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                 01/20/2018 09:34 PM  
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05/16/2010 01:31 PM ID: 84118 Permalink   

NBC Cancels Law & Order


Long-running drama series Law & Order is set to come to an end after 20 seasons with NBC announcing they will not be renewing the show. Law & Order: SVU will return for season 12 and a new spinoff, Law & Order: Los Angeles, has been announced.

Despite indifferent ratings the general consensus had been that NBC would renew the show and allow producer and creator Dick Wolf to fulfill his dream of passing Gunsmoke as the longest-running television drama.

The final episode, set to air on the 24th of this month, was written to end a season, not the entire show, so abrupt was the cancellation. Negotiations are reportedly ongoing.

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Cancel the rest, resurrect Jerry Orbach and keep it going.
  by: Kolman   05/16/2010 07:30 PM     
  Good grief  
This show has been on in some version for forever it would seem. It seems someone already has a replacement for it, anyhow.
  by: hash slinger   05/17/2010 05:20 AM     
Best show in the world, they can´t do this.

What would thw world become without Jack Mcoy and Annita Van Buren *snif* *snif*
  by: jhax   05/19/2010 03:06 AM     
It´s still the best drama on TV. All the spin-offs are too gory and dark for me. Sam Waterston is a genius actor. The whole cast is one of the best ever assembled on Law & Order. I´ll miss it.
  by: Lurker     05/19/2010 03:12 AM     
  Some good news for fans  
There is some suggestion that NBC is using the cancellation as a negotiation tactic so this may not be a done deal.
  by: ixuzus     05/19/2010 05:39 AM     
  NBC continues it´s inhuman business practices.  
NBC is not the only network that has gotten over mechanized in it´s decision making processes. Syndicated TV programs only garner ratings based on how much marketing they receive, when you put your efforts behind one spin-off show rather than the parent, why is there surprise that there is a decline in the ratings. Sure, Nielson´s sort of is able to track ´DVD-Ring´ and ´VoDing´, but only sort of. People these day watch shows on Hulu or pick up season box sets. 20 years ago the difference between a successful show and an unsuccessful one was several points of magnitude; today it´s one or two fractions which usually is less than a statistical deviation. So NBC, and all the other network, start putting pressure on your data gatherers so that you can make better decisions, one´s that actually reflect the success or failure of a show more accurately than you are getting.
  by: zedemmonk   05/19/2010 07:11 AM     
  I say  
Good riddance. It was a good show that over-stayed it´s welcome. I hope they kill the re-runs, too. Every show seemed the same to me, anyway.
  by: womenareviolent     05/19/2010 12:23 PM     
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