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                 02/21/2018 02:08 PM  
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05/11/2010 09:30 AM ID: 84068 Permalink   

Doggie Poop Bags No Longer Free in Minneapolis


Edina, one of Minneapolis´s more affluent suburbs, has announced it will no longer be providing free doggie bags to the area´s pet owners because people have been looting the dispensers they are kept in various different parks.

The bags were provided to ensure that dogwalkers cleaned up after their animals had done a poop, however Parks and Recreations´s John Keprios has reported that "People walk up and take them until they´re gone."

He also added that it was "not just one isolated incident. It´s everywhere and often." It was costing the Edina Parks and Recreation US$12,000 a year to keep the dispensers stocked up.

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They have these dispensers all around here in Cali.. At apt complex´s and at some of the parks.. I think it is a very nice and generous thing that the company/state do and it´s a shame that people would take advantage and steal. Sad thing is.. People just aren´t going to pick up the poop as often.. Need to start enforcing the fines..
  by: NiNETY   05/12/2010 01:28 AM     
it´s a catch22 situation. The dog owners will probably not bring their own and the poop will get left behind so to speak. It seems that abuse is everywhere and people do not think of others just themselves.
  by: sleeky     05/12/2010 03:32 AM     
  dont forget  
the idiots who put the poop in the bag, then leave it plastic which is not biodegradable!
  by: cmw2007     05/14/2010 12:38 PM     
  I Feel  
A new reality TV series comming. BAIT Dispenser.
  by: cyphercrash   05/15/2010 09:06 PM     
  How about  
we outlaw the dogs?
  by: elzorro   05/20/2010 08:42 PM     
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