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                 02/19/2018 10:29 AM  
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05/06/2010 07:01 AM ID: 84010 Permalink   

Christian Right Leader Photographed on Vacation With ´Rent Boy´


The young man is described on as having a "smooth, sweet, tight ass" and a "perfectly built 8 inch c*ck" and the sort of fellow who is "up for anything" -- as long as his customers pay for it. He´s called "Lucien."

Lucien was photographed at Miami International Airport on April 13 in the company of George Alan Rekers, one of the most prominent anti-homosexual culture warriors in America, a Baptist minister and a leading voice in the Christian Right for decades.

Rekers said that he had surgery and hired Lucien to lift his luggage, and that he only discovered that Lucien was a prostitute halfway through their 10-day European vacation. He did admit, however, that he found Lucien through

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  In this instance  
"Lifting my luggage" is defiantly a euphemism.
  by: Libertario Cubano   05/06/2010 07:08 AM     
  Right Wing Bible Spouting 100% HYPOCRITES  

I have no problem with him being gay it is the hypocrisy of these right wing hate merchants that curdles my milk.

Interesting that those that scream the loudest about god and gays are sneaking around airport restrooms or taking love jaunts with a rentboy or trying to seduce a male page in the halls of congress.

Is hate and fear all that the right has?
  by: ichi     05/06/2010 07:40 AM     
It´s always the outspoken gay-bashers who are the closet queers. Despicable people. I really wish we could all just take sexual orientation out of politics. It´s not the government´s business who we are attracted to.
  by: Mr. Wright     05/06/2010 08:04 AM     
  by: caution2     05/06/2010 09:05 AM     
Guess they haven´t finished updating the site, just go to the main page and click the fourth video on the list, "Alpha Dog of the Week - George Rekers"
  by: caution2     05/06/2010 09:13 AM     
  Now it´s working  
  by: caution2     05/06/2010 11:47 AM     
  same ol same ol  
I´ve seen this so many times that it is almost to be expected. Outspoken "anti-gay" minister ends up being gay.

So he rented a boy to go on vacation with him for 10 days...just to carry the luggage. Riiiight. At least come up with a better story Rekers! 0 for originality, 0 for common sense, 0 for general intelligence, 0 for lying skills and a perfect 10 for hypocrisy.
In the west we have the expression "remove the log from your own eye before you remove the speck from your neighbor´s eye" (or something to that extent) but I like the Cambodian expression better. "Wipe your own ass first" (meaning wipe your own ass before you try to go and wipe the asses of everyone else)

@caution- ha ha, that´s great. Colbert rocks. (So does Jon Stewart)
  by: shaohu     05/06/2010 11:51 AM     
  Queen, Ironically, Has This Guys Song .....  
Considering its the gay-bashers that get busted so often, Queen has a song for this guy..... "Another one bites the dust" ....
  by: Tumbleweed   05/06/2010 01:18 PM     
You can´t make this stuff up. The days of Christianity being taken seriously should have been over 300 years ago.
  by: Jim8   05/06/2010 04:59 PM     
He admits he found this person on a site called but only discovered he was a pro halfway through the trip? And he expects people to believe he hired someone to go on a 10 day trip with him and carry his luggage?

Wow. He must think that the people who listen to him are *really* effin dumb.
  by: deadvenusblue     05/06/2010 05:04 PM     
  Needed Help with his Luggage  
I call mine "Spike."
  by: Jim8   05/06/2010 05:05 PM     
  So Sick...  
I am so sick of you idiots automatically assigning 1 persons wrong doing to an entire group of people. Not everyone who is a Christian is a closet gay. I agree he is a hypocrite for condemning gays and then embracing them in the dark.
  by: me4me   05/06/2010 05:22 PM     
Thing is it´s not one person. We hear about a new one every couple of months. And those are of course just the famous ones. And it´s NOT a Christian thing. It´s a hypocrisy thing.
  by: VermiciousG     05/06/2010 05:58 PM     
Having lied for who knows how long about being straight it´s no surprise he thinks people are stupid.

Oh and he works for the church so he naturally knows people are stupid. zing ;p
  by: splicer   05/06/2010 06:58 PM     
  The escort says  
He was hired to do nude body rubs on Rekers, who he says is gay
  by: caution2     05/06/2010 07:59 PM     
  i Just Opened ""  
The dude says he hired the kid for luggage? Uh, opening the rentboy site makes that remark the most ridiculous excuse ever told. Go look, go on, see if you find "luggage carriers" there, or naked dudes on the first page after the adult disclaimer.

Hired to carry his luggae ........ oye
  by: Tumbleweed   05/07/2010 12:52 AM     
The photo I saw had Rekers pushing the baggage cart and the rent boy was not carrying a damn thing.
  by: gryphon50a   05/07/2010 04:51 PM     
Now that is funny. Got link?
  by: VermiciousG     05/07/2010 05:01 PM     
It was featured in a recent episode of The Daily Show, and I found it via Google Images [rekers luggage]:
  by: Ec5618   05/07/2010 05:19 PM     
  Make the world a better place  
Make the world a better place punch this asshole in the face.
  by: VCain   05/07/2010 10:41 PM     
  I hired him to "lift my luggage"  
-- if ya know what I mean ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     05/07/2010 11:41 PM     
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