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                 01/21/2018 03:07 PM  
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05/10/2010 07:03 AM ID: 84044 Permalink   

Solar Flare Leaves Satellite in Zombie Mode


A new solution is being sought to deal with Galaxy 15, a satellite which lost communication with ground control and began to drift following a solar flare, after an attempt to shut it down using 150,000-200,000 commands failed.

Fried satellites are not an unknown problem, but in an unprecedented scenario, Galaxy 15 continues operate at full power. The primary problem posed by the ´zombie´ satellite is not a collision but rather interference.

As the satellite drifts close to other geostationary satellites it may well ´steal´ signal and interrupt the operation of the second satellite. Galaxy 15 is projected to disrupt the operation of an SES satellite from May 23.

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Double tap.
  by: VermiciousG     05/10/2010 07:28 AM     

And its about damn time...I come to this site purely for High Tech and Science (although I peruse other headlines ^_^) and its been a while...
thank you Ix...

I hate zombies.......with a passion
  by: sirez   05/10/2010 07:59 AM     
  So I did some quick research...  
Turns out these two satellites are nothing more than TV Comm/Relay a few of us in the good ol´ US of A may or may not have our TV´s disrupted on may 31st to June 1st... :P

why cant this happen more often...? turn the idiot box off America!
  by: sirez   05/10/2010 08:13 AM     
  Sat G5  
At least that one is still working in mint condition.
  by: TurboPascal   05/10/2010 05:32 PM     
1) you love zombies, yer in denial.

2) what else is america supposed to do with the free time?
  by: nimira     05/11/2010 12:12 AM     
1) No I really do hate them...if an outbreak ever occurs im moving to the moon! its our closest neihbor ^_^

2) Read a book... ^_- (Ex: my power went out for a couple hours today so I did a tarot reading...) :P
  by: sirez   05/11/2010 07:02 AM     
Got a mesa in Montana all picked out. Those undead pricks will never get near me.
  by: VermiciousG     05/11/2010 07:13 AM     
Is Galaxy 15 not a GPS satellite? My GPS unit farked up the other day and said I was somewhere across town from where I really was, then I read this article, so I thought that this might be the cause.
  by: bluraven64   05/11/2010 09:31 AM     
Well if I cant make it to the moon ill come join you, it´ll be a pretty far drive...but ive got alot of guns ^_-

somewhat common occurence my techno friend...but the Galaxy 15 satellite specifically deals with gov. aircraft navigation (my other mr. know-it-all comment was a little off) turns out the AMC-11 satellite (the one it might crash into) is the one thats the TV transponder...

Its your second best friend...(beside google) ^_-
  by: sirez   05/11/2010 09:43 AM     
Rets now we have vermin out there to
  by: Chasand   05/12/2010 01:44 AM     
  @ the off topic of human zombies  
i found a house in the shape of a "T" and made out of metal accessible only by a bridge up here in the Adirondacks i have no idea who lives there but he´s never gonna get his brains eaten
  by: Devil Duck     05/12/2010 05:20 AM     
  hm hm  
"I love science" and "I did a tarot reading". Quite... interesting.
  by: Rv3   05/12/2010 04:41 PM     
Just because I have scientific values doesnt mean I dont have esoteric vales as well my friend... :P
  by: sirez   05/12/2010 10:18 PM     
If you read the entire Wiki, you will see that G15 was also used for television, but when contact was lost, those signals were relocated to a different satellite.

The gps satellites are not geostationary. The ones for TV and most communication are.
  by: Furbox   05/13/2010 12:12 AM     
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