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                 01/23/2018 04:30 PM  
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05/31/2010 07:43 PM ID: 84296 Permalink   

Israel Performs Military Assault on Aid Ship, Killing Nine


A flotilla of ships which were heading to the Gaza Strip to deliver 10,000 tons of aid has been attacked by Israeli troops. Nine people were killed and a further 30 have so far been confirmed as being injured.

Israel has said ten of its troops were injured after being attacked by some of the aid workers. The incident occurred whilst the flotilla was 40 miles inside international waters. Israel had initially said the ships would not reach their destination.

Three of the ships have now reached an Israeli port and the aid workers on-board will be deported. An emergency UN Security Council meeting is set to discuss the incident, whilst Israeli actions have been condemned by leaders.

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  More from the source..  
Arafat Shoukri, of the Free Gaza Movement who organised the convoy, said those on board one ship had told them by telephone that Israeli helicopters had arrived.

"Then we started to hear screams, shouting, shooting everywhere," he said. "We heard some of them shouting ´we are raising the white flag, stop shooting at us´."

He said Israeli claims that activists had pistols and other weapons were "cheap propaganda".
  by: captainJane     05/31/2010 07:47 PM     
  Israel attacks Gaza flotilla live coverage  
  by: captainJane     05/31/2010 07:55 PM     
  Friendly Murders  
In the balance of probability, some arab/turks on the ship opened fire on the israeli choppers, then opened fire on their own passengers.

A la Al Durra:
  by: kmazzawi     05/31/2010 08:02 PM     
  isreal should be annihilated  
This is the last straw, they knew about these aid ships for months and many countries from around the world who have officially contributed and taken part in delivering it have had their nationals murdered in cold blood by a bunch of third world terrorists living off hand outs, why did we even bother to save them from the nazis?...they have turned out to be just like them.

I truly believe any military response is fully justified now, let those cowards from the israeli navy fight another military and see who comes off worse. The israeli military are infamous for killing unarmed civilians including women, children, babies and now aid workers. This is just outrageous, what a spineless bunch of cowards, I hope they rot in hell for what they did to those innocent people today.

If you check the other reports, you will also notice they shot a girl in the face for protesting against the siege of the aid ships.
  by: CheesyBiscuits   05/31/2010 08:06 PM     
More bullsh!t from the isreali propaganda machine. Absolutely anybody can write a piece for wikipedia and slander anyone which is why this sort of vandalism is nothing new for wikipedia, so be careful where you get your information from guys.

Staying on topic the isreali military has a history of inventing phantom enemies everytime they massacre civilians, saying the aid workers were attacking them or shooting at them during a surprise attack is just absurd and a cheap joke that only the isrealies find funny. Bring those murderers to justice - Cut all British and American (taxpayer funded) aid to the Terrorist State of Israel.
  by: CheesyBiscuits   05/31/2010 08:31 PM     
  @ Cheesey...  
there is not a Military on this planet that would dare. They have had their own way for forty years that I know of. They now EXPECT their way and will get it!
  by: captainJane     05/31/2010 08:31 PM     
Do not feed the troll. We don´t need a flame war starting up after CheesyBiscuits´s ignorant comments…
  by: JeffyP   05/31/2010 08:32 PM     
I believe the time for change is near, they have had their own way for too long and authority needs pounded into them for the safety of the freeworld, whether their handlers like it or not.

Do not feed the troll says JeffyP, what´s the matter, are we being anti-Semitic by reporting on israeli cowardice. Do us all a favour, unlock yourself from mommy´s basement and engage in proper debate, afterall you are probably being PAID to post here....troll?
  by: CheesyBiscuits   05/31/2010 08:48 PM     
instead of a retarded comment, how about denying his claims with evidence?

Fûck Israel.
  by: dekar   05/31/2010 09:45 PM     
  this one is bad  
chain of events :-P

some people in power? how they get there?
  by: Key2000     05/31/2010 10:26 PM     
You want evidence: The jackass that invented the Al Dura incident was tried in a French court and Channel 2 had to publicly apologize for allowing the Fabrication unchecked.
  by: kmazzawi     05/31/2010 10:37 PM     
And what has this to do with this story? There is video of the elite commando attacking the ship. They start shooting immediatly at the civilans. Even if they where armed, are civilans with knives and sticks a threat to Elite IDF Commandos?
  by: evilrat   06/01/2010 12:03 AM     
I think you got the user names mixed up mate. It was kmazzawi that was the troll.

He accused the protesters of shooting each other. LOL how stupid and idiot does he sound? yeah, don´t feed the trolls. Or perhaps just laugh at his stupidity.
  by: jendres     06/01/2010 12:17 AM     
  Dear Al-Qaida.  

If you are reading this, please go pick on Israel now and leave the United States alone. We can turn a blind eye just this once. Have fun.

The World
  by: Quintessence   06/01/2010 12:38 AM     
  Sorry, On A More Serious Note.  
Israel has been as bad as the United States is waving around the power they hold over other Arab/Middle Eastern nations and I think for once they should be put in their place. I can´t even fathom why our country supports Israel anyways. I don´t think we should makes deals with terrorists or any kind of religious governments. There was a reason why there was a separation of Church and State, and this country and many others like it that rule my religion keep proving why even though we are a nation of 200 years, we are one of the better countries besides the few in Europe as well.

I think it´s a shame that innocent people had to die. And this was in International Waters as well. So don´t mistake it for Israel having to protect themselves. They did it in International Territory meaning it´s not just an offense against those aid workers, it is an offense against the World.

So, Israel, you have fun with other countries in the United Nations and as well as foreign diplomacy. You just shit in your own bed, now lie in it. Always knew they would mess up and do something stupid, not that they haven´t been fùcking over the Palestinians the last hundreds of years. Oi, I could vent all day as well as everyone here.

Shit is just getting crazy nowadays. Honestly I don´t even want to turn on the news anymore. Good news? No such thing.
  by: Quintessence   06/01/2010 12:44 AM     
I am half palestinian and half egyptian, no one killed more palestinians then arabs. Under the guise of nationalism, and now under the guise of islamism. According to muslims currently, the entire land has to become islamic. No split nations. No split governement. No deals. no pacts. No shared powers. All or nothing. And screw the palestinians still in the refugee camps and screw any chance they have at having their own nation.

So instead of having Turkey condemn Hamas for their crimes against humanity, Turkey is trying to break the defensive line that israel reserves to inspect every container that goes in and out to Hamas.

Thank you Turkey. Hope you lose your flimsy secular grip and fall to the same islamist wolves you are feeding the palestinians to.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 01:26 AM     
it been in the news here in OZ, 2 of the people on board are Aussie journalists, one is injured, they were on the phone with their editor when they were captured by the israelis. It seems pretty clear Israel attacked unprovoked.
  by: veya_victaous     06/01/2010 01:50 AM     
  @ Quintessence  
I have got the same. It is just so depressing. This never ending killing and maiming. Can you believe the passport thing> It is just never ending how far they go.


If you read this could you add a link please. It is early hours of the morning here or I would look it up.
  by: captainJane     06/01/2010 04:30 AM     
  Gloves Are Off.  
"Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences."

Israel just pissed off a lot of their neighbors doing this and to be completely honest. A lot of middle eastern countries have been waiting for this very moment in time to happen so they could disassociate from Israel. There are a lot of European country officials talking crap about Israel now too.

I´m going to have to buy me a month´s worth of popcorn to see how this one pans out. In other news, BP still failing, yada yada.
  by: Quintessence   06/01/2010 10:43 AM     
Yeah, those protestors were TOTALLY peaceful and unarmed - even though video footage clearly shows the IDF dropping from the helicopters only to be converged on by large groups of ´civilians´ viciously beating them with metal poles without provocation (even after they´re lying on the ground), and throwing a soldier overboard... Yeah, the IDF totally should have just let their soldiers be beaten to death by your peaceful protestors instead of firing back in self defense to stop the lynching.

Look up "Close Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passangers" on youtube and it´s pretty hard to deny that the protestors are the savage ones. Knifes and metal batons are just as deadly as guns, especially when you´re heavily outnumbered.
  by: yeap     06/01/2010 12:09 PM     

Just watch the following video.
mostly is taken by the "peace activists" themselves.

Then think again about the lies you all fall for so quick.
  by: vadali   06/01/2010 12:41 PM     
  Lynching for peace  
If peace activists need to use metal poles and knives to bash soldiers (the beatings remind me of the gang in ´A Clockwork Orange´), then they´re not very good at what they do.
  by: yeap     06/01/2010 01:22 PM     
Give it a rest mate. I don´t care if they had AK-47s and RPGs, the fact is that Israel boarded them in international waters. This simple fact makes the boarding illegal, it is completely understandable that the crew would want to defend themselves from illegal boarders. If the ships had of been in Israeli waters they would have been within their rights to board, instead Israel flouted law and boarded them in international waters; regardless of the aid workers´ intentions, Israel f**ked up.
  by: StarShadow     06/01/2010 02:01 PM     
  They were warned repeatedly  
After multiple warnings, and the offer to dock at a port in Ashdod where they would be able to supervise the distribution of aid to Gaza, the boat still decided to ignore warnings and stay its course - Israel was boarding with non-violent intentions to commandeer the boat and take it to Ashdod.

For protestors claiming to support peace, they certainly didn´t behave in a non-violent manner... They only paved the way for the IDF to treat protestors with even MORE suspicion, as their violent behaviour simply justifies the need for Israel to thoroughly inspect even that which appears harmless at first glance - it is quite common for terrorists to send bombs and arms under the guise of ambulances and aid packages, so it makes sense not to blindly accept 10,000 tons worth of goods without first inspecting it. Ever heard the story of the Trojan Horse?
  by: yeap     06/01/2010 02:18 PM     
What were those boats doing StarShadow. fishing? Water Cave Spelunking? No. The boats stated their intention of docking in Israeli beaches. The condition for landing in Israeli beaches was to get boarded and inspected by israelis government officials.

Last I checked, every other country in the world still reserves the right to fully inspect sh1t docking into their country.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 03:01 PM     
After seeing the footage of the boarding, can you clarify again what were those 2 journalists talking about?
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 03:23 PM     
  Lies Lies Lies  
The turkish gouvernment found an assasinations list now which was lost by the israeli with the names and photos of the people to be killed on it. It was all pre-planed.
  by: evilrat   06/01/2010 03:36 PM     
  @StarShadow & rest  
The "San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea"

Look up paragraph 67 and paragraph 146.
Israel is within full legal right to raid and capture civilian vessels in neutral waters which are trying to breach a blockade, or are believed to be carrying weapons or contraband.

This is a comment i found in the link before, by sirotnikov

here is the link to the document he talks about.
  by: vadali   06/01/2010 06:08 PM     
  There is NO JUSTIFICATION for this Act of Terror  
Israel has become a Lunatic State

The israeli cabinet organised a series of meetings and discussed and deliberated on how they will handle the flotilla for two weeks, at the end of the day they decided on an ARMED night time commando raid on the freedom flotilla, first murdering individuals on a hitlist drawn up by the israeli govt. and than indiscriminately firing on peace activists to show the attack was random.

Israel does not have any jurisdiction over ships sailing on international waters, if I was the captain of that ship I would order my crew to open fire until all the pirates (IDF) were sleeping with the fishes. Israel has no right to hijack a fleet of ships and divert them over to some israeli port, that is not where the aid is heading, afterall whenever israel promises to distribute aid via israel it ends up delivering a tiny fraction and keeping the rest for itself and its extremist settlers.

Personally, I don´t believe who you say you are, but it doesn´t matter where you come from or what country you like to associated with, the facts are the israeli regime has committed another heinous crime and I have noticed how everytime an incident like this happens you are always the first to defend the israeli military, navy whatever (terrorists in uniform) sometimes before establishing the facts, even when they are guilty as hell, which casts even more doubt on what your agenda is and where you loyalties lie.
  by: CheesyBiscuits   06/01/2010 07:15 PM     
Israel finds weapons on this ship, were they there to begin with or were they planted? There are far better ways to approach these ships what ever the reason killing people should be the last resort.

On a personal note if some soldier shoot at me as a a civilian I would use any method to defend myself!

  by: captainJane     06/01/2010 07:17 PM     
  @ kmazzawi  
More Arabs killed Palestinians than any other nation? Funny since I have lived and breathed I have not heard that one before. Maybe through the centuries but not since the last world war.
  by: captainJane     06/01/2010 07:19 PM     
  Mutual Defense Pact  
Under NATO, the U.S., along with all other NATO nations is obligated to declare war on Israel if Turkey considers this an act of War.

Just something to think about. The deck of a ship is considered soil of whatever nation´s flag it flies. So technically this was an Israeli Invasion of Turkey.

Both Israel and Turkey are members of NATO, so I wonder how the defense pacts come into play.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     06/01/2010 07:26 PM     
The San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea was adopted in June 1994 after a series of round tables of naval and legal experts convened.

As such, it is not legally binding.
  by: jbloodthorn   06/01/2010 07:28 PM     
Killing Palestinians: Check how many Yasser´s flunkies killed. Check how many Hamas killed/assassinated/executed. Check the King of Jordan when he had enough of Palestinians undermining his authorita. Check during the Lebanese wars since ´95. Check during sporadic mass expulsions of entire families & clans from various Arab nations. Check the retributions from the Kuwaitis after Saddam was beat by Bush Sr. Check when for 20 years, Syria placed cannons on their Golan heights, and were sporadically shooting canons into civilian areas, Israeli as well as the occasional Palestinians. You can almost guess why Syria no longer has the Golan heights today.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 07:38 PM     
although it is hard for you to believe,
The israeli soldiers were armed with paintball-guns, and a hand pistol under their armor. The order was not to use it. If you looked at the videos, you would see that they were beaten (on only one, single ship), as soon as they came down. even though they were beaten, they still didnt use their hand-guns until an order to do so took place. you can actually see all of that in the videos - at some point the commander tells them they are allowed to use firearms. that was AFTER the lynch started. hence your term "last resort".

Israel sure didnt make the right choice. They should have avoided these killings, thats true. Claims that this was planned by israel are foolish, since it makes no sense that a country would deliberately put itself in a position to get condemned worldwide.

But one thing is for sure, this attack was provoked by the protesters. You can CLEARLY see that in ALL videos, taken by both the israeli and the "peace activists".

as far as iam concerned, i call the victims of this event, "Shahids 2.0". They knew that by starting a fight with the israeli soldiers they would get killed, but that was worth it, if it will make everyone hate israel even more then they already do. Much better then blowing up on a bus, killing israeli civilians and getting bad coverage, no?

Israel stupidity was that they fell for it, but there was no "massacre" - thats just avoiding the cold facts, not letting them disrupt the hate toward Israel.
  by: vadali   06/01/2010 07:42 PM     
"If Israel finds weapons on this ship, were they there to begin with or were they planted?"

What does this has anything to do with whether bombs/weapons are found or not? Do not punish border guards for doing what is required from them.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 07:43 PM     
"Personally, I don´t believe who you say you are, but it doesn´t matter where you ..."

I am an Arab who believes islam as well as islamism are not a good solution for Palestinians. In fact I believe they are a very bad solution. Islam and islamism fail in every society that adopts them. Every single society. They then blame their government, they blame the interpretation, they blame the rich, they blame the poor, they blame the US, they blame the commies, israel, shiite, ahmadis, joos, etc.. But not a single One of those experiments worked (yet?). What we have now is the more people stick to the koran, the closer they apply the koran to their lives, the worse their society becomes. The more people want to emmigrate and leave.

It is almost like watching that VCR tape in the movie ´The Ring´. You apply that book and 25yrs later you are guaranteed to become worse.

Yet islamism is still being pushed on Palestinians. Why?

So please. Take this ideology back. I do not want it. Make it work first. Make sure it works somewhere less volatile, fix the little problems. Then bring it back and maybe we can talk about it.

"I have noticed how everytime an incident like this happens you are always the first to defend .."
You have to look at it with a middle eastern eye. The Turkish government wants to become more islamic. So they steer their country into an islamic frenzy. They start crap with the joos and then sit back and count the new votes coming their way. It works every time.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 07:54 PM     
  I would want anyone punished...  
If they plant damming evidence! They have tampered before with no apologies.

I would like to have an approximate amount in costs spent on these bogus meetings held with these immature, selfish and attention seeking people, all the money that has gone down the drain and all ending in the usual broken promise.

How embarrassing to the US and all of the countless countries involved over the years with these multitude of signed deals, billions must have been wasted and always “Israel “being the root of the problems then backing down on all deals from land again!

How can these people honestly expect the world to trust such lack of respect when the world can see them never honouring their own word?
The world put up with the Nazis and the mafia for a certain amount of time, so how much longer will it or we have to tolerate this government, how long can the Israeli people put up with their leaders?
  by: captainJane     06/01/2010 08:35 PM     
"I would want anyone punished.. If they plant damming evidence! They have tampered before with no apologies."

I think you missed my point. No weapons and no evidence are required to be found. A border guard has a job to stop peoeple nd search them. The border guard is not required to produce illegal items every time he searches someone.

When you get through the airport security and resist a search and instead choose to run into the country, the border guards are allowed to stop you by whatever means. And after they stop you, they are not required to find a weapon or drugs on you.
  by: kmazzawi     06/01/2010 08:48 PM     
  Legal view...  
The ship was on international waters. Israely troops boarded a ship with the intent to take over. By international law such action is considered illegal. Regardless of where the ship was heading or what its intent was, it was still on international waters. Israel can be tried for piracy and murder.
  by: HBX   06/01/2010 09:45 PM     
  ... also to add to this  
Every ship has the right to defend itself with lethal weapons on international waters if attacked.
  by: HBX   06/01/2010 09:49 PM     
I don´t give a sh*t what those ships were doing, or what their stated intentions were. Israel acted illegally by boarding ships in international waters, that is a fact. By acting as though the law does not apply to them, this is all on Israel´s head. All they had to do was wait for the ships to enter their territorial waters and they would have had every right to do as they did, but they didn´t.
  by: StarShadow     06/01/2010 11:37 PM     
  Boarding Ships  
On the issue of the right to board a ship:

The ship was in International water
AND the ship requested to dock into Israel.

The ships did not request to dock into Italy. The ships were not on their way to Greece. The ships made a statement, to the Israeli government, that they want access into Israel.

The condition to dock into the sovereign country of Israel, was that the boats be boarded by israeli officials and driven to the israeli port and searched.

If the ships do not like the conditions, then great, turn back while still in international water, and get back to whatever sh1t Ottoman port they started from.
  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 12:38 AM     
  @StarShadow @HBX  
@StarS: "Israel acted illegally by boarding ships in international waters, that is a fact"

Wrong. The ships agreed to a process on how to enter Israel. If the ships did agree to the process, then the ships were simply free to turn back. The ships chose to proceed with the agreement.

"Regardless of where the ship was heading or what its intent was, it was still on international waters."
Wrong. You are talking about the law then the intention and the heading is are relevant.

Ship A wants to enter Country B. Country B states a condition. Ship A can either agree to the condition and enter, or refuse the condition and turn back and leave.

  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 12:47 AM     
That still does not make it legal. They commited piracy by boarding the ship on international waters, and also commited murders while commiting piracy. They should have waited until the ship was on Israeli waters. No matter what the intent was, what the Israelis did was illegal. Also the ship has every right to protect itself against intruders, in which case it was against Israelis. Plain and simple. The ship did nothing wrong, it just protected itself against intruders on international waters.
  by: HBX   06/02/2010 12:53 AM     
"If you cross into our waters, we will board you and take over your ship." That would have been a more appropriate and legal response from Israel. And not allowing Gaza to accept any aid is also illegal in the first place. I can´t believe that so many people around the world want freedom for Tibet in China, and not many are active enought to force Israel to give Palestinians the right to their own country.
  by: HBX   06/02/2010 01:10 AM     
Sorry, but your personal bias does not make me wrong. Israel illegally boarded the ships in international waters. Any ´agreements´ (if any existed) are beside the point.
  by: StarShadow     06/02/2010 02:22 AM     
  As said in comments...  
They committed piracy when they boarded that ship. Make the world hate Israel? what exactly has this country done these past years to be seen a s friendly.

Another wonder of mine.
Why and who arranged these borders in 2007.
  by: captainJane     06/02/2010 02:22 AM     
imagine the money that would be saved if they would stop stirring the pot all the time.
  by: captainJane     06/02/2010 02:27 AM     
Too much crap going on in this world... I am getting hungry. Anyone else like the Pho-King Joo restaurant?
  by: HBX   06/02/2010 03:51 AM     
So you guys are saying that if you had a gun and people were beating your ass with metal and wooden poles and stabbing you. You wouldnt shoot a couple of them...??? As for me, I am going to protect myself cause my life is in danger. I am going to take a couple of them out and do some croud control...
  by: CombatMedic   06/02/2010 10:26 AM     
they didnt stop at the port to get checked before they went on to gaza. ( their customs kinda like ours before people go on )
  by: CombatMedic   06/02/2010 10:30 AM     
  the knives were kitchen knives and  
the knives were kitchen knives (you know, a kitchen staff to feed 600 people) and all the ships were inspected before leaving port by inspectors representing israel, there is a phone interview at cnn of an american woman that was on board on one of the vessels that was also taken listen to what she says

and remember the visa´s? the falsified visa´s Israeli officials had used for the Dubai assassination, using innocent people´s identities, not made up identities, blatantly blaming and putting innocent people in harms way - This is their way.
  by: Key2000     06/02/2010 12:08 PM     
  @ combatmedic  
Well, if you were to illegally board my boat in international waters then you can be sure you would be getting a solid beating(assuming I owned a boat :p)

so to put it bluntly: you have no right to board me in international waters and I would have a right to defend myself against an ´invader´, just as the people on the ship have a right to defend their ship from being boarded illegally.

Any Israeli commandos that might have gotten hurt should never have been there in the first place
  by: bloodwave   06/02/2010 04:12 PM     
You made a ´legal point´ and in the same breath stated that the circumstances are not relevant. My point against you still stands. Circumstances do matter. In this case the circumstance exonerate the boarding.

As for the new point you are making now:
"Anyone else like the Pho-King Joo restaurant?" I am sorry, that is a personal taste of yours that I can not answer. Personally I do not like the jewish religion but then again I do not like any of them for various reasons and at various degrees.
  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 06:05 PM     
"And not allowing Gaza to accept any aid is also illegal in the first place."
Gaza is allowed to get aid. Gaze do get aid. Just that the aid going into Gaza has to be searched First.
  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 06:07 PM     
"Israel illegally boarded the ships in international waters. Any ´agreements´ (if any existed) are beside the point."

Just like HBX was told, you can not make a legal point: "illegally boarded" and in the same breath ignore ´agreements´ and circumstances. Agreement are legally binding and when Two agreements contradict each other, the more specific agreement takes precedence.

  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 06:13 PM     
You are also throwing the word ´illegally boarding´ like it carries some absolute Truth. The boarding was not illegal. You are allowed to board ships on international water under specific circumstances.
  by: kmazzawi     06/02/2010 06:17 PM     
  @kmazzawi - Grow up  
You sound like a broken record kmazzawi, maybe now is a good time to admit you lost the argument and stop behaving like a spoilt child. After all your Prime Minister Netenyahu echoed the same sentiment the navy goons were RIGHT to kill all those civilian aid workers and he was proud of their achievement even though they had NO RIGHT to even be on those ships, let alone take hostages. Gaza does NOT receive any aid due to the continuous israeli blockades, hundreds of people have died due to the shortage of food, medicine and shelter, this is a humanitarian crisis deliberately caused by israel and the world was offering a lifeline to fellow human beings suffering unnecessarily.

It´s NOT surprising to see worldwide condemnation of your country for what they did on those ships and now that some of the freed hostages have spoken to the media, we can hear the true extent of the crimes and human rights violations committed by the goons of the pariah state (israel).

Also, GET THIS -- It has now come to light that the ARMED goons DID in fact fire the FIRST shots when they ILLEGALLY boarded the ships, witnesses caught them spraying indiscriminately before they even landed on the ships deck (it was a cunning photo opportunity to stop and pose for the CNN cameras to film them getting caught in the backlash after their cold blooded assault). If you slow down the footage, you will notice one of the senior goons hand movement gesturing to his shower-cap headed buffoons to hold fire while they pose.

"Eyewitness accounts demolish Israeli lies: Commandos opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, then shot and tortured people at will"(see link below)

"raw video by an Al Jazeera producer, who was filming during the raid, appears to provide evidence that the IDF opened fire on the flotilla even before boarding it" (see link below)
  by: CheesyBiscuits   06/03/2010 02:55 AM     
  IDF fakes photos of "weapons"...  
  by: jamesmc   06/03/2010 03:30 AM     
  @ kmazzawi  
(Sorry in advance for any incorrect spelling to all)

kmazzawi, U are talking $hit! U claim to be Palestinian and Egyptian... U can complain and deny this until u go blue in the face but to me, U are either Coptic or an Israeli. Not all, but a large majority of Coptics are taught at a young age their negative views of all other religions other than theirs, but mainly the Muslims. I lived in Egypt for a few years, and its true, whether u accept this or not. If you are not really Egyptian, then u must be Israeli, because all the crap u are putting out there, is absolute HORSE$HIT! As mentioned from another SN user, u sound like a broken record... like a spoilt kid that chucks a tantrum when they dont get things their way. U r trying to convince ppls that ur crap is true, and because they are not falling for ur rubbish, you keep going on and on and on and on. Now that we got ur religious view on this topic out in the open, lets get to the facts.

If you watch the videos all around the web, and not your BRAINWASHING CONTROLLED media, you will see:

1 - The IDF, TERRORI$TS IN UNIFORM (TIU) I LIKE TO CALL THEM,They opened fire before landing, they sprayed bullets while still in the chopper.

2 - it is said they used paintball guns to scare them? thats stupid, who will take a paintball gun into a so called HOSTILE situation. Even if it was a paintball gun (which it wasnt), if someone pointed a fake knife, gun, bat or any weapon on me, i will take it seriously and try to do wat i can for my survival.

3 - Israels are the murderers of modern society, actually they have been murders as far as i can remember.

4 - They are doing worse than what they claim the Nazi´s had done to them. B4 i get ppls jumping on me and mouthing off, i say in MY OPINION, I personally have doubts about the entire holocaust, because ANY HUMAN, and i repeat, any HUMAN, that went through what they did as shown in their Hollywood movies, would not do the same and worse onto others. No matter the reasons.

5 - There is only one way to describe the Israelis: MURDERERS!!!

Accept it or not... And as its said, "That´s the way the cookie crumbles".
  by: SiRpLo   06/03/2010 05:07 AM     
you seem to indicate that being a copt is not being an egyptian. 20% of the DNA of egyptians, even the muslim ones is arab, the rest is not arab. So get over it.

I will answer your point in the same numbering you used:

1. israel did not spray bullets before landing.

2. i do not believe they were carrying paintball guns either. I found that quite funny actually. I love the game.

3. Over the last 30-40 years, 1 Million Arab jew were removed from Arab countries. The Stupid germans got caught and had to apologize. If you want to do it right, do it the arab way.
4. 6 illion Arabs in Gaza today. If the israeli were conducting a holocost the numbers would have been as low as the numbers of jews still left in arab countries.

5. Yep. Murderers. They are supposed to sit and give the reign of power to the arabs and wait for the mercy that the arabs are not even capable of showing to their own citizens.

  by: kmazzawi     06/03/2010 06:07 AM     
  @ kmazzawi  
U still deny your country (Israel) was not the 1st to fire...

goto h**p://

any person can throw in some stats and put them in a sentence like you just did..

did u know there are 4.73 million jews living in New Zealand and 28.65% condemn Israels actions?

U c? I just made up a heap of crap and put them into a sentence like you just did.

It´s like i am talking to a 2 year old... u believe ur propaganda media nonsense if thats wat makes you happy.

But pretending to be palestinian/egyptian and saying the arabs/rest of the world is wrong while israel is right, Thats a typical dirty Israeli propaganda tactic. All they do is lie lie lie... Just like the Australian passport theft and assassination saga not too long ago. They denied it till blue in the face until the truth came out.

They, along with yourself, are the type of ppl that make this world a filthier place.

Rats in the

After all, your people were created for one reason, to ruin the world. After all, if your people didn´t exist, then there wouldn´t be a need for heaven. Well, atleast heaven is one place they won´t be able to destroy and corrupt, because they wont be allowed in.
  by: SiRpLo   06/03/2010 06:37 AM     
I am fairly certain that the USSG (thats United States Coast Guard) can board any vessel in international waters if it suspects it is carrying weapons/drugs etc. and heading to its ports/water ways.

You might ask what does the USCG have to do with the Israeli Navy. Well if its legal for the USCG you can bet that any other country can do the same under maritime law.

So you might ask "well why dont they board the Somali pirate boats to seize the weapons". well under maritime law its not illegal to carry firearms in international waters.
  by: snowman47   06/03/2010 06:42 AM     
  Bring it on  
If I was Israel and had all these people trying to kill my people I probly look at every dam boat coming my way. Even the dam row boats. Israel was totaly in there right to do what they did.Mess with the BULL YOU GET THE HORNS.
  by: CombatMedic   06/03/2010 06:49 AM     
  A Raid On A Ship In International Waters.  
I believe Israel was out of line. I also would not doubt that the unlisted part of the cargo was rockets and other arms to be used against Israel.

This looks like a draw for who was right and who was wrong. Everybody loses.

I don´t trust either side.
  by: ichi     06/03/2010 08:12 AM     
  Free Palestine!  
Israel´s image is even more damaged and turkey has succeded with bringing the rest of the world on board with how they feel. It will only be downhill for Israel from here and they will NEVER have peace or support from the rest of the world untill they give the Palestinians the rights to their own country. Meaning the amount of land that they deserve rather than what the Greedy Israelis say they deserve.
  by: HBX   06/03/2010 09:49 AM     
Really? Worse than the Holocaust? Really?? I won´t even waste my time, but claiming that Israel´s treatment of the Palestinians is ´the same and worse´ than what the Nazis did in the Holocaust suggests you really have no idea what happened in WWII, and I doubt whether you have even seen these Hollywood movies you talk about. If you really believe that Israel´s actions are the equivalent of sending millions and millions of people into forced labour camps (that make prisons look like 5 star resorts) where most literally worked themselves to death, having doctors perform torturous experiments on people to see how long it takes for them to die, and sending millions to death camps where they would be executed in bulk by gas chambers, or lined up and shot cold-bloodedly - if you really think that Palestine is anything like that, then I just feel bad for you.
  by: yeap     06/03/2010 03:17 PM     
You know, i really gave up on this site, with its enormous hate for Israel. just look up in this thread (as a simple example). People say in one sentence "annihilate Israel", and then cry that israel is treating everyone else like the "Holocaust". They only make sense to themselves, believing only what they choose to believe, falling for the (genius, no less) media campaign crafted by the terrorist government of gaza. I tried once to reason with someone here, I think it was our favorite "Havoc", about him claiming israel is performing "mass extinction" of Palestinians (riiighhhtt, 1000 dead is no less than a few millions, right?), but nothing came out of it (but that was a usual case with Mr.Havoc). They just refuse to suck their heads from their asses, believe every lie that is being broad-casted over anti-israeli sites, but dont even bother reading pro-israeli sites, because "all pro-israeli sites are a full with conspiracy theories" (cause the anti´s arent, right?, jews lie else dont.)

its just a waste of time, the world always hated jews (in this day and age, they learned the politically correct game, and call it "the zionists", claiming they "have no problem with jews", right? do you all want all the "jews" to come be your neighbors? didnt think so. well, they need a country in that case, try to put these two ones together, you can do it.), and the world will continue to hate them. Therefor, israel doesnt really have much choice now does it? it must protect itself (yes, also by forcefully checking a giant ship that _might_ contain not so humanitarian stuff, although it appears that killing and attacking israeli´s is quite humanitarian indeed), because not only will no one else guaranty israel´s safety, but because its the only place in the world, where calling for its "annihilation" has no consequences whatsoever, and frankly, its quite common.

Well, like it or not, scream or accept, blame israel blindly or blame it when it is due (and believe me, it is due many times), they are here to stay. forever. deal with it.
  by: vadali   06/03/2010 03:44 PM     
  @ valdali

Not everyone is against Israelis. I am against murderers.
  by: captainJane     06/03/2010 04:34 PM     
The world´s dislike of Israel will always be there until Israel gives the Palestinians their own country with the amount of land that they deserve. Deal with it and stop whining.
  by: HBX   06/03/2010 06:25 PM     
The palestinian do not want a piece of the land as you imply. The current islamofascist palestinian governemtn wants every single inch. They will not accept anything less then every single inch. And they will keep asking for it until every last palestinian dies.

The Hamas movement, as written in their constitution is primarly supported by the egyptian muslim brotherhood, the same ideology and the same leader (Dr.Zawahiri) that fuels the Taliban. So plz, get the Hamas(Taliban) out of the Palestinian land, and then we can talk about who gets what piece.

@Sirplo: Nice rant with nothing but swearing and you keep referring to me as an israeli/jew. I find this one quite funny: "Rats in the Arabian Eastern Location"
Eastern? for real? East of what? Libya?
  by: kmazzawi     06/03/2010 06:36 PM     
"Israel´s image is even more damaged and turkey has .."

I would avoid critiquing other country´s images and then mention Turkey on the same line. Compared to Turkey´s short and long history, the image of any country on the planet will suddenly shine next to the word Turkey. I just can´t help but remembering another disgusting word from history, the Ottoman.

  by: kmazzawi     06/03/2010 06:41 PM     
  Vivaldi Have You Forgotten  
The Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty?

In case you have here is a video of the attack by Israel on a United States Navy ship.

Their hands are not clean.
  by: ichi     06/03/2010 06:46 PM     
Well the Israelis want it all too, and they use the settlement method to achieve it. They have attacked and ivaded in the 60s and now a military method to spread out in other territories is not neccessary anymore. They try to blind the world into not seeing that they are trying to take entire "current" Israel to themselves and push the Palestinians aside. You are forgetting why Hamas and other are attacking Israel in the first place. Israel forced the muslims out of their homes and changed their way of life in order to create their own state. The real war never ended and is going on till this date, it may be in different forms of Palestinian parties (Hamas) but it is still there. It had it´s cease-fires but it never ended after Israel was formed. I hate to see lost lives anywhere, but I hold Israel largely accountable for not creating a solution to this. This IS the price to pay for displacing people and distinguishing the country of Palestine, and not finding the right solution for the Palestinian people. After all you should be thankful for what you have or at least figure out a compensation package for the Palestinians.

In the USA the Native Americans have taken their land away but they still have rights in this country more than anyone. Tax free, have their own laws, are compensated by the government, can build giant casinos that no other normal american can and earn more money per person than they could have possibly have done with having their own country. Of course you hear some of them complaining sometimes about the past, but majority of them still like the perks that they are getting.

Do the same with Palestininans. The Palestinians were there last and that was their land that was taken away, no matter if the Jews lived there 1000 years ago. Jews were never driven out by Palestinians.
  by: HBX   06/03/2010 07:15 PM     

Well, i hear what you say, but please, if you dont mind, watch this attached video,

the land was not exactly "flourishing" before 48. in fact most of the israeli city (most, not all), were nothing but desert, swamps, forests or dunes. the video attached shows interesting photos from before 48.

secondly, the "settlements" that are really on Palestinian lands now days are mostly frozen, and do not expand much. also, and more importantly, they are not welcomed by the israeli general population and media. what usually expands are the ones that will remain within israeli territories after any agreeable futuristic agreement will take place. They (The Palestinians genius PR people) just run to the media, counting on the fact that any use of the combination of words such as "israel,settelment" and "building" in a single statement will automatically trigger images of housewives getting ripped away from their homes with having to split from their kids. no man, its not like that. that is an exaggeration designed to hit your soft spots, such as your families and homes.
I agree that israel needs to find a way to settle this, but there are (at least) two problems:

1. israel cant resolve this situation alone, it needs a real partner (and israel did try on numerous occasions to open the borders with the Palestinians, usually resulting in an increase in spontaneously combusting buses. In order to protect the israeli situation from such a thing, every Palestinian that wants to enter israel, has to go through security. doesnt make sense?

2. Its a problem to resolve this situation where hamas makes it very clear (on every possible occasion) that it wants the entire country to itself (with Jerusalem as its capital, no less), and then, maybe, if they will feel like it, they will allow the jews to live there. well, thats not gonna happen. but its kind of a problem resolving this minor difference.

So you cant really hold israel responsible all by herself to this situation, although it was renewed in 48.

again, watch the video in the link above, see the pictures, israel´s cities are the result of israel´s work. didnt steal it from noone.

@ichi - no one said israels hands were always clean. no ones hands are. not the americans, russians, britians, or any other country at one point in time (certainly not turkey) or another. but that also doesnt mean israel should be automatically blamed at every step.
  by: vadali   06/04/2010 03:12 AM     
Israel needs to push Pala into the ocean. Its theres any ways.
  by: CombatMedic   06/04/2010 05:52 AM     
Thanks for a very reasonable reply. I do wish nothing more than peace in that region. Honestly nothing in this world would make me happier. I know it will be difficult to fix it all but Israel really needs to take a stand and compromise. After all it was a country that was a largely Muslim (but had all faiths) country turned into a Jewish country. It was a slap in the face for almost all Muslims across the world. I want the Jews to be happy. And I know what they went through in WW2. My grandfather was imprisoned at the Auschweiz Concentraton camp throughout the entire war. My grandmother thought he was dead, and he returned beaten up and weighing 80lbs being 6´ 5". I have no remorse against the Jews. It´s just that if we were to "try" and stop religious hate around the world it would have to start with Israel. Rest can follow by example. Jerusalem is the heart of the world. If Israel was to show major compassion towards the Muslim people and compromise they would be largely respected throughout the entire world and Israel would flourish economically like it never has before.
  by: HBX   06/04/2010 09:02 AM     
"Well the Israelis want it all too, "
The israelis are for a Two state solution, the hamas(taliban) refuse to even talk about that option. The constitution of Hamas forbids any arab or hamas leader from giving up even 1 inch of land. Read the Hamas constitution if you want to have an opinion on the current situation.

"They have attacked and ivaded in the 60s"
The attack in 1967 was performed against Arab armies that were already amassed at the israeli borders. A bit after the famous Nasser speech: "We will push them into the sea"

Comparing natives to palestinians is interesting except that between the apples and oranges, the palestinians kept getting a solution from their neighboring arabs and the solution were just bad.

First the Arabs gave the Palestinians a military solution: "We will ally ourselves with Germany during WW2 and we will beat the British and their mandate." After the mufti of Jerusalem shook hands with the nazis and blessed couple muslims brigades into the SS, the palestinians lost a lot of grounds in the 40´s & 50´s.

Then in the 60´ 70´ 80´ it was the Arab Nationalism. Big flop that was for all the Arabs and worse for the Palestinians.

Now, the Arabs are offering islamofascism. Islam as a form of government is failing every single society that attempted it in the last 50 years. It is like a curse. As soon as you implement a koran you move backwards. And the closer you get to a koran, the faster you decline.

Unfortunately for the Palestinians since they are already vulnerable, the bad solutions always hit them hardest.

Most of the Arab leaders by now have learned that they need to stay the hell away. Near the end of his life, no arab leader wanted to meet up with Arafat or even touch his stinking hand. And now they like Hamas even less except for the few non-oil based arab tribes who are just interested in doing business with Hamas.

I hope that will shed some light as to why even the Egyptian government (not its people) are supporting a blockade on Gaza.
  by: kmazzawi     06/04/2010 08:21 PM     
After all the Jews have endured, you would think this generation would know better than to behave this way. It must have mortified a lot of those poor souls that survived all that hell even further. :(

The problem here is those who have been in rule for so long, will forever be a force to be reckoned with. UK and America failed the Jews in the most dismal way. So Is real has been over compensated ever since. For decades the world has allowed Israelis leaders off, on every single one of their botched up deals.

I so wish outside governments would not only meet with these peace keeping groups with intention of more than only to talks this time and find a way to form a new and more rational Government.
  by: captainJane     06/04/2010 08:33 PM     
  @ kmazzawi  
darn it. I had written my last comment a while back and missed your last comment.

Need the time to absorb it. :)
  by: captainJane     06/04/2010 08:38 PM     
Any kind of religious government is horrible, Israel is also one of them. Just like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. I personally am not religions for a good reason. Religion devides people and is a poison for their soul. I myself have lived through a religious war in Bosnia, and know the feeling first hand. In Bosnia the Serbs wanted to wipe the area clean of Muslims who were nothing but peaceful and wanted their own country. Serbs did pay the price later on. Islam does need to create a new edition of the Kuran updating it so Islam can be more compatible with the modern world. Bible has been revised multiple times. Islam is still a young religion. When Christianity was this old they were still burning witches and anyone who said that the earth wasn´t flat they would be imprisoned. It is a peaceful religion (until bothered) but I do agree that there is a revision that is required. It will happen eventualy. More Muslim children will adapt to the modern world and will see that some things will have to change. Islam in Bosnia is really different, and built to co-exist with other religions very easily. Women don´t have to cover themselves up to hide their beauty. Before the war Roman Catholics, Christian Orthodox, and Muslims would never look at each other differently. Ex. Yugoslavian president Milosevic changed all that for the worse.

Eventually things will get better, but it takes people to realise that we are all just human and it does not matter what you believe in. People will always point the finger to someone else, but the real heroes are the people that want to create real solution that works out the best for all rather than just blaming others. What I said is very obvious, but not many follow it.
  by: HBX   06/04/2010 11:44 PM     
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