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                 01/18/2018 03:06 PM  
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04/09/2010 06:35 AM ID: 83708 Permalink   

Boy Goes to Heaven Told to Go Home by His Granny


A grandfather found his young grandson Paul after he had fallen into a stream; his grandson had remained motionless as his grandfather had pulled him out of the lake and laid him onto the bank. Emergency services arrived and attempted resuscitation.

Paul was taken from north of Berlin in Germany by helicopter to the hospital. Doctors used thorax compression for two hours in an effort to save his life, but after over three hours they finally pronounced him dead.

Doctors had given up any hope of revival, then, unexpectedly, Paul’s heartbeat began. Professor Lothar Schweigerer told Bild Newspaper: "Paul said to his parents, ´I was with Oma (granny) Emmi in Heaven. She told me to go back really quickly.´"

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  The theory of this is in the souce,  
The water in the lake was cold and the boy´s core temperature was just 28C - it should normally be 37C.

If the temperature had been higher, the team would have stopped trying to resuscitate after 40 minutes because the boy would definitely have been brain dead.

Cold temperatures means the metabolism slows so body can survive with little oxygen.
  by: captainJane     04/09/2010 06:41 AM     
I´m not too sure if your theory is correct.

I have met a few people with normal 37 deg body temperature who are definitely brain dead.
  by: wwarrior     04/09/2010 07:28 AM     
  What a  
fantastic story of survival!
  by: sleeky     04/09/2010 08:03 AM     
  Isn´t this proof enough...  
that there is a heaven and that all atheists are going to burn in hell?
Just kidding...

When a person´s body is close to death the pineal gland releases dimethyltryptamine which gives the visions that many attribute to experiencing life after death.
  by: shaohu     04/09/2010 09:09 AM     
  Bigger than Jesus  
Jesus needed days to come back from the dead. Germans just need a few hours. Can´t stop us.

JK nice story. Even so the Bild is like the british sun and I did not find the story in a german newspaper that did not refer to Bild (what is legally a magazine due to a judicial decision that bild is to influencing to call itself a newspaper)
  by: z of germany   04/09/2010 10:53 AM     
  @ Z.  
The name of the paper was provided at the end of the source but i took this from sky news. I will look about to see if there is another source from another Berlin paper. To be honest I thought it was rather a believable story!
  by: captainJane     04/09/2010 12:29 PM     
Might have happened but sky stated "Bild" as source. They do not talk bs at all but they push up their stories alot.
  by: z of germany   04/09/2010 12:52 PM     
in response to shaohu comment dimethyltryptamine is DMT for those that don´t know the proper term.
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 12:58 PM     
Really? I have been trying to grow a plant that has DMT in it, had i of known this i would have just launched my self into a freezing lake.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/09/2010 01:29 PM     
open my thiiiird eeeyeee!
  by: Dayron   04/09/2010 02:11 PM     
  Getting back to Warrior...  
I did not say that was my theory that was the source.

I must admit I had always thought severe cold would be more likely to be a killer; it surprised me to read it could actually preserve a humans brain for some time.
  by: captainJane     04/09/2010 02:35 PM     
  Yo CJ ...  
I think I mighta been making a funny ;-)
  by: wwarrior     04/09/2010 04:08 PM     
I think you are referring to this:
  by: Rattler5150   04/09/2010 04:24 PM     
this plant does have alot of DMT in it... but good luck growing it... BTW, the thing is HUGE at up to 12 meters (almost 40 feet) height...

and apparently mistlertoe does too...

although salvia preduces DMT like effects some even argue strong when its smoked, and salvia you can readily get and legally to... i did a small amount one time and my body above the shins just seems to disappear in terms of weight, and walking around corners was litterally like having to pull your body back to center like driving a car... at least for me anyways, other people claim to go into "other worlds"... i didn´t go gung ho (and i still have most of the one gram i bought (30X extract) from almost 2 years ago... nor do i for any drug that way, aside from weed of course.


open my thiiiird eeeyeee!"

actually in the case of DMT thats actually litterally true... the gland that DMT excretes (the pineal gland) from actually is an eye (thats were the term third eye or inner eye comes from)... in reptililes its a highly developed eye by comparison to our pineal glands and can even sense light. its also responsible for dreams in addition to near death visions.
  by: HAVOC666     04/09/2010 04:51 PM     
  Yopo Snuff  
I´ve always rememeber watching that in national geo andwanted to grow a tree heheh DMT, I remeber old little hippie booklets from the head shops in the 60´s teaching how to make a lot of differnt things :-)

however, weather he was hallucinating because the brain works that way, still doesnt explain ghost .. I seen all to much proof in my personal life, I highly suspect that we as beings have much more than a heaven and hell story ..

  by: Key2000     04/09/2010 07:21 PM     
Lol wwarrior
  by: JayWar   04/09/2010 07:43 PM     
  I am at a loss...  
as to why anyone would want to use such drugs. They sound sickening!

For a long time it was common knowledge to many that this sort of effect can hit our brain bringing about these near death experiences.

  by: captainJane     04/09/2010 09:45 PM     
  Near-death experience explained by carbon dioxide  
  by: Kaleid   04/09/2010 11:20 PM     
  by: VermiciousG     04/09/2010 11:51 PM     
And how do you know?
If it is a well made scientific study then it might be possible to replicate with further studies to see if it can be confirmed.

Carbon dioxide is one of the leftover products the body creates.. it certainly can be possible for it to alter the mind.
  by: Kaleid   04/10/2010 12:05 AM     
Sorry, I was kidding. Obviously it has nothing to do with GW. It´s just the standard reaction to an comment about carbon by some people.
  by: VermiciousG     04/10/2010 12:08 AM     
ah alright.. things don´t always "translate" that well through the net..
  by: Kaleid   04/10/2010 12:19 AM     
Yeah, I know a bit about the third eye. Due to comedy by Bill Hicks and Rogan. And bands like Tool. And... well, reading about it. Good stuff.
  by: Dayron   04/10/2010 12:50 AM     
Salvia is illegal here in Aus, usually they don´t ban plant´s they just make it illegal consume, in Salvias case they banned the hole fricken tree. I am going to try and get some through seed swaps though.

As for the DMT, i got another plant that contains MAOIs that apparently allows the DMT to be effective orally.

I haven´t decided on using any of the plants or not, i just bought them cause they were interesting and i am predicting that some might become illegal soon.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/10/2010 03:10 AM     
It just sounds like you don´t understand it. DMT is found in many, many things in nature including humans. It´s been used by shamans and holy people for longer than can even be documented. It is extremely important, and it´s use today is as prevalent as ever. It´s not a recreational drug, it´s a spiritual journey that can enlighten and cure. Read "The Spirit Molecule" by Dr. Rick Strassman or watch the documentary of the same name. It´s on YouTube.

There are many sources for it other than plants, the easiest source is the Bufo Alvarius toad. These are sold online and it can be extracted safely from them. You can then set them free or keep them as a friend.

However, as I mentioned; it´s not "recreational". It´s a spiritual journey in the truest sense. It takes you deep inside one´s self and it must be taken very seriously.
  by: o9k   04/11/2010 04:38 AM     
Look I am spiritual and a bit religious and very scientifically minded but why can´t this just be a boy who died, went to the afterlife and was ushered back without being directed and debated like people have nothing better to do?
  by: jediman3     04/11/2010 04:23 PM     
  I think its funny  
What lengths people will go through to prove nothing spiritual happened, or will happen, when you die. I´m personally an agnostic but seriously, would it be better if everyone just believed death was the end of everything and the most exciting thing to look forward to is maggots crawling through your rotting skull? I mean, that´s pretty anti-climatic.
  by: Illustro Malum   04/12/2010 08:42 PM     
  what he said plus  
why does everyone have the impulse to explain the unknown from an empirical perspective? sometimes there´s so much common sense abound here it makes me sick. pull your f-ing roots up once in a while take a look around.
  by: John E Angel     04/12/2010 09:05 PM     
  Truth matters  
and if out of body experiences are so common and people make all sorts of claim then it should be studied objectively.

Also, to claim that there is an afterlife and that "you´ll have it better in heaven" and things like that are often said by moneygrabbers who cannot prove the claim. Furthermore, the person doesn´t need phony salvation or an illusion of a better afterlife because he/she/they need it now while they are actually alive.

And perhasp, we´d get few of those suicide bombers who think they´ll receive those virgins in that afterlife.

Truth matters.
  by: Kaleid   04/12/2010 09:47 PM     
  @shifty, havoc, and anyone else talking about DMT  
Salvia- effects are only up to 3 to 6 minutes long. Smoking can be very harsh on the lungs. It is legal in most places, but I´m personally not a big fan just because of how short the trip is and how much it burns the lungs to smoke it.

DMT is much more potent than Salvia and often one of the ingredients in the tea used in ayahusca ceremonies. I´ve participated in one but the drink wasn´t very strong (and it caused a lot of stomach cramps and vomiting).

Mescaline and psilocyben are my favorites....but I only use them for spiritual enlightenment-(though sometimes the mescaline trip can be a bit "too much"; my last mescalin trip was 16 hours long (and the first 2 hours felt like an eternity since I lost my sense of time).
For those curious about it, I recomend doing some research at
Always research before you try!!!

@Jane- it´s all in the mind. For some the drugs can cause an introspective nightmare and for others it can be a release from common barriers and inhibitors in our minds and brains. Hallucinogenic substances are not for everyone.

@jediman- if thats what you want it to be, then that´s what it is for you. Its not really a debate though because it has already been proven by scientists that DMT is released when the body is on the brink of death-causing "after-life-like" experiences.

It would be nice to believe in heaven but there is still zero proof of a heaven, so by saying "you just need to believe the kid went to heaven and came back" is really a bit illogical and unscientific. You claim to be scientifically minded but then ask people to blindly accept something that isn´t scientific.
  by: shaohu     04/19/2010 11:40 AM     
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