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                 01/16/2018 02:38 PM  
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04/08/2010 11:17 PM ID: 83704 Permalink   

New Humanoid Discovered in South Africa


Fossilized remains which are thought to be close to two million years old have been discovered in Malapa near Johannesburg. An adult female and a boy were found amongst the debris inside a cave.

Scientists believe the remains are a link between mankind of today, Homo, and older hominids. This find has been given the name Australopithecus sediba. A host of other fossils have been uncovered at the site, which was found using Google Earth.

Professor Lee Berger, head of the research team, said of the remains: "It´s at the point where we transition from an ape that walks on two legs to, effectively, us.”

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is proof at long last that there is a link between ape and man!
  by: captainJane     04/08/2010 11:21 PM     
eventually even modern man will split into discinct species as a result of differing living conditions and diets... far more distinct then just common race and ethinity differences we know of.

proof of the link between apes and humans has been known and accepted for years... infact they couldn´t disprove that point even during the scopes trial (they tried combating it IN COURT which the biblical myth of adam and eve), thought they still found him guilty (essentially for subversion of religion), yet without it it probably wouldn´t be taught in north americans schools today...

much like global warming evolution is something that while all but proven (not merely assumed or taught like many things people accept to be true) beyond doubt is still denied fevererently by millions; almost exclusively religious fundamentalists.
  by: HAVOC666     04/08/2010 11:41 PM     
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 12:47 AM     
Maybe H.G. Wells was on to something with the Morlocks and Eloi in The Time Machine, eh?
  by: Wolfhowell   04/09/2010 01:09 AM     
Unfortunately it also lends credibility to Scientology.
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 01:29 AM     
something like that...

i think its already starting we already have exclusively politicans (or otherwise national leaders), intellectual, or exclusively managerial, or exclusively laboror classes in society, over generations these effect amplify and become part of our evolution... workers become more suited to working, intellectuals soon exclusively dominate the realm of thinking, and managerial persons/business owner stay in those type of positions, and politicans (or otherwise leaders)... all of which is heavily family dominated now and typically currently broken into mixed version of lower-middle-upper class... in this scenerio over thousands, soon starts breaking us into essentially different subspecies... much like how prehistorically our skin went from very pale and covered hair in almost fur like porportions, to darker like africans, then as we migrated away from africa our skin become much more pale again and as much more of the world become populated were seeing many different skin tones... and that just in relation to only two aspects changing; our increased exposure to the sun, and our decreased reliance on fixed shelters (caves).. the changes that arise for social division like this will have a much more profound impact on the human species then the example of skin pigmentation.... like for example if you wantto know what the working class will look like watch the movie idiocracy (everyone is what would be considered as stupid person), intellectuals (most probably will develope increased cranial capacity and as a result developed larger, or maybe even more functional brains, politicans likely would become coldly- diplomatic persons that only care about achieving their diplomatic goals without thought of things relative to the human condition that most people experience as a result of being many generation removed from experiencing much of the human condition (not such a, managers become more akin to slave drivers forthe same reason (again not such a stretch).

and of course "savages", people that either haven´t been exposed to civilization or reject it; which are much like what people think of today... and as a result are very animal-like and technologically (and maybe even socially) ignorant.

i don´t think it will be a "black and white" division.
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 02:00 AM     
  and moreover  
our growing ability to genetically engineer ourselves (ourselves and what we eat) or even implant cybernetics is only going to further amplify and speed this process up... which would be a good thing if we had a classless society were all people would benifit from it, that would enable everyone to freely evolve along the same lines by having the same benifits and responsibilities, which eventually still will have different outcomes , but not as a direct result of social conditioning to maintain the control/wealth/influence of a class-based society, nor would our evolution then be using adaptations to better have specifically those functions in society; at least not by design.
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 02:24 AM     
make my head reel.

  by: captainJane     04/09/2010 03:24 AM     
I think you may overestimate the speed of evolution, and underestimate class mobility.

You are aware that the definition of speciation is that one group can no longer reproduce with the other?
  by: reverend j roach     04/09/2010 05:54 AM     
"much like global warming evolution is something that while all but proven"

I giggled a little bit.
  by: Pyronius     04/09/2010 02:33 PM     
" like for example if you wantto know what the working class will look like watch the movie idiocracy (everyone is what would be considered as stupid person)"

I don´t think the type of job or "class" you belong dictates how smart you are. So, why would intelligent working class people evolve into idiots, and stupid politicians evolve into beings with gigantic craniums?
  by: Dayron   04/09/2010 03:01 PM     
  @reverend j roach  
"I think you may overestimate the speed of evolution,"

for large scale evolution yes...but not for changes like cranial capacity with only take thousands or tens of thousands of years... in less than 5 million years we went from apes to what we are today... as a result we have differently functioning hands, much larger brains, less physical strength, less body hair, dramatically responsive skin pigmentation, more social reliance, more effective and accurate mode of communication and most of all (by comparison) mastery of technology and science.

so, no i don´t think i´m overestimating the speed of evolution (nor its scope for that matter), as technically every generation is an evolution (genetics is the fundamental key of evolution)... thousands and tens of thousands of years is plenty of time for evolution, esspecially at our population level and dramtically different livign conditions, even within individual societies, much less different places regionally around the globe.

"and underestimate class mobility."

as i said people cand change their class, but as this continued linage of specialization occurs with will became more difficult, even above the social stigma being "new blood".

"You are aware that the definition of speciation is that one group can no longer reproduce with the other?"

i´m not saying that would be the case... and eventually with gene splicing that will become a moot point anyways... and again gene splicing will ALSO play a role in our evolution which will DRAMATICALLY speed evolution up (likely with many trubulent mistakes). they will still be humans more or less, for instance neanderthal was able to breed with cro magnon man; and i don´t think there any reason why modern man couldn´t either much less for species divisions that are much more closely related.

though your correct if we breanched off into a species as distinct from man as a modern ape then no, they can´t naturally breed (but again science will eventually make that a moot point).
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 03:03 PM     
"I don´t think the type of job or "class" you belong dictates how smart you are."

yes it does... it doesn´t dictate intelligence in the scientific sense of measurable IQ but it certianly does effect the quality of the education you receive. which TYPICALLY does dictate how intelligent people are from a laymans view.

"So, why would intelligent working class people evolve into idiots,"

for the same reason that a fast food cook used to know how to operate all the appliances to make a meal... now you have one person on fries, one person on burgers ect.. the same reason people that manufactured cars 100 years ago actually had to know how to manufacture a car (whereas 1000 years ago a carriage would have been made by one or two people, not one person for every 1-3 parts)... and not just operate the welder, or push a button... for the same reason the average contractor these days can barely do math... for the same reason that all the actually thinking and skilled work isn´t actually done by these people these people anymore rather than have 1 specific task.

eventually these traits of minimalistic thinking will become etched into the genetics of the working class.

and in short basically the the same reason people became idoits in the leading up to and during the middle age... heck almost anyone that wasn´t was either killed, forced into exile or force into servitude.

have you seen "idiocracy"?... that would pretty much explain it.

"and stupid politicians evolve into beings with gigantic craniums? "

no that would be the intellectualls that do that... politicans (ones that have been essentially breed for it (like bush jr, or jeb) likely would in general become coldly diplomatic... though it could just as well be argued politics tends to attract such people in the first place.
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 03:28 PM     
"but not for changes like cranial capacity with only take thousands or tens of thousands of years"

I don´t want to sound like I completely agree but yes, a lot of evolutionary biologists believe that we may have only acquired the ability to speak within the last 65 to 75 thousand years and that has greatly accelerated our mental capacity.
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 05:05 PM     
"is proof at long last that there is a link between ape and man!"

We would all think that what you said is quite on the ball. Unfortunately the flexibility of human gullibility knows no bounds. This is how a creationist will spin this proof, based on how creationists spun prior proofs:

I am watching a movie of a bird migrating. The movies is missing time. I have the bird leaving a dock. and a movie of a bird arriving at a destination. The time in the middle is a ´gap´. Now a movie comes out of the birds halfway in the migration. Now I have Two gaps. One gap from the port to the halfway and one from the halfway to the destination. Another movie comes out covering the last 3/4. So now I have 3 gaps. And every movie that comes out, will increase the number of missing gaps.

he creationist will look at each new gap as a new hole in the theory. See how the creationist mind works? genius no? Luckily for the rest of humanity, the evolutionists are not refering to the fossils to prove evolution. Evolution is being proven using present-day experiment.

The only thing a creationist has to do, is use one of the millions of available fossils, to prove evolution is wrong. All a creationist needs is to just find ONE fossil in the wrong grave. Just ONE. Out of millions. So in fact, it should be the evolutionists who complain about the fossil record being incomplete, not the other way around. But the evolutionists are not so petty unfortunately for them.
  by: kmazzawi     04/09/2010 06:45 PM     

excuse... me... must be the pollen.
  by: mexicanrevolution   04/09/2010 08:57 PM     
Guy sees edited movie of a close up of a man firing a guy. Scene cuts, of a close up of a man taking a bullet to the skull.

The evolutionist mind is genius and believes it to be unquestionable fact that a murder was committed by the man holding the gun in the first scene.

The judicial mind, sees it as proving nothing.

Everyday, evolution is proven everyday in experiments around the world. The mystery is why the scientific community cannot seem to change the theory into law. It is a grand mystery, though i have heard that they now say that theory is law therefore, that´s why we don´t have to change it from theory to law... hmmm genius.
  by: mexicanrevolution   04/09/2010 09:02 PM     
  National Geographic  
NG will track your DNA for you and tell you where you came from, etc. We all originally came from Africa as most of us know, with different migration patterns.

What was a mind blower to me was that we are all desended from one man and one woman. Hard to believe and no I am not preaching the garden of eden, etc. as the man lived about 25,000 years ago and the woman about 100,000 years ago. There were other lines but non survived to today.

Not my statements, NG statements, but very interesting. The DNA project also hooks you up with your relatives - your real relatives per your DNA.
  by: PigMan   04/09/2010 09:33 PM     
I can´t remember how long ago the woman lived but I remember hearing that the man lived about 65,000 years ago. you´re right though it is interesting.
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 09:53 PM     
  one day you will all learn that we were  
harvested here. and I mean those that could reason and with a sense of logic. at that same time, the neaderthals, or cavemen existed as well. they were from completely different genepool. read some edgar cayce. he had more to offer than the ´guessing´ scientists with their hypotheses. stop trying to connect the dots. think outside the earth.
  by: John E Angel     04/09/2010 11:22 PM     
"read some edgar cayce"
Or watch the last episode of "Battlestar Galactica". Turns out the whole series was a documentary about human evolution. Who knew?
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 11:38 PM     
"have you seen "idiocracy"?... that would pretty much explain it."

Yeah, I own it. But it´s just entertainment.

There are plenty of ways to receive education. And there are people with varying degrees of motivation with which to take in that education. In a nutshell, someone going to a private school and then an Ivy League college IS NOT necessarily going to be smarter than someone else who works hard, and seeks out education in all forms attainable.

Just because I have access to a superior education does not mean that I use my opportunity. We´re not sponges who soak up whatever we´re exposed to without effort. So, all I see is a stereotype that the working class are less intelligent than those born with a silver spoon.

A stereotype I´m sure our worlds leaders love to impose.

  by: Dayron   04/10/2010 12:29 PM     


excuse... me... must be the pollen."

WTF do you mean?


kmazzawi. Gullible? Me. Thats what I like jerks to think mate. It working obliviously!
  by: captainJane     04/10/2010 01:01 PM     
"Yeah, I own it. But it´s just entertainment."

its comedic enterain... and its insightful, that was my point; the working class is being systematically dumbed down.

"So, all I see is a stereotype that the working class are less intelligent than those born with a silver spoon."

i´m sorry to tell you, unfortunately its true... most working class people are less intelligent then the upper class people, and education is one major reason why. another is diet/lifestyle (it can dramatically effect IQ, fluoridated water alone has this effect, as well as other things that could be in there like lead and mercury), yet another being early life upbringing primarilly before school years exposure to education items (for instance i´ve almost ways had a computer, and have been using them since i was big enough to get onto the computer chair; 2 years old), or exposure to head tramua, or even exposure to pollution.

and yes even after all these factors yes, we working class people are on average not as smart as the upper class, mostly because we always get the short end of the stick... but let my point out that i said ON AVERAGE.
  by: HAVOC666     04/10/2010 01:22 PM     
Even though I´ve come a long way toward thinking that MR is *generally* respectable I don´t think he accepts evolution as a valid theory.
  by: VermiciousG     04/10/2010 06:12 PM     
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