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                 02/26/2018 04:04 AM  
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05/11/2010 07:57 PM ID: 84075 Permalink   

Snoopy Attempts to Break Relative Out of Wrong Prison


In the Isle of Wight, UK, a man dressed as the Peanuts character Snoopy and an accomplice have been detained after they attempted to break into a prison to free a relative.

Officials were concerned as the pair appeared to have a gun as they attempted to break down a prison door and threw concrete at prison officials´ cars. The gun turned out to be a water pistol, and their relative turned out to be at a different prison.

The two men are being held under the Mental Health Act. A prison source said "It’s not every day you see a giant cartoon dog go on the rampage," adding: "This has got to rank as one of the worst attempted jail breaks ever."

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  L O L!  
first laugh of the day I LOVE snoopy..thank you tuogh that was entertaining...I wish there was a video haha
  by: sirez   05/11/2010 11:43 PM     
  Heard this  
on the local news service and it bought a smile to my face.
  by: Sleeky     05/12/2010 12:29 AM     
That´s too funny. Nice posting.
  by: coteyr2   05/13/2010 01:24 PM     
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