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                 02/24/2018 12:59 PM  
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04/18/2010 05:32 PM ID: 83811 Permalink   

United States Unable to Monitor Millions of Dollars They Sent to Pakistan


A new report reveals problems about tracking $750 million dollars given to Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), along the Afghanistan border, where extremists such as al Qaeda are active.

The U.S. pledged $7.5 billion last year in assistance to Pakistan, for the next five years.

Congress blames an uncooperative Pakistani government, as well as difficulties with security and in tracking the money.

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this is a comment taken from below the news article ..

"Here in peshawar the fata sec guys who administer fata are corrupt from a to z this is what 99% people belive here in peshawar and fata all those dollers goes to there pockets only 5 or 10% money get to right place thats y most of things are same like it was kindly give all this money to our pak army which buildng new roads schools etc in cleared places of fata we belive there is no corrption in over pak army and also dont give money to our gov who beging to us that pak people need ur help this gov break all past records in coruption kindly watch ajj kamran khan epsodes on our gov courption its geotv prog they have youtube channel but u need guy who can translate urdu if us starts helping real poor people in pak then no 1 wil be against or hate us in pak kindly forword this to us gov this usless spend should be stop
and sorry for any mistake coz am on phone here power comes 4 hous in day
salman .

  by: Key2000     04/18/2010 05:37 PM     
  Here´s an idea  
How about we stop sending our money overseas? All of it. It is not our job or duty to financially support other governments and their military. We have enough problems covering the costs of our own government right now. We should not be the ones to police the world when we can´t even police ourselves properly.
  by: Illustro Malum   04/18/2010 08:59 PM     
  @Illustro Malum  
Amen !!!
  by: Key2000     04/18/2010 09:18 PM     
Do y´all really think money that is being spread around is really out of the goodness of America´s heart? Everything is a business transaction ;).
  by: d-man   04/19/2010 12:42 AM     
How many weapons can pak buy.
Would the weapons be chinese ,
in 9/11 bombay attack "pak terrorist" used some chinese weapons as shown in
  by: harishsn   04/19/2010 01:13 AM     
  Illustro Malum  
yeah that would make sense but the problem is the government can´t seem to comprehend common sense... it´s just not there with them.
  by: Devil Duck     04/19/2010 04:16 AM     
stop all aid to them! pull back all money that can be identified.
  by: shannon853   04/19/2010 04:20 AM     
  Agreed DT.  
I started to say:

We have no business in the houses of others, particularly when we can´t keep our house in order.

But then I thought:

Even if our house is in order, we still have no business in the houses of others.

  by: bbeljefe     04/19/2010 05:25 AM     
No. Definitely not. See prior rantings.

Also, I find it atrocious Israel gets several billion a year from us when they are a productive first world nation.

@harishsn - They would most likely be Chinese AKs and PKs considering their high production rate, versatility and cheap cost. But I would say a majority of the cash would be pocketed by corrupt officials.

@BB - Still having trouble trying to disagree with you...I give up. Non-interventionist policies are what this country was founded on, although such logic is about 120 years outdated.
  by: Illustro Malum   04/19/2010 05:45 AM     
  its pakistan  
completely backwards country run by morons, where religion means more than anything. who cares about it? send the money here to canada for the hell of it
  by: nave3d   04/19/2010 06:08 AM     
  No Surprise  
Didn´t the Pentagon lose 2 or 3 TRILLION dollars a while back?
  by: beltman713   04/19/2010 06:09 AM     
  Not outdated at all.  
In fact, a hundred and twenty years from now, keeping out of other people´s business will still be a good idea. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     04/19/2010 07:22 AM     
  NO Worry  
Obama will print more.
  by: hellblazer     04/19/2010 08:47 AM     
Tough to stay out of people´s business because they will not stay out of your business.

Goes like this: If you stop interfering with them, they will not stop interfering with you.

The Taliban is not an Afghani invention to begin with. The Taliban is a bunch of guys that came out of some sh1tholes in the middle-east, and decided to interfere with another country, mainly using western money to oppose the Soviet. Just like they dream of interfering with your country, and every now and then, they do.

  by: kmazzawi     04/19/2010 02:41 PM     
I understand. Which is why our military was designed as a retaliatory force.

When attacked, we should retaliate swiftly and without regard for rebuilding that which we destroy. They attacked us, let them rebuild their country and we´ll rebuild ours.

If we did that a few more times, our attackers would think long and hard before bothering us again.

  by: bbeljefe     04/20/2010 04:05 AM     
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