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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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03/25/2010 10:55 PM ID: 83515 Permalink   

´We´re on the Cusp of a Hiring Recovery´


New claims for U.S. jobless benefits took an unexpected drop last week as layoffs ease off and the employment market slowly recovers. The decline brought the four-week claims average to its lowest level since September 2008.

Zach Pandl, economist for Nomura Securities, said, "We´re on the cusp of a hiring recovery." First-time claims dropped by 14,000, most of the drop coming from an adjustment in calculations used to get an accurate picture of the market.

Such adjustments include filtering out expected changes such as the layoff of temps after the holidays. Excluding that adjustment, first-time claims dropped more than 30,000 last week, to 405,557. Claims have fallen three of the last four weeks.

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  Question is...  
...Really? And if so, hiring for what?

I mean when you´re out there it doesn´t feel like any recovery is coming...

But I suppose we can trust economists...
  by: tuogh     03/26/2010 01:06 AM     
  We´re on the Cusp of a Hiring Recovery  
Of lower paying jobs
  by: thedrewman   03/26/2010 01:41 AM     
California´s unemployment rate creeps upward. When AB 32 in fully implemented, we´ll be worse than Greece.
  by: Libertario Cubano   03/26/2010 02:12 AM     
Though I have no way of proving it, This is one example of knowing who posted it before I read the article.

About the article. I don´t know where you live but around here I do not see any hiring nor do I see any improvement once so ever in consumer spending. Just did my taxes, my business took a 24,000.00 loss. And I don´t see that getting any better also as more and more people are selling off their horses because they can´t afford to keep them. This article in my opinion is nothing but a load of BS! Frig these statements go around your neighborhood and asks business people how their making out.
  by: hellblazer     03/26/2010 05:48 AM     
  I started...  
my business at the height of the ´financial crisis´, business is booming for me, the last couple of months have seen me turning away an unbelievable about of work.
I multiplied my income instantaneously by becoming a business.
I am too scared to spend any of that money though, i have no credit cards or loans so i am i pretty safe i think.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/26/2010 06:03 AM     
Even IF it might be true the people in my state won´t be seeing any of it. I do have to laugh that now they are focusing on this and I was just saying earlier this week that what we need is decent jobs. I see a comment about lower waged jobs..well right now we would be happy to have even minimum wage or part-time jobs..something...anything would be good and start making people feel a little more secure.

You know how bad it is in my city? Wal Mart had a lot of empty shelves when we went there yesterday and one of the areas was where Tylenol would be if it wasn´t taken off the shelves for now but people were getting nervous and thought some of the aisles looked smaller, like they removed one of the shelving units. This elderly lady in her late 70s, early 80s looked at me and said "Honey, I think Wal Mart is going to close and when that happens we are all screwed." She was serious and my heart skipped a beat for a moment and then I told her that Wal mart won´t close but be the last thing standing out of anything else around here.

I will see job recovery and not just stopping jobs from leaving, but REAL growth about the time the Obama family is leaving their one-term stay on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course the Republicans will take credit for that one but then no one ever wants to take credit for the *bad* things.
  by: TaraB     03/26/2010 06:24 AM     
... how much venom I get directed personally at me just for noticing a headline, accurately summarizing the story and posting it to Shortnews. Hellblazer, if you don´t agree with the story, fine. But your little stalker routine is getting out of hand. Please back off.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 06:31 AM     
What do you do?
  by: Libertario Cubano   03/26/2010 06:37 AM     
  @Libertario Cubano  
IT Consultant, specialize in process improvement.

  by: shiftyfarker   03/26/2010 08:04 AM     
Ha. I just thought of something. Maybe Obama was pushing this healthcare so hard cuz he knew he was screwed by the economy and if he didn´t do anything he would be the "first black pres that didn´t do sh!t for the country"

I like the guy, but it still makes me wonder..
  by: nimira     03/26/2010 12:37 PM     
He may have wanted something that would define his presidency, even if it starts angry citizens and veiled threats of violence..they Tea party doesn´t have to do anything personally for example, they can just turn a blind eye to the Eric Rudolph of their little gang like the RTL groups did. This gives them the out to say "It wasn´t all of us, just one crazy." Yeah the one crazy you knew was barely with it.
  by: TaraB     03/26/2010 01:09 PM     
You´re abaolutely correct in that. Those Tea Partiers have some really sound ideas, but they seem to attract the craziest and most extreme people. And they always have plausible deniability when it comes to taking the blame for them. However, if they truly did take their name from the Boston Tea Party, then I guess extremism should be part of the nature of the political party. Those guys back in the 1700´s really were a bunch of crazies, destroying all kinds of property, and making direct threats on government officials in order to make their point. Kind of the same thing that´s going on now with these guys.

Just to let you know, I think we should run the country by the constitution, and let the states make all of the rest of the decisions. That´s how the country was designed, and that´s how it should stay.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/26/2010 05:45 PM     
Sound ideas. Are you serious? Do you mean the "Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Marxist" idea? The "Obama´s going to take your guns, abort your babies and pull the plug on Grandma" idea?

Or are you referring to the facile solutions of "less taxes and smaller government" that in no serious way address the complex problems facing the United States?
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 06:38 PM     
Well, I don´t know about the "pull the plug on grandma" thing, or the Kenyan thing. But I´m pretty sure that I can pull quotes from his speeches that support the other ideas.

As a politician, if you don´t want people to think you´re going to take away their guns, then don´t say we need tighter gun controls.

As a politician, if you are not pro-abortion, then don´t publicly advocate a health care policy that will publicly fund abortions. He only agreed to an executive order banning it because he would have lost the few crucial votes that he needed to get the HCR passed if he hadn´t.
At least he´s a man of his word. I really didn´t expect that after all of the things promised in his campaign speeches that he has now backed away from.

As a politician, if you don´t want people to think you´re a Marxist, then don´t push Marxist ideals.
Those are the biggest examples. And I would have to say that if you agree with those policies, then I would categorize you as a Marxist too.

That last isn´t from a new agency. But it does show a pattern. But, in my opinion: so what if they are right about all of those things. Those aren´t the ideas that I was talking about, although I did recognize the sarcastic tone you were trying to convey.

The Federal Government is supposed to protect our borders, sign treaties, enforce the laws of the land, and ensure that every citizen is able to exercise the rights granted in the constitution. No other purpose. Everything else should be left up to the states. The states should be in control of the Federal government, not the other way around. And in turn, the people should be in control of the states, not the other way around. "Of the people, by the people, for the people." Not "Of the elite, by the elite, for the elite." There´s no way that a small groupd of people should be able to run (or ruin) the lives of the millions. That´s what congress has been doing for the past several decades. They´re grabbing more and more power for the few (not the many), and it´s time for it to stop. This is what I meant by some good ideas.

It seems that all you know about the Tea Party is what you hear from you anti-FoxNews sources. Who the hell really cares what Fox News thinks or says? They are irrelavent, only for entertainment.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/26/2010 07:52 PM     
Liked that "hubpages" source. I read until the part where it said Obama´s health reform would make our system "as socialized as Cuba´s." Then I was just laughing too hard to read further.

The federal government has authority over the states. That was established by a Republican administration in a little conflict we call the Civil War. And we should all be thankful that´s the way it is, otherwise black people would still be drinking from separate water fountains and sitting in the back of the bus.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 08:11 PM     
That was part of the constitutional rights thing I was talking about.

I think it´s good that the new unemployment filings are down, but truthfully, I would much rather have seen people start their own businesses rather than waiting for some miracle job opportunity to come along. Some people may laugh when I say that you could go out and mow a lawn for some extra money, but there are people that I´m acquainted with that make a VERY good living doing that. But, then, those people are actually willing to work for their money, and not just sit around waiting for a job to magically appear.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/26/2010 08:29 PM     
Ah, the old trick of blaming unemployment on the "people who don´t want to work." That´s kind of like saying rape victims were "asking for it," or that beaten wives "brought it on themselves."

Weird to think that there were nearly 9 million people who had jobs but who apparently were not "actually willing to work for their money," and that they all got laid off in a span of under two years ... that sure is a lot of people getting lazy at once, don´t you think?
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 09:17 PM     
I an see where you would think that I was calling people lazy in what I said. That´s not exactly what I meant.

I am a computer programmer. That´s how I make my living. I create custom software all day, every day. If I suddenly found that I couldn´t do this any more, for some reason or another, I would go and look for a different job. Laziness has nothing to do with it. It´s all about an unwillingness to try something outside your area of expertise. "Well, if I can´t be a computer programmer, then I´m just going to sit here and do nothing." That´s not the attitude that should dominate people in a capitalist, market-driven society. The attidute should be: "If I can´t be a computer programmer, then maybe I´ll try my hand at making furniture." Instead of saying, "There are no computer programming jobs out there", I would be saying "What kind of jobs are there out there that I can learn to do?" Still, I say this has nothing to do with being lazy or not. This has to do with a willingness to do what it takes to make money. It´s the equivalent of saying, "I´m not willing to dig around in a pile of cow-dung, even though I know there´s a gold coin at the bottom of it." Once again, nothing to do with laziness. Merely an unwillingness to do what must be done.

And to respond to your last little bit, let me reiterate: I wish people would have tried starting businesses of their own instead of trying to rely on some job opening to magically appear.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/26/2010 09:33 PM     
The number-one reason people don´t go into business for themselves is that they´re afraid of losing health coverage ( You can thank the Democrats for taking care of that major problem with the U.S. economy.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 09:45 PM     
But that argument would not apply to people who are already unemployed. They already have no health insurance though their employer because they have no employer. And therefore really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by starting their own business.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/26/2010 11:56 PM     
  @ willy  
You don´t know wtf you are talking about "Just go start a business on your own". Yeah, sure just zip zap zoom, start a business and all will go well. There ARE other factors to unemployment than someone´s willingness or ingenuity. Get off your cozily employed high horse.
  by: tuogh     03/27/2010 01:39 AM     
quote:But your little stalker routine is getting out of hand. Please back off.

Hey you asked me in another thread to prove I could tell what articles you wrote without looking. Now you want me to back off. No problem, proving to you what is obvious to many. This is something by any sense of the words doesn´t mean anything to me. You got it.

Quote:Amazing. how much venom I get directed personally at me just for noticing a headline, accurately summarizing the story and posting it to Shortnews.

Just curious how come you never notice headlines like "Dingell: It takes a long time to "control the people." and accurately summarize that type of story and post it to Shortnews.
  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 04:44 AM     
  @ willy  
People should start their own business. But first they need to find something the public needs or wants and go for it. I have my own business and if had listen to all the negative people like tuogh who tried to talk me out of it with their inaccurate statements I would be working for someone else now making them rich. The number one reason people do not go into business is not like Ben says," because they are afraid to losing their health care" it is because they listen to everyone else who hasn´t got the balls to make the move. The only rich people in this world were the ones that had the balls to take a chance and go for it. Nothing to do with health coverage at all. Most people who start their business start young. Health care isn´t even a thought.
  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 04:55 AM     
You´re absolutely right about that. The thing about people is that most of them think that everyone else thinks like them. If they´re not willing to find the strength to make it on their own, then nobody else is probably willing to do it either. I´m not sure what makes tuogh think he knows anything about me, but apparently he thinks I´m "cozily employed". Hehehe. That´s a good term. But I actually own three businesses, one for software development, one for hardware support, and one for property leasing. And I started them two of them while I was still employed by someone else. You don´t have to have a lot of money to start any of these. $3500 was enough of a down-payment to buy my first rental house. And I worked my ass off, spare time, to develop my first commercial app. All while I was building decks and sheds full time, about 11 hours per day. Some people have the ambition, and some people just want to wait for something good to come their way. I can´t blame someone who just wants to sit and watch TV and relax when they get home from a hard day at the office, but at the same time, I just can´t be one of them. Just the same as I can´t be one of the ones who will let my fate be decided by the unemployment office.

I really would like to hire someone to help me, but I´m glad that I waited until all of this health care stuff went down. This new tax that employers are going to face for employees is going to force me to hire "independent contractors" instead of regular employees, if I ever decide to. They can be 1099´s and manage their own finances. In looking at the figures, there´s no way that I can afford all of the additional expenses associated with a full-time employee now.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/27/2010 06:10 AM     
That´s not "what Ben says," it´s what many studies of the issue say. You have a hard time separating fact from what you want to believe, don´t you?

Oh, and I never saw that headline you quoted *anywhere*. I´d like to see where you found it. You´re such a student of my work here, you´ve probably noticed that almost everything I post comes from Yahoo News.

I googled your headline and I did find sites running that quote with URLs like "" Right-wing blogs aren´t exactly acceptable around here as news sources. I couldn´t even find a Fox News story on that. I´m thinking the quote was taken grossly out of context, which I´ve noticed is a right-wing specialty.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/27/2010 06:37 AM     
  Over the past year...  
I have watched the local economy disintegrate into nothingness. At first it wasn´t noticeable; a few stores in the mall closed, and a few chain stores started cutting down on their locations. But after four months, people began to realize just how bad things were becoming. Businesses began disappearing overnight, one after another. Some examples:

A famous local restaurant made up of train cars (Which was also a landmark) just disappeared. I don´t mean it closed down, I mean the owner sold it and had it removed from the premises overnight. None of the workers were told, so when they showed up the next day, empty lot.

Employees at the local Blockbuster arrived to work one day to find a ´for sale´ sign on the door (The company replaced the store with a kiosk at the gas station next door).

In the span of 5 weeks, 14 businesses closed down at a local shopping/entertainment complex. Not just small local business, either, but big ones as well, like The Disney Store (They abandoned the building overnight and neglected to inform their workers).

There´s a two mile stretch down by the beach that is nothing but empty buildings that were all occupied by small businesses last fall. Ever see a Michael Moore film? My area is starting to look just like Flint.

What does the local government have to say about all of this? Nothing. Instead, they went to the sheriff´s dept. and gave him 3 days to cut 1 million dollars out of his budget. He told the county he could only cut $700,000 without having to fire deputies/compromise public safety. They told him to cut the budget, or not to bother coming back to work (City sheriff is hired by the council, not an elected official).

The absolute capper? The state announced today that unemployment has risen to 11.3% for the state, but my county has been above 20% for the past six months.

That ´hiring recovery´ won´t be happening here, because soon there won´t be anyone left to hire workers.
  by: YuSaKu     03/27/2010 06:57 AM     
  Oh, one more thing  
Part of the reason why the ´jobless claims´ are falling off has to do with Tier II and Tier III unemployment.

I have no idea how the ESC works in other states, but around here, if you exhaust your claim before you have managed to find employment, an adjudicator is assigned to make a judgment on whether or not you qualify for extended benefits. President Obama granted my state an extension on Tier II and Tier III UIC that was supposed to last through May of this year.

When I exhausted my claim, I was told that I would not qualify for Tier II. Two months go by, and then I get a letter from the ESC stating that I did indeed qualify, and it listed the instructions on how to file.

When I attempted to file my claim, it was rejected, so I spent a week going back and forth between the local office and the adjudicator´s office, trying to find someone who could help me.

Then the second letter arrived, telling me I was disqualified for Tier II. THE NEXT DAY I got a third letter stating that I qualified for Tier II AND Tier III, but the dollar amount was different.

In the end, the adjudicator refused to speak to me, and the only advice I got from the local ESC office was to file a new claim so I could collect the balance. Didn´t make any sense to me, but this came from the ESC director himself, so I did it. My new claim was promptly rejected, my UIC hours were reset, and both of my acceptance letters were stamped null and void

The whole system is broken, and there is no way in hell I would trust any of their figures on jobless claims.
  by: YuSaKu     03/27/2010 07:11 AM     
You´re right about that John Dingell headline. I went all the way to page 9 and couldn´t find any newspapers except the Witicha Independent Examiner that even covered the story.

However, the quote was not taken out of context. Have a listen:

What he actually says, verbatim is:

"It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE".

I don´t see how anyone could misconstrue that.
  by: YuSaKu     03/27/2010 07:33 AM     
  @ Hellblazer  
I am saying it isn´t as easy as just "starting your own business". I am being realistic, I´m not discouraging anyone from trying to start their own business. Not sure why you are so offended by my comment. Congratulations on your business. I guess empathy and understanding are in short supply these days. Obviously.
  by: tuogh     03/27/2010 08:34 AM     
...not everyone has the resources or market to start their own business. I think those who say "just do this or that" are over-simplifying the situation. It´s an easy way to avoid any thinking, just blame the jobless. It´s their fault, right? Riiiight.....
  by: tuogh     03/27/2010 08:37 AM     
Did you not say to Willy the number one reason people do not start their own business is because they are afraid to lose their health coverage? Then supplied him with a link. Sure you did here is the
quote:The number-one reason people don´t go into business for themselves is that they´re afraid of losing health coverage
All I said to Willy is what you said is not true. And you did say it. Nothing was meant against you.

And I see he is in business for himself so he already knew that.
The number one reason people do not start their own business is because they are scared to make the move and they listen to fools. Ask anyone in business how many people told them it won´t work, your crazy, you will go bankrupt. BLAH BLAh. I don´t think they thought Hey I can´t do that I won´t have health care. Again in case you didn´t realize it, most people who start business are young and health care is not a thought. You even went as far as to say You can thank the Democrats for taking care of that major problem with the U.S. economy. What major problem? You post some link from some nobody with letters and that is automatically a major problem? Sure it is because it suits your thoughts.
Well I don´t think Willy is going to thank them, The health care passed, it didn´t help people in business it hurt them. Did you read what he said? He is in business. Does it sound like it helped? Hey but I bet they get that public option like they all wanted now.. Oh that´s right they didn´t pass that.. Wonder why, all three of the musketeers said they wanted it.

Now as far as not finding anything on your beloved Democrat leader Dingle Berry. It is simple. The news media is just like you BIAS. They never report the negative.
Human nature,sometimes people slip out and say what they mean. But in todays media when that happens we have a fall back plan, the none coverage syndrome takes effect. Happens often, Like when Pelosi who said, don´t listen to what the people say give them what they need. I did not see a flood of reports on that either. Yet I heard her say it. Here is Dingle in his glory.
Here is another I thought you would have noticed but never posted a while back Harry Reid said. how he felt about the tourist. So fitting of a Majority Leader don´t you think?

Unlike you Ben I listen to all sides and come to my own conclusion. You on the other hand repeat what they say and believe it all and help push their agenda.

  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 08:44 AM     
  @ willy  
Quote:But I actually own three businesses, one for software development, one for hardware support, and one for property leasing. And I started them two of them while I was still employed by someone else.

That is great!! I started my practice of Equine Dentistry 35 years ago and I also started a Computer Repair service. Got my A+ and MSCE about 15 years ago. I enjoy building custom systems that out performed the Alien Ware and the ABS systems. Been a gamer since the 386´s came out, I had hair then I think! I also enjoy helping people stay away from getting ripped by the GEEK Squad. Charge a flat rate price so they can afford the repair. I hope this economy isn´t hurting you to bad. Of course according to this article things are getting better. I must have missed the boat. I don´t see it. I took a 24k loss this year on the horse end. People losing their jobs and can´t afford them.
  by: hellblazer     03/27/2010 08:57 AM     
  Fuzzy math?  
Hmmm, these numbers don´t look good Bob. Toss out this category of unemployed and that category of unemployed. Yeah, that looks better, now go report that as truth.....

Who believes this s*** anyway?

Oh and.. the number one reason why people don´t start their own businesses is fear of failure. American society teaches us that failure is a fate worse than death and as such, people fail to do things they want. To blame naysayers for people´s fear of failure is a cop out. Any person who truly believes in his ideas an abilities and who isn´t afraid of failure, won´t even consider negative comments by others.

  by: bbeljefe     03/27/2010 02:42 PM     
I loved the way you just put that! I´m laughing so hard tears are running from my eyes. That´s exactly the way our government works! If the numbers don´t look so good for the side that´s publishing them, then they must be wrong and we need a new way of calculating them.

The last three presidential administrations have been so harmful: Clinton was harmful to the credibility of the office, Bush was harmful to our image in foreign countries, and now Obama is being harmful to American businesses. Can´t we just get one guy in there that will actually answer a question straight when you ask him, and that means what he says, without trying to use double-talk? And maybe someone that has not just a plan, but a *viable* plan to fix the economy. Health care reform may fix the federal deficit in 15 years or so, but it does nothing to address the fact that people have no money to spend right now. The life-blood of the economy in America is the small to medium sized business (10 to 300 employees), not the giants like Microsoft or Ford. I´m not sure that the government is pulling for them any more.

@hellblazer: I know what you mean about the geeks. Damn! $95 bench fee around here. Hell, I go out to people´s houses and fix their problems for less than that. $25 will get me out there, with an additional $25 per hour, plus parts. I also do home and business networking, but I really hate making custom-length cables, so I usually pay someone else to do that for me. But that´s just me working. If I were to try to hire someone to do this kind of thing, either for me or with me, that whole $25 per hour would be eaten up with FICA, unemployment insurance, and now I´d have to buy health care for him/her. I´m not even talking about profit when I say there´s no possible way for me to hire anyone. There´s no way that I can hire someone and still charge $25 per hour. That $25 per hour won´t cover all the things I would have to pay for. The only way that I can keep my current pricing is if I hire someone on a per-job basis. I hand him $50 for a 3-hour job, and it´s his responsibility to make sure that he´s insured, and that he pays his taxes. I can foresee a HUGE section of the American work force going to this kind of arrangement in the near future. So what if I´m not making $1000 per day. I make enough to live on, and that´s all that concerns me.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/27/2010 08:58 PM     
  Number 1 Reason  
PPL dont start their own business its because they don´t have the resources (aka money) to do so.

Basically they would have to take a big loan *assuming the qualify for one) and take the big risk of making the business and hoping it will work out. And if it doesnt work out you will end end a lot worse *if not bankrupt) that what u were.

That "it´s because ppl listen to fools" its pure bs, I know more than one idio who wanted ot be rich and made his/her own business.
They are either on their 6th failed business, or they have the same 4 employees in a garage for 7 years without having made a single market product, just living out of goverment money.

Making a business is not an easy joke.
  by: jhax   03/27/2010 09:59 PM     
  Don´t forget, Willy...  
about the millions of mom and pop small businesses out there, your, me and hellblazer included. The lifeblood of this economy is supported by owner operators simply because our numbers are so enormous.

And the truth is that most of us aren´t trying to get "rich". We are simply self motivated individuals who don´t like to be told what and how to do, who want out of life what we put into it.

Oh and, we have this arrogant idea that we should reap the benefits of our efforts and be able to choose who receives our benevolence.

What a bunch of pricks we are. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     03/28/2010 05:10 AM     
Have an idea for a new business? Guess what, you don´t need great credit and a conventional business loan. You need a great business plan and a Google search.

Don´t believe me? Google "venture capital funding" and behold the more than three million results. Where venture capital is concerned, you can rest assured that a good idea backed by a sound business model will outweigh a credit score every time.

But thanks for reinforcing my point with your implicit insult of people who have attempted businesses and failed "6 times". I can only dream of a time when I would have become successful before six failures.

Failure is a necessary function of learning and there is no shame in failure unless one learns nothing from it.

  by: bbeljefe     03/28/2010 05:22 AM     
Your way of thinking is why any1 Business major has like 1000 graduating each semester when Computer Science has 20.

Every1 thinks they just put a business up and become rich. And yeah, living 6years out of goverment hand outs for "business starters" is a failure in my book.
  by: jhax   03/28/2010 05:57 AM     
Down with small business, they should be banned.

Also for jhax:

figures are a little bit old but still relevant, hopefully this will put it into perspective for you.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/28/2010 07:08 AM     
I have nothing againt´s small business. By all means if you got an idea and you wan to pull it off go for it.

I have a problem with ppl who made a business "kinda" successful and then start braggin about how easy it is a how pathethic others are for not doing it.

It takes work, consideration, money, risk and a big chunck of luck. It´s the walk in the park picture Hell and the other are talking about.
  by: jhax   03/28/2010 07:29 AM     
No one is saying it´s easy to make a business successful. Success always requires hard work, diligence and of course, luck (laboring under correct knowledge).

Also, I don´t recall having read in this or any other thread, where someone in business is insulting people who don´t start their own.

Perhaps you can enlighten us and point out one such instance.

  by: bbeljefe     03/28/2010 03:00 PM     
I´ve never heard that "luck" acronym before. That´s a handy one. And absolutely correct, too. A very few businesses are successful because they were in the right place at the right time (luck). It´s almost always perseverance on the part of the owner or partners. Edison once said, after a long string of failures trying to create a light bulb, "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have
successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb." Not many people could financially withstand 1000 business failures, but the point is well taken, at least it was by me.

And another small point that I would like to reiterate: I started mine while I was working full time. So you don´t have to quit your job, and worry about your health insurance, just to get a business off the ground. To use an example from before, you could very well devote three hours every day after you get off work (and your weekends, too) to go and mow lawns. Soon you will have a loyal customer base, and eventually the money you earn from them will outweigh what you make at work. Is it easy? Nope! It will take a lot of hard work. Will you ever be able to quit your day job without hard work? Nope! Not unless you win the lottery or inherit some money. But the point is that it can be done.

And to use an example from my personal experience: I took one one of my tax refund checks (from the Bush tax glory days, in 2006) and put it down on a house for the purpose of rental. The house is in kind of a poor neighborhood, and was priced to sell at $35000. 4-bedroom, 2 bath, full basement, nice back yard, rents for $600 per month. The mortgage payment is $225 per month. Did I make that whole tax refund check back? You betcha! In the first year I did. I´m currently looking for my third rental property now, and I found a property management company that will manage the tenants, the rent collection, repairs to the house, etc. for 10% of the rent. That´s $60 per month. They will collect the rent and advertise for new tenants when the current ones move out. When they collect the rent, they will deduct their take, and pass on the rest. If a repair is less than $100, they will just do it. Anything above $100 requires my approval. Anything that´s left over gets deposited automatically into my checking account. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. Anyway, I just gave everyone a great business idea. Go do it. $3500 and good credit is all you need. I´m not even trying to sell you the information.
  by: WillyMaykett   03/28/2010 10:38 PM     
"The number one reason people do not start their own business is because they are scared to make the move and they listen to fools." - Since listening to other people is foolish, then theres yoru insult.

Hellblazer, willy and you all have the same middle management marketing highschool psychology bd speech attitude.
Hard work, perserverance, and boom you get everything flowing.
Everything you guys did was right, there was no fear no problems, it was just smooth sailing from beggining to end, that´s the personality of some1 who never admit they ever made a mistake.

The only one here I would dare to listen on how to make a business is S***ty, when he mentioned he was afraid when he made his business do to the bad economy and stuff he did sound like a guy who´s down on earth and sees things objectivly.
All you 3 are doing is talking about how well you´ve done from day 1, tipical of a networking meeting with any middle management person braggin about your winning to scare every1 else.
  by: jhax   03/28/2010 11:04 PM     
Here is my exact quote.."Oh and.. the number one reason why people don´t start their own businesses is fear of failure."

I said nothing about listening to others. In fact, had I not listened to others I wouldn´t have been able to do what I´ve done. The difference is that I finally stopped taking the advice of others who were as broke as me and started listening to and modeling my endeavors in like to those who had much more than me.

Of course, that was after countless failures on my part. I started failing in business when I was seventeen years old and I continued to fail at business until I was in my late thirties. I´m forty one now and by no means am I rich or even what most would consider wealthy. However, my wealth is growing at a rate faster than it ever has.

I´ve achieved this with no help from government entitlements, labor unions, trust funds, lawsuit settlements or lottery winnings. I did have some help though... in the form of my wife who supported me, the correct advise I took from others and the personal restraint I learned from my failures.

But enough about me, you were going to point out where I had insulted people who don´t start their own businesses...

  by: bbeljefe     03/29/2010 05:57 AM     
  More Fairy Tales  
Obama can not have a "Jobs Summit" then pass a "Jobs Bill" and expect businesses to start hiring because he told them to do so.

Maybe the reason there are less on the unemployment ranks is because their insurance policy ran out of money.

Medicare and Social Security, both ran out of money a long time ago but Progressives fixed it by raising taxes. At best, that is only a short term remedy. There is a decreasing number of payees and an increasing number of paid, which leads to shortages and rationing. That is why Humana Inc. offers supplemental insurance to Medicare and a lot of us have an IRA or 401(k) because the Central Planners can not provide what they promise. We have to take care of ourselves because no one cares about us like we do.

Do not try to tell me some bureaucrat cares about any one. There is "tribal" knowledge about the "compassion" of the IRS, EPA, OSHA, or other bureaucracies.

Look at nature for further proof: Bears in Yosemite demand food from visitors. Bears have been seen jumping on the roof of a car to break its windows to get to the ice chest inside.

Monkeys have become so aggressive they attack people to get food; break in like common thieves to raid and loot homes.

What starts out as charity becomes something quite different; it becomes a "right." It becomes something that started out with good intentions transformed into something else not expected.

We The People have created this "Monster" called "Big Government" because We long for a "Garden of Eden" where someone takes care of us from birth to death. We will vote for anyone who promises us it. To illustrate my point is Austria in 1938.
  by: Mr.Science   03/30/2010 07:36 PM     
  @Mr. Science  
Your animal analogy falls flat. The reason it does is because animals can not understand the concept of private property. Animals understand that sometimes there is food in those strange, noisy things that come through their world and as such, those animals do what they are programmed by nature to do.... get that good.

As for humans and depending on the animal... animals are either scared of us or they see us as a food source. No hard feelings, no entitlements expected or understood. Just simply a possible mean within reach.

In simple terms, when you see an animal you might think it´s either a pet, a danger or a meal. When they see you they see only a threat, a meal or a peaceful co-existence. And by peaceful co existence, they don´t mean being locked up in a cage in your house and depending on you for their every drink of water and their every meal.

But yes, we do have a cradle to grave "take care of me" mentality in this country and it is growing ever more prolific.

Lastly, I´m gonna again encourage you to abandon that whole animal analogy because it makes no sense whatsoever. After all, wild animals who have no ability to reason and understand property rights.

In the end... I tend to agree with the sentiment of your post but I´m growing ever more tired of having to defend myself from false or misunderstood claims made by you and yours.

Being a Libertarian, I try to express the things I know based on facts and math and it really sucks when someone comes in with an uneducated, hate filled rant with an analogy that compares apples to tire irons.... And then I get dumped into that "conservative" box because I agree only with the premise of their argument.

Just a bit of friendly advise. Do with it what you will. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     03/31/2010 05:24 AM     
From the Grand Canyon website:
"Wildlife can become dependent upon handouts and lose their ability to hunt and forage. Such animals lose their fear of humans. They can become aggressive and bite, kick, or gore. Many are struck by cars while searching for handouts. Help us keep wildlife wild. Never feed or approach wildlife."

The point is that we too can become dependent on handouts, lose our will and desire to work and fend for ourselves. For example, "People lose job skills, social skills and the will to search for a job as they spend time out of work. Unemployment affects individuals´ sense of well being, producing higher rates of depression and lower levels of life satisfaction.

Read more:

Now ask yourself, why do Progressives like to give handouts. What is really the underlying motive behind Obamacare? Or any other Progressive social program?

As for animals not understanding property rights, I guess Progressives do not either. How many elderly have lost their home because of property taxes? How many have lost their farms because of inheritance taxes? How many have gone to jail for not paying the Progressive Federal Income tax?

"The power to tax is the power to destroy" Can you tell me who said that?

This quotation comes from the words of DANIEL WEBSTER and those of JOHN MARSHALL in the Supreme Court case, McCulloch v. Maryland.
  by: Mr.Science   03/31/2010 06:39 AM     
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