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                 02/23/2018 01:39 PM  
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05/31/2010 08:51 AM ID: 84287 Permalink   

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Memorial for Heavy Metal Performer Ronnie James Dio


California: The Westboro Baptist Church, already notorious for anti-homosexuality picketing at the funerals of soldiers, has announced via its Web site that it will picket a memorial service for Ronnie James Dio.

Dio, who succumbed to stomach cancer earlier this month aged 67, was a member of a number of heavy metal bands including Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio. He is also widely credited with popularising the devil´s horn gestures.

"Ronnie hates prejudice and violence. We need to turn the other cheek on these people that only know how to hate someone they didn´t know," said his widow Wendy Dio, who announced that the service will go ahead regardless.

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Rather sad people.
  by: splicer   05/31/2010 09:05 AM     
  dirty apes have stooped far enough to lick their *  
Westboro Baptist Church´s website

When I see people like the evil, hateful people of Westboro Babtist Church I start to get really, really pissed (for you brits and ozzies, in the US that means angry, not drunk).
They are wastes of space, flesh, money air, water, food and time.

How dare they even speak about picketing the memorial service of Dio!! Dio was a rock legend...a rock demi-god!
Next time any member of the Westboro Baptist church has a family member that dies, I hope people go and picket their memorial (dressed in drag just for kicks). Or better, throw a party outside the memorial and sing "another one bites the dust" while doing the devil´s horns gesture and flying massive rainbow flags...
Rockers UNITE! and keep the scum away from Dio´s memorial! Sometimes the law protects asswads that shouldn´t be protected from a good beat down.

Its good I´m not in CA because I would go to Dio´s memorial and I would fight any picketer that showed up! I would have to wear a Kiss uniform so I couldn´t be identified and charged with assault and battery.
Anyone live in CA that would be able to fill in for me as the official picker-ass-kicker at Dio´s memorial?
  by: shaohu     05/31/2010 10:35 AM     
1955-2010 © Copyright Westboro Baptist Church. You may use any of our material free of charge for any reason.

They´re granting use of any of their material free of charge for ANY reason. I wonder if anyone has bothered to create a parody site shunning them
  by: N3T_K1LLA     05/31/2010 11:36 AM     
You can´t parody them. They are a parody of themselves.
  by: Ec5618   05/31/2010 04:54 PM     
  Negative IQ  
Westoboro Freaks picketing the memorial of a metal legend, with how many leather & chain clad metal-heads in attendance? These twisted bible-thumpers aren´t the brightest of the lot are they !!
  by: Tumbleweed   05/31/2010 08:02 PM     
  I lived in Topeka Kansas  
I have seen these people first hand on a daily basis for a while when I lived in Topeka, Kansas .. their website is a little on the lite side compared to what they do .. anyhow, do a Google search on Reverend Fred Phelps, these guys get seriously harsh and they involve little children in what they do with signs of explicit sexual nature .. hehe I remember in Topeka, wherever they were picketing, the next day, other people holding their signs making a spoof of the previous picketing day, from these hate breeders, LOL, some of it was actually hilarious .. they don´t like them there very much .. once I was getting sandwiches from a place and next door they were picketing because of a gay man working at a car lube shop and some young guy pulled over and jumped out of his car and started taking pictures saying to me he never seen anything like this, he was traveling through. I laughed and told him all the places I seen these people at, he said he was going to upload the photos to his myspace, hehe, he was astonished with amazement never seen or heard of it before .. I have seen these people picket other churches because someone was gay going to that church.

these guys are hate breeders.
  by: Key2000     05/31/2010 09:53 PM     
  @the church  
can we barricade the doors during mass and light it on fire?

would that make god angry? or mad?

oh well.

we either make god happy or satan happy

either way atleast SOMEONES happy.
  by: TheDeeder   06/01/2010 12:23 AM     
  My Goal in Life  
I´m hoping to have The Westboro Baptist Church picket my funeral someday.
  by: Jim8   06/01/2010 01:52 AM     
  someone please  
murder these people... their so scummy
  by: Devil Duck     06/01/2010 10:14 PM     
Let´s show up at thier funerals and protest--evil, I repeat, EVIL, bastards!
  by: Pandaemonium   06/02/2010 03:32 AM     
That´s easy! Just join the military. The westboro baptist scum are known to picket the funerals of fallen service men and women.
  by: shaohu     06/02/2010 03:53 AM     
  There IS a parody Web site  
You can view it here:

  by: foo   06/02/2010 02:58 PM     
  It makes me wonder...  
What happened to Fred Phelps to make him so afraid of homosexuals. It´s really sad that they´re allowed to brainwash their children with this crap. I´ve seen a documentary that shows one of the little kids getting hit in the head with a soda that someone threw from a car. The kids also go to public school and naturally have no friends because of who they are. I think it was the one Louis Theroux made of them, and you can clearly see that many of the kids have no idea what the words they speak truly mean, they´re just parrots of their hate-filled parents. Why can´t this whole family take a vacation that involves a plane that hasn´t been maintained for a while?
  by: amir8500   06/03/2010 04:22 PM     
  Terrible Christians  
Proving the point that rock musicians are better people than people who praise Jesus.

All these people know is hate, but us crazy devil worshiping music listeners.. We are the sick ones? Right...

May the baptists enjoy their ignorance.
  by: PerfectCell   06/03/2010 05:27 PM     
In all fairness to Baptists, the Westboro ´Baptist´ Church is ´Baptist in name only. They are an embarrassment to most Baptists I know. They are the Taliban Baptists. I usually don´t agree with any Baptist dogma (I was raised one), but there is little comparison between Westboro and mainstream Baptists.
  by: Lurker     06/03/2010 06:11 PM     
ha ha...that was great.

@lurker- were you raised a SOB? (Southern of Baptist)
  by: shaohu     06/10/2010 09:31 AM     
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