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                 01/18/2018 08:26 PM  
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03/25/2010 02:31 AM ID: 83499 Permalink   

Health Care Reform Foes Turn to Violence, Intimidation


At least 10 Democratic members of Congress have been threatened since the passage of sweeping health care reform legislation. The brother of one congressman had a propane line cut at his home, and threatening messages have been left at their offices.

A brick thrown through the window of a Democratic office in New York state had a note attached, reading: "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice," a rough quote of 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Congressman Bart Stupak received numerous phone calls and faxes full of obscenities and threats, one fax reading, "All Baby Killers come to unseemly ends Either by the hand of man or by the hand of God."

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  Right-Wing Scum Emerges  
Sounds like Sarah Palin is exercise her normal stupidity by calling on her minions to shoot Democrats:
"Gun imagery was used in a posting on the Facebook page of Sarah Palin urging people to organize against 20 House Democrats who voted for the health care bill and whose districts went for the John McCain-Palin ticket two years ago. Palin´s post featured a U.S. map with circles and cross hairs over the 20 districts."
  by: Lurker     03/25/2010 02:42 AM     
  by: Lurker     03/25/2010 02:42 AM     
a disgrace to America. Have there been arrests?
  by: captainJane     03/25/2010 03:22 AM     
  I keep thinking about what if  
it was the Republicans who created and pass the HCR through? Would there still be the idiots causing these issues?
  by: John E Angel     03/25/2010 03:44 AM     
  Sorry arrests. I meant to include that.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/25/2010 03:45 AM     
  Certainly if this is true  
this type of action cannot right the wrong they perceive happened. They are failing miserably because this isn´t going to change anything.

But then again this could also be staged by the left to make anyone opposed to the passing of the Health Care Reform appear to be violent and unruly. This possibility should not be over looked.
Won´t know till someone gets arrested I guess.
Fact is none of us know who´s behind this.
This could be just like the accusations passed around that the Tea Party members supposedly yelled out racial slurs. Fact is I listen to the audio several times with several people and none of us heard anything but boos and kill the bill. I couldn´t hang them after listening to the evidence but who knows, could have happened.

Look at the post here "Right-Wing Scum Emerges" What does that make the left by stating these words when you have no proof who they are or if it was Right Wingers who actually did this.

CJ had the right question, Any arrests yet?
Seems to me there should be. Hard to believe 10 Democrats were threaten, messages left along with faxes no less that have a trace as soon as you send them. So easy to trace even a caveman could do it. Right back to the source. This is a no brainier where is the secret service we pay for? Where was the fax sent from? Numerous faxes no less.
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 03:51 AM     
  I can´t see how the left  
would have anything to gain by staging these events. Aren´t we bordering on a conspiracy theory here?
  by: John E Angel     03/25/2010 03:56 AM     
Typical white people behavior. You don´t see those blacks doing stuff like this. I´m ashamed to be white right now.
  by: rutgers   03/25/2010 04:03 AM     
  @ John E Angel  
In this time and age I wouldn´t put anything pass either side. Conspiracy theory? Isn´t saying the right doing this just as much a conspiracy theory because you don´t know who is doing it. Like I said, a fax is traceable with ease. The machines send info about each other to communicate. The number is logged. How hard could it be to catch this people or at least know where they originated from. We heard nothing about that. So that leaves me with an open mind and look at it from both sides of the fence. Hell we had people fainting when Obama spoke. They don´t do it anymore. Why not? Could that have been staged? Surely.. Call it what you want. Just let me know where I am wrong.
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 04:09 AM     
  Old News folks, nothing to see here...  
Lame Lois. Even after I give you 6 more sources you pull my story. Shame on you.
  by: valkyrie123     03/25/2010 04:15 AM     
Now we can apply the new healthcare program to pay for the injuries provoked by its passage! Everybody should now be covered.

Eventually this will become a financial holocaust.

Wonder how long it will be tangled up in lawsuits and court challenges so that very little of what it was intended accomplish actually gets done as planned.
  by: DeepSand   03/25/2010 04:49 AM     
"But then again this could also be staged by the left to make anyone opposed to the passing of the Health Care Reform appear to be violent and unruly. This possibility should not be over looked."

I know it isn´t staged here. I have gotten into arguments with people I have known for over 20 years and the words they are calling the President and anyone who agrees with HCR in any way at all have made me wonder where their brains have went because they would never speak like that before this. I was told that if I liked what that "spearchucker" was doing I might as well go and join his jungle tribe. I makes me sick to even type it but I do feel it is important to see how this hatred and animosity is growing.

I won´t even repeat what some of my own ex-family members are saying because it is disgusting and I refuse to be related to them. I don´t care about DNA or not I have no use for them AT ALL.
  by: TaraB     03/25/2010 05:20 AM     
Quote:I have known for over 20 years and the words they are calling the President and anyone who agrees with HCR in any way at all have made me wonder where their brains have went

Oh without a doubt, I am about in the public all day 6 days a week, I hear some say stuff like that here also. I never argue with a fool because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience. I just smile and chalk them off as being another asshole in the game of life.

But that doesn´t mean these threats weren´t fabricated to further divide the sides degrading those who oppose it.
But on the flip side it certainly doesn´t mean they are fabricated either. Like I said, I can´t pass judgment because I don´t know.
What makes me wonder at all is the fax´s sent. Hard for me to believe they weren´t traced back when something as serious as threatening someones life has taken place. Doesn´t that hit you as odd?
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 05:35 AM     
why don´t do the dems do as the repubs would and take action on the people as per the patriot act. they could throw the entire party in prison where it belongs.
  by: starlock   03/25/2010 05:55 AM     
Quote:why don´t do the dems do as the repubs would and take action on the people as per the patriot act. they could throw the entire party in prison where it belongs.

Not only are some people angry but then you have to add insult to injury and deal with this mentality! *LOL*
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 06:09 AM     
Something like this would be pretty hard to fake:

"In Virginia, someone cut a propane line leading to a grill at the Charlottesville home of U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello´s brother after the address was posted online by activists angry about the health care overhaul. Perriello also said a threatening letter was sent to his brother´s house. The FBI and local authorities were investigating.

Tea party activists had posted the brother´s address online thinking it was the congressman´s home. The post urged opponents to drop by and "express their thanks" for the Democrat´s vote in favor of the sweeping health care reform.

Nigel Coleman, chairman of the Danville Tea Party, said he re-posted the comment that originated on another conservative blog, including the address, Monday on his Facebook page. The posts were taken down after the mistake was discovered.

"We´ve never been associated with any violence or any vandalism," he said. "We´re definitely sorry that we posted the incorrect address."
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/25/2010 06:30 AM     
  Full Moon or Moon Full?  
"back when something as serious as threatening someones life has taken place. Doesn´t that hit you as odd?"

If they weren´t traced, or at least proof of trying to as best they could I would of course question them, but then again I try to question everything which often leads to an apology if I haven´t looked enough at times. Ben posted a reply to you and it all ties in sort of, people that are supposed to be protesting and giving out family members phone numbers and address that have nothing to do with in this case a relative´s vote, should be charged with harrassment and if something does happen to the family a more serious charge should be levied. I don´t like seeing innocent people being threatened ever and that is why I don´t deal well with people that do things like this, it makes me want to put casts on both arms so they can´t type and can´t scratch (no breaks needed, just the cast would be nice).

"Not only are some people angry but then you have to add insult to injury and deal with this mentality! *LOL*"

After dealing with someone who things that Lesbians are somehow mill workers,kept saying the munched carpet and I wonder if that is anything like crunching numbers, and he had a barbed wire cod piece too it makes me wonder if these aren´t just someone with a name to either make me laugh or take some Excedrin..haven´t guessed that one yet.
  by: TaraB     03/25/2010 06:52 AM     
...civil war brewing? I know, I know...I´m jumping the gun.
  by: tuogh     03/25/2010 08:40 AM     
This is VERY US like reaction. The US act the same way on the international scenery, as does the people on the local scenary.
  by: Rv3   03/25/2010 02:49 PM     
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     03/25/2010 04:11 PM     
Quote:Something like this would be pretty hard to fake:

I understand what your driving and lean to your way of looking at this. Truth is if it weren´t the unproven accusations about the tea party yelling out racial slurs and the fax´s sent in this case, I would probably been blind sided and not thought anymore of it. With that being said, I ask," Why would it be hard to fake?" I am not saying it is or isn´t but why couldn´t I "employ ,encourage" people to go to the address posted by the Tea Party and cut the line? The phone and faxes could also be easily faked to add drama and discredit the Tea Party involvement even further. Is this not possible?
Make no mistake I am not defending the Tea Party nor anyone that resorts to this level of action. Something happened and someone did it. That is all we know for sure. Problem is there is no proof of who.
Seems to me no one else seems to be looking at it that way and are hanging people with no proof.So I posted my thoughts in defense for unknown in hopes we as people will wake the hell up and look around at the facts instead of rambling out bias opinions of who did what.
More then likely you know of cases when stores get robbed for X amount. The claim is put in and there ALWAYS so much more to the X amount that was taken. Lets say the people acting for the Tea Party did cut the lines. Could the left also fabricate these letters and faxes as in exaggerating the insurance claim? Could it be that type of action? My thoughts come to Certainly. It would by far down the whole Tea Party movement. If anyone of them were involved, instead of getting rid of some of the ones that could hurt what they seek to gain the whole movement is discredited. Just like Acorn.

I answered you now you address this.
I´m sure you have seen a fax and all fax´s machines have an ID and log the incoming and outgoing numbers. Why do you think we haven´t heard anything on where it came from?
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 05:58 PM     
quote:I don´t like seeing innocent people being threatened ever

I don´t like seeing anyone threatened whether innocent or not. That is why we have laws. I do however agree that we should be able to show our anger with a civil protest and be able to do so without fear from either side labeling me as a terrorist,like they did for the folks at the town hall meetings . And I think standing in front of ones house that caused this just anger and showing them my gratitude would be a good place to start.
I believe they did not know the address they posted was the wrong one. That doesn´t make any sense why they would post the brother address he can´t change anything. I do think had it been the right one, stopping by the Rep house and paying him thanks would be an acceptable form of showing ones appreciation for the representation of the hire Representative´s actions enforcing our Constitution.By far blowing up his house will not change anything.

Someone mentioned a civil war.
If we had a civil war today we certainly do not need to kill anyone nor do we need guns. Simply stop going to work and stop paying taxes. Bring the country to a halt and you will have the rich fighting the rich to fix the mess they created. All it takes is the people to unite and for Americans to grow a set.(figure of speech dear) It is not as difficult as it seems.
But surely without any doubt,it´s all about the mighty dollar because without it there is no power!
I don´t know what else to say.
  by: hellblazer     03/25/2010 06:22 PM     
Two things. First, a Tea Party activist posted what he thought was the congressman´s address online. That itself is an act of intimidation; it´s what hate groups do to frighten judges and lawmakers. Anti-abortion radicals and white supremacists are notorious for posting people´s address online. The message is communicated without words -- someone´s supposed to go mess that person up, maybe even kill them.

Second -- who says investigators don´t have call ID numbers and fax numbers to investigate with and that they´re not following up on these leads? You can´t expect arrests to be made instantaneously just because they know the number a threatening phone call came from.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/25/2010 08:48 PM     
  The source is being too nice  
The idiot who wrote the note attached to the brick actually spelled it "exremism"
  by: caution2     03/26/2010 12:30 AM     
  Divide and Conquer  
That´s what is being deployed here. By whom? Only time will tell.
  by: datsuncaptain1     03/26/2010 02:11 AM     
I agree with what your saying so no I don´t expect arrests to be made immediately, but I do expect arrests to be made. Odd no one is saying anything about it leads or clues as of yet. Surely some leads would make front page news! 10 Dems threaten and no clues on who. Sounds like something out of a fiction book to me.

Hell one senator said they placed a coffin on his lawn. Sounds bad doesn´t it? Come to find out they had a coffin and they were praying over it in protest. Nothing like the senator said. How do you account for that?
And I do not see posting the address of anyone online as being an act of intimidation. If anyone is intimidated by their address being on line there should be a whole lot of it going on because the phone books can be accessed online. Guess what that has in it?
  by: hellblazer     03/26/2010 04:24 AM     
Really important people like Congressmen can have the phone-book people not put their name and address in the phone book.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 06:28 AM     
quote: Really important people like Congressmen can have the phone-book people not put their name and address in the phone book.
What does that have to do with what I said. You stated having an address posted was in itself is an act of intimidation. I begged a difference stating if what you said was true then there are a lot of people being intimidated because the phone book is online. What does that have to do with what you wrote? Obviously it isn´t hard to find out where they live.
Ben you are so full of crap.
All my stance on this was, how does amyone know it who did this without any proof. You defended the right by stating your posts. Prior to this you post this quote in another thread pertaining to the T as Terrorist Are you sure you do not have flat out bias opinions about everything you talk about? You say you look at things from both sides but never concede any negative toward the left. Notice your second sentence in your quote!
QUOTE FROM BEN:I´d like to know ...
how so many people can be so *certain* that these people aren´t genuine teabaggers. I mean, do you have any evidence? Or is this yet another fantastical story people are pulling straight out of their asses?

You are truly a two faced wuss.
  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 04:25 AM     
OOPPS I take that back, you did not defend the right. You defend the left what the hell was I thinking!
  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 04:27 AM     
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