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                 02/26/2018 04:06 AM  
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06/09/2010 01:03 PM ID: 84392 Permalink   

House Catches Fire: Woman Saves Dogs, Forgets to Save Grandson


Britain: When her home caught fire after a faulty toaster apparently ignited, 45-year-old Mandy Hands got her 16-year-old son and her dogs safely out but forgot about her grandson who was staying with her.

She only remembered the boy when someone inquired if everybody was out. By that time the fire had made the house impossible to enter. Firefighters arrived a short time later and rescued the 11-year-old, who suffered from smoke inhalation.

"I can´t get over the fact I left my grandson in bed. He’s visiting from Portsmouth and I was panicking so much trying to get everyone out that I forgot he was here. I never even checked on him," said Hands.

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  She´s 45  
and has an 11-year-old grandson?
  by: TabbyCool     06/09/2010 02:30 PM     
  that just about says it all  
doesnt it?
  by: gman   06/09/2010 04:18 PM     
Maybe the grandson was an asshole? I´m just sayin´.
  by: spiggy   06/09/2010 09:45 PM     
Not sure there are many 11 year olds who could be enough of a d-bag to deserve to /die/.
  by: velger   06/09/2010 11:43 PM     
  my math aint so good  
Wouldn´t that make her (mandy) 14 or 15 years old when she had her first child?

This´ll do a lot for the kids self-esteem
  by: shaohu     06/10/2010 06:11 AM     
A 17 year old has gives birth to a daughter > That daughter then has a baby at 17. If the resulting baby is 11. The grandmother would be 45.

17 + 17 + 11 = TWO!
  by: lockon   06/10/2010 10:33 AM     
I´m certainly not saying the kid deserved to die, I´m just wondering how she remembered her 16 y/o kid and the dogs, but supposedly no one remembered the grandson was staying with them. Maybe the 11 y/o was a complete brat and they "accidently" forgot about him on purpose.
  by: spiggy   06/10/2010 08:31 PM     
Wonderful math with some interesting implications. Either mother and daughter are both hussies, baby crazy, exceptionally fertile or exceptionally unlucky. Or, we could assume that the Grandmother had at some point in her adult life adopted a child who was already in the age range of say 9 or 10 and bam-o, problem solved.
  by: zirschky     06/10/2010 09:46 PM     
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