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                 02/22/2018 05:59 AM  
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05/16/2010 02:12 PM ID: 84120 Permalink   

Thieves Take Hearse, Drop the Body Off at Intersection


Cleveland police are hunting for thieves who made off with a hearse and a bagged dead body from outside a crematorium. It is suspected that the vehicle was used to transport electronic equipment stolen from the same location.

When a resident called police to report someone had left a hearse in his driveway police turned up expecting the body to be present also. Instead they found handwritten directions to the intersection where the body had been dumped.

The deceased was recovered and found to be in no worse shape than he had been. The family has received an apology from the crematorium. "Everything is fine. No harm done," said Schulte and Mahon-Murphy Funeral Home president Jim Murphy.

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my deceased relative had electronics thrown on top of him and was then left in an intersection on main st.!

Pretty sick though...amazing what some people will do for a little bit of extra cash...I couldnt come NEAR a dead body without some sort of mental, physical, or emotional breakdown...
  by: sirez   05/17/2010 03:33 AM     
Dead bodies are a bit freaky the first couple of times but after that it´s not too bad providing they´re intact.

This just occurred to me: You would think a couple of guys throwing a body out of a hearse at an intersection is the sort of think someone might notice.
  by: ixuzus     05/17/2010 03:43 AM     
  yeah and they  
yeah and they had Drowning Pool playing "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor"

when I was younger, I had to report bodies and clean them, and once when I was 20 at 2 am in the morning I was hitch-hiking the guy who picked me up was in a white van, and from his speech he was obviously gay and in the back of the van on a gurney covered with a sheet was a body of a drowning victim, an older man, in his 40´s and very tall .. that struck me strange but the driver work for a mortician transporting someone´s loved one back home .. all I could think about was that old movie "children don´t play with dead things" .. :-D
  by: Key2000     05/17/2010 04:24 AM     
  Would Jim Murphy.  
like this done to one of his family in a time of mourning.
  by: captainJane     05/17/2010 06:11 PM     
  Idk what it is with me...  
My two worst fears are dead people...and LIVING dead people...I could NOT cross the threashold of the room my grandmother as in during her was really as if something invisible was holding me of the strangest feelings ever...then I had all of the aforementioned breakdowns...-_-
  by: sirez   05/18/2010 05:03 AM     
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