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                 01/21/2018 11:28 PM  
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05/16/2010 05:27 PM ID: 84130 Permalink   

Mother of 15 Leaves a 3-Year-Old at Walmart, Doesn´t Notice Until the Next Day


Ohio: 43-year-old Moriyyah Israel has been charged with endangering children after she left 3-year-old Binah at Walmart. She didn´t become aware that she was a kid short until a relative contacted her the next day to say Binah had been on the news.

Walmart security stepped in after observing the child follow some shoppers but not leave with them. Police were called after it was ascertained that the little girl was on her own.

Binah and ten of Israel´s other children have been placed in the custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services pending the outcome of the first-degree misdemeanour charge. Court documents show Israel is also to be evicted from her residence.

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Second paragraph, would you prefer ´stepped in´, or ´became involved´?
  by: StarShadow     05/16/2010 05:32 PM     
Being my 15th summary for today I´m not particularly fussy. Surprise me.
  by: ixuzus     05/16/2010 05:35 PM     
Will do.
  by: StarShadow     05/16/2010 05:38 PM     
I have two children. They are wonderful, and I love them both with all that I am.

However, sometimes, they drive me freakin nuts.

Why on earth would anyone want to have 15 children??
  by: deadvenusblue     05/16/2010 05:39 PM     
think she simply wanted to get rid of her child for something but at least the little girl was on good place.
  by: vizhatlan     05/16/2010 06:16 PM     
Probably benefits. I think giving benefits to people only encourages them to have kids they don´t really want.
  by: gryphon50a   05/16/2010 06:43 PM     
The source says she´s a Ms. So a single parent of 15. Haha. No thanks. I´d rather just go to work :P
  by: deadvenusblue     05/16/2010 06:57 PM     
If you don´t notice you´re missing one of your kids, you have too many!
  by: DarkLady   05/16/2010 08:26 PM     
  @ Miss Lady.  
Some people should not have children at all!
  by: captainJane     05/16/2010 08:35 PM     
  @ Jane  
Too true!
  by: DarkLady   05/16/2010 08:37 PM     
  Get more info before you criticize.  
How many kids are still at home? Did she have kids with more than one husband? Is it illegal to have more than, say, nine kids? Do you have a great grandmother who had eleven kids?

By reading some other articles on the same story, I learned that this woman is being evicted. Also,her husband died in ´08. I say we put her in jail and send the kids to state custody, where they can prepare to go to state prison.
  by: Nehmo   05/16/2010 09:48 PM     
  @ Nehmo  

I´m sorry but regardless of her circumstances, if she can´t manage to look after her kids then she shouldn´t be allowed to keep them all with her. It´s also pretty selfish to have that many kids in this day and age, anyway.
  by: DarkLady   05/16/2010 09:52 PM     
The full article that the source links to does give some more information. Such as

"This is not the first time the county has investigated the family, Gregg said; however, none of the previous abuse or neglect complaints were substantiated, so the investigations were closed."

Which calls her character into question even with out the child being left behind. There are to many cases of children being abused or neglected where the parent will cover it up on an investigation.

It also says "said two children were placed with an adult sibling, and three aunts took three children each." Which puts her at at least 9 children under 18 in her custody.

Besides all that I could give her a little leeway if she had noticed the child missing. With so many I will give her the chance that she "forgot" exactly what children she went to walmart with and which were, hopefully, being supervised else where. But it says she wasn´t aware of her missing until a relative called the next day. She should have noticed her missing by bed time at the very latest in my opinion.
  by: wicked_one   05/16/2010 10:09 PM     
my grandfather was one of 12 kids. His mother had NO BIRTH CONTROL OPTIONS. She had no choice, this lady does have a choice. She is unbelievably irresponsible and a bad mother.
  by: gryphon50a   05/16/2010 10:26 PM     
  I have two kids  
and it takes a ton of time to make sure they have baths every day, clean clothes, they´re eating right, they have books read to them, the house is clean, etc. Don´t tell me she´s doing a decent job on her own with 15 kids, it´s not possible. Good parents have few kids so that each one gets a good upbringing.
  by: gryphon50a   05/16/2010 10:28 PM     
It doesn´t say, but she may be part of the quiverfull movement. Like the Duggars and other fundie parents who refuse to use birth control and actively attempt to have as many children as possible.
  by: jbloodthorn   05/17/2010 09:06 AM     
They must have been walking out by # 9...
  by: jediman3     05/17/2010 03:16 PM     
  She doesn´t do a headcount?  
Seems like a simple way to avoid this scenario. Also DON´T HAVE 15 KIDS!!! lol. Sad people messing up America...
  by: JaniceD   05/17/2010 03:59 PM     
  ho bag  
needs to shut the doors on that clown car for good. (the good of EVERYONE)
  by: gman   05/17/2010 08:05 PM     
  It´s that simple?  
@ wicked_one
I won´t point out everything at once. Read this again: "This is not the first time the county has investigated the family, Gregg said; however, none of the previous abuse or neglect complaints were substantiated, so the investigations were closed."
Perfect huh? No information except an allusion the state gave mom a break. Are you going to accept that?
  by: Nehmo   05/18/2010 05:06 AM     
the sad part is that the other kids never noticed eighter. You would think that a sister or a brother would of been like " where´s Binah"?

A winner of a family indeed.
  by: slayer06   05/18/2010 07:43 AM     
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