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                 02/20/2018 08:44 AM  
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05/11/2010 09:27 PM ID: 84077 Permalink   

Gordon Brown Resigns as UK Prime Minister


Gordon Brown has tendered his resignation from the post of Prime Minister to the Queen this afternoon, signalling the end of 13 years of Labour rule. Brown´s premiership has been for three years of that time in government.

Mr Brown stated that it had been a "privilege to serve" during his time in the post. The move comes after talks between the Liberal Democrats and Labour broke down, and it became clear that an alliance could not be formed.

David Cameron of the Conservative party has now gone to the Queen to request permission to form a government, expected to be in partnership with the Liberal Democrats. Harriet Harman has stepped in as Labour leader.

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  Pretty new news  
The spelling of "signalling" in the summary is the UK version, didn´t actually know there was a difference until that was flagged. Random fact for y´all.

With the story, pretty historic stuff, and it´ll be good to see the Lib Dems in a more powerful position compared with recent and indeed not so recent years. The Conservatives intend fully to cut waste and public spending and produce a clear plan of how to rid the country of the massive deficit, perhaps these events will stabilise the markets?

Voting reform headed our way too, rumoured to be a referendum on the cards.

Interesting times ahead.
  by: Maxx20     05/11/2010 09:34 PM     
  And everyone  
in the UK is saying. See there is a God.
  by: hellblazer     05/12/2010 02:08 AM     
  well hung  
Interesting outcome on the elections in UK. Haven´t seen a hung parliament in a while. It will be interesting to see the final outcome.

Anyone else hear Brown when he got in the car and didn´t realize his mic was still on and he started dissing some old lady he was just talking to? Classic! No backpedaling that one.
  by: shaohu     05/12/2010 08:56 AM     
  @ hellblazer  
Everyone I knoe is pretty much in tears. I know I cried. I´m thinking of moving to Germany...if only I hadn´t just bought a house.

@ shaohu

Yep. He called her a ´bigoted woman´ and gues what? She *was* a bigoted woman. He didn´t even say it particularly nastily. Just like he was tired of having to deal with her type.
  by: DarkLady   05/12/2010 10:28 AM     
Just noticed the typos in my last comment. I´ve been having real problems with that in the last couple of days! Sorry.
  by: DarkLady   05/12/2010 10:44 AM     
I wouldn´t agree that the lady was a bigot. Lots of people have very legitimate concerns about the un-controlled immigration the UK has seen. Not that immigration is a bad thing, but it has to be managed in a way that allows the infrastructure which supports communities to grow and develop to support all the new people. Migrant camps, eating wildlife and immigrants living in people´s gardens is in no way managed or controlled and does nothing to improve the lives of the immigrants or resident citizens. Similarly, the time required to set up education programmes to teach new people the language and customs has been ignored, the result being communities physically unable to communicate with one another and experiencing segregation and isolation. I think that lady´s views were realistic. Brown didn´t like it because she disagreed with him and he´s never seen the issues she spoke about because he had a big house, an important job and was chauffeured around in luxury cars to stage managed encounters with hand picked ´real people´.
  by: Maxx20     05/12/2010 10:46 AM     
should be have been dealt with by percentage. Floods of people coming to this relatively small country, was an idiotic thing to allow and it still getting out of control in some areas.

What bothers me is the fact that the quality work here is not only given away but no thought has gone into training our children or the people living here. They will be expected to take on unskilled work, when they were perfectly qualified in another area all together or even owned their own companies then lost everything because it was all sold off.

They mentioned the NHS needs trained doctors and surgeons and depend on people abroad, why? Surely we have people here. We have people born here and some that have settled from abroad many of them could do these jobs so train them. Keep what we have and use what tools we are left with.
  by: captainJane     05/12/2010 11:55 AM     
"They mentioned the NHS needs trained doctors and surgeons and depend on people abroad, why?"

Because we have a real problem in this country with emigration. Our skilled workers end up leaving this country because there´s more money elsewhere. Our medical innovation and funding is a joke(compared to the likes of the US and the rest of the EU), as is our funding for scientific research. And with a decent UK education they have a good chance of getting that money.
We also need imigrants because we are dangerously close to having more old people than young people in this country. If we end up in that situation then we´ll be up a certain creek with only our hands for paddles.

  by: ThinkPeople   05/12/2010 04:19 PM     
  Just to clarify  
I´m not saying we should simply open the doors to all imigrants and I´m not saying we should let people in who have no skills and no money but if someone wants to come here to study or to work then I don´t have a problem.
Actually, *especially* the ones that want to study as they have to pay alot to get their education here(usually around £20000 for a degree) hence the reason that our university´s are taking on more and more of them.

  by: ThinkPeople   05/12/2010 04:28 PM     
  @ Maxx20  
Any nation that maintained an empire for over 200 years and continued to subvert the leadership of newly independant countries for years after the end of that empire doesn´t get to say who comes to their island and parks themselves in their gardens especially when they are responsible for causing the situation in their homeland that results in their coming to the island in the first place. Get over it!!!
  by: billycan   05/16/2010 05:34 PM     
Lol thankyou for your well thought out and reasoned comment.

To claim your prize just click on the X at the top right of your screen!

  by: Thinkpeople   05/17/2010 12:30 AM     
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