to thing that makes this even more stupid is that rural carriers have to use their own vehicles for this and then get paid per hour and per mile.

The problem with the Postal Service is the one that tends to be the problem of almost every big business or the politicians and that is mismanagement of money and time. You can streamline the process and the daily work that would save millions without even starting to deal with the mess of the unions they have.

Problem is people aren´t hiring or voting in the Tightwads because they don´t want people to realize the more money these idiots make or have to budget the more they lose their brains.
  by: TaraB     03/26/2010 01:06 PM     
  @ people think the UPS workwers got it bad  
seriously you people think thats a bad job... try almost any job i´ve had and virtually ALL of them paid mimimum wage, its how hard minimum wage worker have to work just to get by, while people who have MUCH easier jobs make more than double the people that actually work their asses off.

anyone think they would work in a chicken coupe for 6 hours for $100 (CND)

how about delivering ad bag (weighing about 75-100lb per sack, probably double if not triple the weight of a mail bag) for only $70-75 day and it could take over 10 hours to do, the one occasion i did this job did indeed last 10 hours (despite me sprinting from house to house for the first 3-5 sacks (sometimes two sacks at a time) and only pay $70.

how about delivering newspapers and collecting the money 1 day a week (more than twice this amount of time was spent on collections; so realisticall i was working 2-3 days a week on that) for an average of $200-$250 per month INCLUDING tips.

how about being a welder/insulator for a mere $10/hour (50 cents above minimum wage)?

how about roofing for minimum wage (which was $8 /hour at the time)?

how about industrial power washing typing inside dofasco (a steel production facilities), including working in their hot mill (where the steel ingot are going under the bridge you walk over t get the to hot mill sub section where we were cleaning) or outside of their coke plant where pollution is so dense it get all the way back down to ground level sometime in which case your litterally working in a cloud of pollution FOR MINIMUM WAGE.

how about a meat packer for a "reputable company" and making just 50 cents above minimum wage for putting out 18000 ribs in an 8 hour shift (7 working hours) which was promptly up by a third WITH NO PAY INCREASE.

or worked clean-up after a major event or festival (in my case a local LPGA tournament), which included moving furniture in and out of a mansion removing litterally thousands of plates utinsiles and other rented items... FOR MINIMUM WAGE.

i have a whole list of reasons like this to be utterly disgusted at people thinking $20+/hours to walk around with a sack of paper hav it hard... NO they dont... not a sibngle one of them is doing a worse job than ANY of those jobs i listed yet is being paid more than double ALL of them.

how about potting valentine´s/easter/motherday ects potter flower/plants arrangement... again for mimimum wage and up to over 60 hour weeks.

or operating machines that build segments of cars (which was my best paying jobs; hourly) for a mere $12 per hour.

how about working on recycling line AGAIN for minimum wage (and i´ve been at 3 differently privately owned recycling plant ALL THREE opaid only minimum wage i´ve seen people pass out from heat stroke on the line (and they weren´t overweight nor old, its just a hot fast paced environment) and i´ve even seen a person who was bite by a rat doing that job again FOR MINIMUM WAGE.

by comparison to about 95% of all the jobs i´ve worked in my life (which is probably more than any 5 postal workers have ever worked in their lives.

...and at least one person here said they understand postal workers going postal... well s*** i guess that means i got a free pass to a murderspree then because my working life as been much, MUCH more difficult they they could possibly imagine their´s being.

seriously if postal workers deserve what they make then i should be bloody rich by now, but, no thats not how it work... from my experience hard work is rarely if ever rewarded, infact many times its even punished like if you can raise productivity they will exploit that and not compensate you for it, or in some case you will actually loss you job by working hard because they run out of work and they don´t fire the lazy asses that have been there for years working at a snails pace, but rather the new guys who dramatically upped productivity in hopes of having a secure job and being called upon for overtime (which almost always went to the lazy asses making 40% more and working at a snails pace).

seriously you people have NO IDEA what hard work is if you people think the UPS has it hard... and as a person whose worked so hard at so many crappy jobs, for so many crappy employers and almost always for next to nothing...

lets see you people or them (or anyone that makes a great wage and still complains; personally i´d just fire each and everyone one of them and hire the hard working people that don´t expect an exorbant wage for next doing what is essentially a monkey´s job) work that stack of jobs (which is only a part of my working life) for that pay THEN you people will have a LEGITIMENT reason to complain about your job or wage (or theirs)... most people that make that kind of money don´t actually work hard for it.... and certianly not harder then the people that work the jobs i´ve mentuioned that gaet LESS THAN half the pay of a postal worke.

thats it i´m going postal... lol
  by: HAVOC666     03/26/2010 01:20 PM     
Just out of curiosity what is your highest level of education? Not taking a stab at what you have just written, i am just curious.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/26/2010 01:39 PM     
  @Tara, webbandit  
The physical affects of hard jobs are by no means a matter of opinion. Roofers (and other outdoor laborers) have a much higher occurrence of skin cancer than other trades. Painters have a much higher occurrence of respiratory illness than other trades, etc.

While it is true that what I might deem easy, another person might deem hard, that doesn´t change the empirical evidence displayed by the wear and tear on the bodies of specific tradesmen.

Also, Tara, you´ll be hard pressed to find a plumber´s job in this part of the US that pays the cushy wage you´re talking about. Of course the good news is that the cost of living here is much lower and the tax burden is currently less so that lower wage is actually still a living wage. Unless of course, you choose to live above your means.

  by: bbeljefe     03/26/2010 02:11 PM     
  Hard Work, Views..  
The main issues which weren´t given were that the PMG is using this recession to cut service, a service many need-depend upon.
Of course I agree the USPS has added annexes, sub stations where they should´ve either built one newer plant in the area. BTW Im involved in the union, so I do know a little (for almost 17 years now) one single union would benefit everyone, workers and the public.
The averages for USPS workers are, age 47, 50% have associate degress or higher and there are other facts, ect, ect. So don´t belittle being a USPS employee we are proud to serve the public and take the job serious.
Now dirtiest jobs were used, cited as a comparsion. How about a job were you work covered in oil, working exposed to 120 heat and sleep 4 hours unitl the job is done? Could go on and on, but yeah some of us have worked those jobs, thank the good Lord for our unions so we ahve a forty hour work week. Cheers and don´t mean to offend anyone-smoke em if ya got em.
  by: webbandit   03/27/2010 05:12 PM     
grade 11, and hated almost every minute of it... and i dare say that aside from a total of maybe 50-100 hours of in school learning in high shcool it was a complete waste of time for me. any courses i wanted to take they either didn´t offer at my school or any school in my range, or they refused to let me take (aside from 3, one of which [electrical] is where most of the hours can be filed into and the other [anthropoly, socialogy and anthropology; all one class] which just had a horrible teaccher teaching it, and the last of which was weight lifting whcih isn´t an academic course).

i walked out of my final exam (grade 12 english) because the exam was rediculasly structured to the tune of about 60-75% based around two books i refused to read (to kill a mocking bird and forrest gump) because frankly even at the time they were beneath me (i was reading hannibal by tomas harris; no comparison to which book is too a higher standard, as well as alternative religion/philosphy book but those were mostly outside of school), after that i never went back... plus ontop of that 2 years before they somehow managed to "lose" two credit i earned in summer school and made no effort to fix their error... and ontop of that i hated, or had contempt, disliked or atleast was indifferent to most of the all of the people there students and faculty included... and the feeling to almost certianly mutual...LMAO
  by: HAVOC666     03/27/2010 05:34 PM     
  Of course webbandit, that´s what we´re  
supposed to do when we have no money.... cut back. Not only from a business standpoint but from a personal finance standpoint too. When you aren´t profitable, you must cut something. If you can´t pay your mortgage, don´t go to the movies, don´t buy those cool sun glasses and don´t eat out. It´s that simple. The human race prospered for thousands of years without Saturday delivery and it certainly won´t suffer from not having it now.

Here´s what we need... food, water, shelter and sex. That will keep the human race going. Everything else is what we want in order to maintain the lifestyle we´re accustomed to.

Another thing that bears mentioning.... people (especially union types) tend to think in terms of pay being set at what a person should have or is worth. This is not true in a free market, which is what we are supposed to have here in US.

Rather, pay is based on what the job is worth. If you have a PHD in science and you apply for a job as a store clerk, you should expect the salary of a store clerk, not a scientist. It doesn´t matter if you are a Nobel laureate, you are applying for a job that doesn´t need your other skills and therefore you do not deserve the pay of a PHD in science.

To further explain how the free market determines the value of a service (job) let´s look at an automobile. If you own a vehicle, you are subject to have a wreck or a mechanical failure. A wreck might be running into a post and damaging your car´s door and a mechanical failure might be your car´s transmission failing.

In the case of the wrecked door, the car will most likely still be usable but in the case of the transmission failure, the car is most likely not going to move.

When you go to a shop with a skint up door and they tell you it will be $600.00 to repair and repaint that door, you might say well, I can still use the car so fixing my door isn´t worth $600.00 to me. On the converse, let´s take the car in (or have it towed) for a transmission repair. That repair will probably be somewhere between $1000.00 and $2500.00. What do you do? Well, you get it fixed because without the car you can´t get to work and if you can´t get to work, you loose your house and all your doo dads you bought on credit.

So, by choosing to repair your transmission and not your door, you have participated in the free market function setting a value on services.

I´m not speaking out of turn either. My father owns an auto service shop and has since 1972. In his shop as in all others, the mechanics earn about twice what the bodymen and painters do. It´s not because auto body repair is easy, because it isn´t and it´s not because painting cars is easy, because it isn´t. Both jobs require a very specific set of skills that not too many people have.

The bottom line is that the market has set a value on these services and that´s what they are worth. It doesn´t mean the mechanic is somehow a better person than the painter nor does it mean the painter doesn´t work as hard or harder than the mechanic. It simply means that´s what the job is worth.

Unions and government regulation distort this process and invariably end up harming those who populate the lowest paying jobs. Further, fiat money and central banks exacerbate the problem by creating a false value on money.

In the end, we have a bastardized labor force payed in bastardized currency, buying overvalued properties they can´t afford. And when it all comes crashing down on their heads... they blame the free market.

Oh and, no offense taken.

  by: bbeljefe     03/28/2010 04:35 AM     
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