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                 02/25/2018 12:42 AM  
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05/18/2010 02:12 AM ID: 84145 Permalink   

Student Charged With Stealing $45,000 in Grants From Harvard


Arraignment is set for Tuesday 5-17-2010 for a Harvard senior who faked his records to get into Harvard. He is charged with fraudulently obtaining grants, financial aid and scholarships based on faked student transfers and plagiarized school work.

Adam Wheeler claimed he attended Phillips Academy in Andover and also MIT. He continued the charade until his senior year when some of the research grants he applied for researched him. The Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships were not impressed.

Adam B. Wheeler, 23, is to be tried in the Woburn Superior Court on some 20 charges. He basically dropped out of Harvard rather than attend disciplinary hearings at the school.

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Still can never take the education he learned(Maybe they can take his certifications he may have gained)
  by: JayWar   05/18/2010 04:10 AM     
  Underhandedness does not pay.  
Why do that and throw away reputation and certificates for a great education? Stupid.
  by: Sleeky     05/18/2010 09:46 AM     
  @ Trial  
Why try a guy in a court for capital crimes (like murder and bank robbery) for plagiarism?? There is a court in Cambridge. Can´t mess with Harvard.
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     05/18/2010 02:15 PM     
  the government  
should hire this guy. He appears to have talent in bucking the system.
  by: jukebox   05/18/2010 04:36 PM     
  let him finish!  
he´s already a senior. he lied in order to attend harvard and spent the grant money accordingly. he didnt take money intended for education and split.

sounds like he was a little greedy going for the Rhodes scholarship however. undergrad degree from harvard wouldve been a score in itself.
  by: reverend j roach     05/18/2010 08:33 PM     
He sounds like most of the 21st Century MBAs that are running companies. He´d fit right in at most big capitalistic American corporations. They would have loved another manger with no soul. Hell, George Bush probably considers him a hero. Adam Wheeler is probably a big wheel with the Skull & Bones Society, too. LOL This kid is the poster child for fraud and unethical behavior. That seems to be the national pastime in the US these days.
  by: Lurker     05/19/2010 03:33 AM     
Ok, Skull & Bones is at Yale. I stand corrected.
  by: Lurker     05/19/2010 03:35 AM     
If his name was Barrack Obama it wouldn´t matter how he got the money for Harvard. We still don´t know who paid for the annointed one´s education.
  by: adhemar   05/20/2010 04:40 PM     
  Obviously, he wanted to become a lawyer!  
Obviously, he wanted to become a lawyer!
Maybe he can continue with online coarses from Harvard, in jail!
  by: AG4JAZZ   05/20/2010 06:58 PM     
  My Pops...  
...always used to say never to lie about anything on your resume, etc because it could easily come back and bite you in the ass, even decades later. Especially if you achieve notoriety of any sort.
  by: tuogh     05/21/2010 01:29 AM     
Who paid for your education? None of my business?
  by: Lurker     05/21/2010 06:54 PM     
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