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                 02/24/2018 09:02 PM  
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03/28/2010 10:28 AM ID: 83540 Permalink   

Holy Bedroom Door Attracts Hundreds


Carolina Martinez says that after a friend used her spare bedroom recently while staying over, the door took on a likeness of the Virgin Mary. "She called for me and told me that she saw the image and I told her no, that she was crazy," she said.

She even went to an elder at church to share the news. "I showed her my phone and she said it just looked like lines and I felt bad so I left. I came home very sad because these are things of God and I would not play with something like that."

Despite this, over 300 people visited her home, bringing flowers and candles, mostly on weekends and nights. She´s waiting to hear from the Catholic Church. She said, "I need to know what to do," adding that if they want a chapel made, "we´ll do it."

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  Silly Catholics  
Laughable, but sad.
  by: JimmyD   03/28/2010 04:21 PM     
  money maker for the people  
it´s good to see that an individual can still make a schpeel and all that and recieve gifts and all kinds of worthwhile things, hell of course ask the church to make another church out of your land (house,home) and make some bucks from the deal .. :-)

capitalism .. it´s not only for the educated :-D

  by: Key2000     03/28/2010 04:35 PM     
The face looks more like Howdy Doody. Nobody in the Universe knows what Mary or Jesus looked like. Get a life.
  by: Lurker     03/28/2010 05:32 PM     
  My favorite part is  
the fact that all of these apparitions are replicas of some artists rendition of some piece of art work that was originally produce in the 1500´s ...
God only draws modern renditions... nothing true to life. He´s more of an impressionist. I´d love to see a Picasso.
I live near the one that showed up underneath the bridge. That one was an uncanny version of the drawing on those catholic candles that say made in china underneath. It truly was a miracle. Right next to it was a penguin. It was also uncanny. In the clouds above a saw a rabbit. And on the dirt below i saw a turtle.

If this what miracles are today... we´re getting desperate.
  by: mexicanrevolution   03/28/2010 05:52 PM     
it bothers me that I live on teh same planet as these stupidos. Other times, not so much.
  by: John E Angel     03/28/2010 08:09 PM     
In life I find it so easy to down people about things that make no sense to them, but a lot harder to do it with any kind of justification. What more do we know then a flower does about this stuff?
No disrespect meant nor is this meant to be any kind of attack. Think about what you said.

Quote:Nobody in the Universe knows what Mary or Jesus looked like. Get a life.

Do you believe in what you just said or were you just trying to be cleaver and are merely mocking this people because they believe this happened? According to your post you truly have no proof their wrong. Yet you tell them to get a life. I guess they could come right back at you with the same, with more justification no less,at least they have something to show.
How do you know the Mary didn´t look like Howdy Doody? *LOL*

On the other side of the fence, I believe if Jesus actually does exist. Knocked on this woman´s door, and introduced himself.He would probably find himself locked up in the county jail unless he perform some quick miracle or something.
  by: hellblazer     03/28/2010 11:20 PM     
Noone technically has proof of anything, ever. I can´t technically prove to you that the entire world is all in your mind and none of us other people actually exist. That doesn´t mean I can pretty generally say ´The rest of the world is real and we aren´t figments of your imagination´ and probably be correct even if I can´t prove it.

Also, people like this are desperate for meaning and attention. Displays of ´miracles´ like this fly in the face of the teachings of the bible, as they are directly contrary to faith. The monotheistic God wants you to believe in Him because you have faith, not because He proved to you that He exists through flashy shows. There is no devotion in believing something exists that proves its existence to you manually.

That said, I´m agnostic bordering on atheist, so..
  by: velger   03/29/2010 02:24 AM     
Double post. Wires crossed in that first paragraph -- should be obvious what I mean though. Can´t prove it, can probably say it with pretty good accuracy. ;)
  by: velger   03/29/2010 02:25 AM     
  Pees On Earth  
Pee on a door, let it dry, and the stain starts a pilgrimage!

They fall for it every time.


  by: DeepSand   03/29/2010 02:30 AM     
" According to your post you truly have no proof their wrong."
In a logical arguement the onus (burden of proof) is on the person for the proposition, not against it.
As an example, I do not need to provide proof that there are no fairies in the world; the burden of proof is on those people that believe they exist. The same principal goes for gods.

  by: ThinkPeople   03/30/2010 01:38 AM     
  Shakes head @ hellboy  
Your post makes no sense. I think you agreed with me in your usual weird way. I stand by what I said. There is no proof that there ever was a Jesus or a Mary, much less what they are supposed to look like. I find it idiotic that anyone would think a luan door looked like the Virgin Mary. Why are you having trouble getting the point??
  by: Lurker     03/30/2010 05:20 AM     
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