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                 02/24/2018 12:43 PM  
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06/13/2010 06:39 AM ID: 84422 Permalink   

GOP Leader Under Fire for ´BP Bailout´


Congressional Democrats are skewering Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner for comments in which he seemed to suggest that taxpayer money should be used to help clean up BP´s massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Democrats have proposed lifting the legal cap on liabilities, which would mean that BP would be held solely responsible for cleaning up the spill. Boehner said the cap shouldn´t be lifted and that BP and the government should share the cost.

Later, however, a Boehner spokesman said that the congressman supports "no taxpayer money for cleanup or damages -- period." Democrats have launched a site critical of Boehner, pointing out that he´s received over $250,000 in campaign funds from BP.

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Yep, nothing like a retroactive law aimed at punishing a company.
  by: morganmacleod     06/13/2010 07:35 AM     
  It´s not retroactive  
if the crime is an ongoing event. Moreover, the cap is insufficient to cover the damage. The cap is what made them slipshod, they did not think they had any averse risk to consider. I worked for Exxon prior to the Valdez and I remember talking to the head of accounting as we waited for the all clear from a bomb threat at HQ and he bragged, in all seriousness, that we would make a profit from the spill by the time he got through with it. He was right.
  by: Moral_Hazard   06/13/2010 07:49 AM     
it would be retroactive and is being used as punishment in a civil matter, not criminal.
  by: morganmacleod     06/13/2010 07:54 AM     
I think it would be retroactive as well, at least what has already happened up to the bill, but what are these morons doing bickering over whos going to foot the bill. Get the damn shit cleaned up and worry about that after. The government should be doing everything in its power to help contain this, national guard, navy, whatever... then can worry about who has to pay what when time isnt an issue.
  by: joshjje   06/13/2010 09:12 AM     
  @those who want the government to pay  
BP is a corporation. According to its website, it operates in over 100 countries. Shouldn´t all of those country´s governments chip in? For those who say no (which is probably just about everyone) then which government(s) should?

Perhaps it should be where the corporation is based. That would be England. After all, BP originally stood for "British Petroleum." Their website even states "London is where BP’s corporate headquarters are located, and the UK is therefore a centre for trading, legal, finance and other mainstream business functions."

So it seems that if any government should pay, it should be England´s government. After all, it would be a bad precedent to say that any company can do something bad in another country knowing that the local government and people will be the ones to foot the bill.

It should be obvious that the corporation is at fault and therefore it should be the sole responsibility of the corporation to resolve the issue and foot the bill.

In my opinion, the only exception is when the company is unable to pay for the problem completely. In that situation, the local government would need to take over to protect its people but in that case when all is said and done the company at fault should either be completely dissolved with all its assets sold off or owned by the government who covered the bill.
  by: opinionated   06/13/2010 04:24 PM     
  Still wrong  
it is not retroactive as new parties are damaged by the spill´s movement those are new crimes. Yes, crimes, gross negligence resulting in the spill and, you forget, 11 deaths.
  by: Moral_Hazard   06/13/2010 06:34 PM     
Dammit, man, why do you come up with a reasonable solution to the payment to fund this cleanup of the diaster that is so reasonable that it defies logic? Shame on you!
  by: OLD MAN   06/13/2010 06:43 PM     
John Boehner: poster child for hypocrisy.
What happened to his religion of no taxes and no bailouts? Oh, he got a bribe from BP. That explains everything. He and Mitch McConnell never cease to embarrass the country.
  by: Lurker     06/13/2010 06:49 PM     
I´d go one step further. If the corporation can´t foot the bill hold the board of directors, the President and the VP personally libel for damages, strip them of all assets and give them lengthy prison sentences. It´s time to bring back responsibility to corporate management. Currently they hide being the corporate shield and have no fear of repercussions from their folly. Take that shield away.
  by: valkyrie123     06/13/2010 07:09 PM     
  Oh noes!  
The Democrats have "launched a site!" Whatever will Boehner do? The choir is really going to love the sermon they´re going to read on this site. Jeez Democrats, no need to be so harsh, what are you trying to do, destroy the guy?
  by: H. W. Hutchins   06/13/2010 07:33 PM     
Care to explain why the Democrats shouldn´t attack just as harshly as they´re attacked?
  by: Ben_Reilly     06/14/2010 02:18 AM     
"Jeez Democrats, no need to be so harsh, what are you trying to do, destroy the guy?"
Yep, the country would be a lot better off without him and Mitch "Obstructionist" McConnell.
  by: Lurker     06/14/2010 04:26 AM     
  My Suggestion-  
Yes, use taxpayer and government resources to fix the damn leak.

Then, have BP pay it back. They dont want to? Confiscate their platforms. Britain will not risk war with us over it. BP pays it back, or goes bankrupt and the US confiscates their platforms.

Granted I havent put a world of thought behind that suggestion, but face value it seems pretty simple to me.

I think the priority is fixing the leak, not White House bickering or ´Bammy spouting off ass kick line and sifting sand through his fingers.
  by: moxpearl   06/14/2010 02:19 PM     
Quote:Shouldn´t all of those country´s governments chip in?

Yes I think they all should pay but the fact is when you say government will pay in reality it is the people. Government doesn´t make money they collect it from us. Truth is if our tax dollar doesn´t pay for it, we will pay for it at the pump. So one way or another no matter how you word it, the people are going to pay.
  by: hellblazer     06/14/2010 06:11 PM     
´Bammy´? You may as well use the "N" word. Nice racist remark.
  by: Lurker     06/14/2010 09:49 PM     
  This Poor Company Being Punished  
For putting fishing companies out of business through their carelessness.

Companies in the resort industry companies out of business through their carelessness.

Restaurant companies companies out of business through their carelessness.

Killing the the plants in the estuaries that keep the tidal storm surges in check (you know flooding) that will physically destroy the buildings of companies putting them out of business through their carelessness.

Heck yeah, lets not make them pay for their reckless destruction of private and corporate property in the greedy accumulation of personal profit, That would be so Un-American holding them responsible for their reckless behavior. We only do that to little people.

Freakin Morons.
  by: ichi     06/14/2010 11:23 PM     
Personally I dont know why the Execs at BP still have their heads. I thought the USA had Capital Punishment wouldn´t this be when you use it when certain individuals become a threat to the wellbeing of society through their refusal to follow the law. they have caused more misery than any indivual murderer or rapist could simply through the huge scale and sheer amount of people this affects.
  by: veya_victaous     06/15/2010 05:09 AM     
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