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                 02/24/2018 08:58 PM  
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05/07/2010 12:10 PM ID: 84021 Permalink   

Fugitive Emu Takes SC Police on Ten-Block Chase


An emu in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has caused a lot of ruckus after it led police and animal control officers on a chase through the city that covered 10 blocks. Approximately 50 citizens also became involved in the chase.

Eventually, the flightless bird was captured by 70-year-old Bobby Mangrum, who caught it in a net and successfully tied its feet. He owns two of the Australian-native birds. He took it to his home at the end of the chase.

Chief St. John told press that he wasn´t sure how to word his report, as the only law the emu broke was resisting arrest.

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  Great post  
Odd how the guy who caught it had some of his own. Apparently South Carolina is overrun with emu. Also, they have raptor-like claws on their feet and are incredibly powerful... this old guy must be pretty badass!
  by: Rakulus   05/07/2010 06:06 PM     
Dude, Be aware of the most Deadly Big Bird in Aussie", The Cassowary, This one Kills with no hesitation, You want to talk to me, "I Kill You", Little bit like Osama Bin Laden,, But sorry to bring that Asshole up,,,, anyway ,We here in Australia have started debating weather or not to Ban the Muslim burqa, There has been a lot of Discussion as to whether or not to ban the Muslim (burqa/hejab)and a recent survey through suggests that Muslim Women in Australia be not Allowed to wear it in Public, "yo hoo" everybody...the whole idea of the burqa/hejab is to stop the wearer from "BEING SEEN" and this is the Best way of Concealing Explosives as you have no obvious identity. Well Well, if it is going to be Banned Here as is in other Countries across Europe then Australia may end up a Better Place to live.*** OH NO*** Now we are going to be threatened by Binladen that we are Horrible, Racist People and that we all Deserve to Die... So Be It", Bring it on Bin,, He hasn´t taken into consideration that every Man,Women and Child will fight to
the Death to Keep our free way of life,as The Americans, Australians and Kiwis done in Both world wars, The British just sent the Aussie´s and Kiwis into the front lines just to make some Manure..., Bugger i have to go now,,, Bye Bye :>)
  by: rangi   05/07/2010 08:18 PM     
Good story, I found it rather Emu-zin.
  by: pmartina   05/07/2010 08:21 PM     
  Man do I feel like an IDIOT!  
I read the headline and though "why is the Starcraft police chasing an emulator?" I need to lay off the weedz...and video games...

annnnnd LMFAO @rangi
"You want to talk to me, "I Kill You", Little bit like Osama Bin Laden,, But sorry to bring that Asshole up"

your good in my book man! lol

  by: sirez   05/10/2010 01:07 AM     
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