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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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05/19/2010 04:19 AM ID: 84157 Permalink   

Head Nun Reassigned for Abortion Recommendation


Sister Margaret McBride was reassigned from her administrative position at St. Joseph´s Hospital and Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Phoenix.

She was the vice president of mission integration and served on an ethics committee which advised a patient to abort her 11-week fetus late last year.
The patient has a life-threatening condition and would likely have died without the procedure.

The hospital supports Sister McBride, but the local Bishop said that she was automatically excommunicated for the action. Termination of a pregnancy is only acceptable in the eyes of the Catholic Church as a secondary effect of some other treatment.

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  Wasn´t the abortion  
caused by the treatment to keep the mother alive?
Shouldn´t an 11 month fetus be able to survive outside the womb?
I checked the source, should be 11 weeks.
  by: madmike13   05/19/2010 04:48 AM     
11 month woah that babies late...
my bad, thanks for pointing it out, quite a typo.

  by: zatonado001     05/19/2010 06:32 AM     
"Shouldn´t an 11 month fetus be able to survive outside the womb?"

Yeah, generally their done by 9, but this guy just didnt wanna move out :P
  by: ssxxxssssss   05/19/2010 06:39 AM     
I finally hear of nun who really sounds like she might be a nice person and she gets excommunicated. Figures.
  by: DarkLady   05/19/2010 10:49 AM     
According to the Bishop, the mother should have risked near certain death. Go to hell you soulless bastard.
  by: StarShadow     05/19/2010 12:41 PM     
How dare that woman abort her fetus to save her life. Doesn´t she realize that fetus could have turned out to be a fresh young boy for the bishops to touch?

  by: bbeljefe     05/19/2010 04:23 PM     
  The nun made the right choice  
Abortion is a very serious choice, but there are times when it can be the better choice. Too bad Catholics don´t know that little children are innocent before God and do not need baptism to prevent damnation or purgatory or whatever unhappy end they thing unbaptized babies get after death.

Thusly they get their panties in a wad trying to control abortion.

No I´m not entering a religious discussion further than what I said. Don´t try and find a response from me :).
  by: lykossn4   05/19/2010 05:54 PM     
  Sister Margaret McBride  
It doesn´t matter if they excommunicated you or not, if there is a heaven you will be there for sure. I am glad that there was a group of people that did the right thing for a change and after looking at all the medical evidence which showed that it was almost guaranteed that both mother and fetus would not survive. Being responsible and thorough, they agreed in this case it was to terminate the pregnancy.
I wonder who first informed the Church that this had happened since it was obviously done after the fact and seems aimed towards Sister McBride almost. There was no easy decision made and sadly everyone that participated in the decision has been excommunicated. So life-long, likely generations long, parishioners found themselves excommunicated because they were there for their own children who had to face one of the hardest things in life and just when they need to be comforted by people and the church they have known all their lives and been faithful to they find themselves alone and in pain, without the precious grandchild they had planned on and without the church that they had belonged to.

"This decision was made after consultation with the patient, her family, her physicians, and in consultation with the Ethics Committee, of which Sr. Margaret McBride is a member,"

I applaud all of those involved who took everything into consideration before deciding that a Therapeutic Abortion was needed in this case. I think it is a good thing when religion is put aside (since this was a Catholic hospital) and the patient’s life is put first. I can´t believe that God would be irritating, cruel or as ignorant as some would like the church members to believe. Either way I am encouraged to hear that this group, comprised mainly of professionals who deal with this more than we would care to know, set forth what they felt was best in this case and that everyone was in agreement.
  by: TaraB     05/20/2010 02:46 AM     
  According to the Bishop?  
"According to the Bishop, the mother should have risked near certain death."

The bishop didn´t permit the woman to have birth control.

By the catholic church, the only thing she might have have done wrong was have premarital sex.

But then the bastard was dammed anyway. (Deut 23:2)

  by: madmike13   05/20/2010 04:51 AM     
  screw the Catholic Church  
(They´ve been doing it to little boys for hundreds of years). Fortunately for

Sister Margaret McBride there are other churches that are happy to accept new members.
  by: monstrddg   05/22/2010 05:15 PM     
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