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                 02/22/2018 05:47 PM  
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04/01/2010 12:55 AM ID: 83618 Permalink   

Windows 7 Includes NSA Spyware


In a recent update, Microsoft has included a patch to include a heuristic-based scan of all storage media which looks for "terrorism-related" material. If it finds anything it will then flag it and send it to an unidentifiable address.

The update will scan for any anti-activation exploits. It will then remain in the background even after the computer has been verified, waiting until the computer is either idle or "locked" by the user.

Even though this update isn´t required and is unselected when shown in the updates list, many users will assume it to be a bug fix update and include it.

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  Lets create a....  
put s*** that looks terrorist related on your computer day.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/01/2010 01:39 AM     
  Better yet  
Have a worm that flags millions of users.
  by: luxfestinus     04/01/2010 01:47 AM     
  I would be leary  
April 1st is tomorrow, by my watch.

If it´s not just a prank, then Linux distributions (and MacOS) have a chance here to rule the roost, so to speak. There will never, ever, be any activation code in Linux, and there will never, ever be any code that dials home if it finds "items of interest".

Is Microsoft trying to become a dinosaur?
  by: WillyMaykett   04/01/2010 02:15 AM     
  Unidentifiable address?  
No such thing...
  by: H. W. Hutchins   04/01/2010 02:22 AM     
  If This Is An "Update" .....  
Then it isn´t "included" in Windows 7.
  by: Tumbleweed   04/01/2010 03:11 AM     
  @ Willy.  
I am hiding until after 12am. They can´t trick you then mate! ;)
  by: captainJane     04/01/2010 03:50 AM     
  Can any one...  
find an alternate source that can confirm this? At least the portion in regard to scanning for terrorist related material, I have had a look but can find anything.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/01/2010 03:51 AM     
  I am thinking...  
now this is absolute bull s***.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/01/2010 03:56 AM     
the actualization is real, but was relased since febraury 24, so it´s alredy installed in most windows 7 based pc´s, and oddly it does not mark Microsoft Corporation as editor, actually it has no editor, neither it detects activation or hacker software.
  by: demonh8   04/01/2010 04:07 AM     
  Can anyone define what´s  
"terrorism-related" material?
I got my grandma´s sweet potato pie recipe in my computer.
  by: fileno22   04/01/2010 04:50 AM     
  who needs c4  
ooops I mean terrorist related material?

And any way, whats this for agents who are too lazy to investigate anymore?

Did the agents say well this investigating is too complicated lets just do a windows patch?

I think its to knock of amateurs and give a false sense of security.
If anyone has sophisticated data, this patch should be no problem for them.

By the way when I went check the spelling on ´amateurs´, the entire search result consisted of amateur porn/sites.....that was pretty funny!

Immma firin mah lazar!!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  by: MannyisHere     04/01/2010 05:17 AM     
If I were a terrorist I would probably use Linux or Unix...

Just saying...
  by: nimira     04/01/2010 02:05 PM     
  Sounds like  
"April Fools" to me. According to a reliable source , it would put Microsoft´s integrity in jeopardy.

Too late for that, I suppose.
  by: womenareviolent     04/01/2010 03:33 PM     
HAHAHA! You´re right about that. Microsoft´s integrity has never been questioned. Everybody just *knows* that they´re out to screw everyone. There´s not question about it.

I have to agree, though, that this would be on the order of corporate espionage, and illegally gaining trade secrets. Thinking about the stuff just on one of my PC´s alone, there are a lot of things that I wouldn´t want Microsoft to know about. Not that they could do me any harm, or that they woudl steal my ideas (I know I´m not going to come up with any source code that they can´t duplicate). It´s just that it´s none of their friggin business what´s on my computer. No matter what the content is, no matter what kind of file it is, and no matter how I intend to use it. "Illegal search and seizure" anyone?

This has got to be a hoax.
  by: WillyMaykett   04/01/2010 05:33 PM     
This is SOO believable because a world full of hackers can´t determine whether their computer has spyware on it while they are able to successfully hack the government and security agencies on the regular. If this existed, it would be known within minutes and reversed within a day.

The last known REAL malware that was put out which was truly undetected was the blue pill. NOTHING after that has had nearly the same success, most injection methods still depend on a similar concept.

Can´t go into details but... yeah, the russians, chinese and americans (yes, not are all idiots) would´ve found out before it happened even.
  by: starlock   04/02/2010 07:25 AM     
  Another reason... stick with XP...
  by: treyjazz   04/02/2010 09:28 AM     
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