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                 10/23/2014 02:24 PM  
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06/29/2010 02:42 PM ID: 84606 Permalink   

Sonoma-Marin Fair Awards Chihuahua "World´s Ugliest Dog" Prize


Princess Abbey Francis, a four-year-old chihuahua with a closed left eye and a curved back, surpassed all ugly winners from past years and took the $1,000 prize for the fair held in Petaluma, CA.

She beat out last year´s winner, Pabst, a boxer, and the 2003-2005 winner, Sam. She was actually cute as WUD entrants go; owner Kathleen Francis finds her beautiful. She recently adopted the malnourished stray from her vet.

This was the 22nd WUD contest held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

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  oh wow  
dog is really cute but the owner needs some serious help!!!
  by: mikkitaz   06/29/2010 08:25 PM     
The one holding the cute dog is the world´s ugliest dog.
  by: vhan     06/29/2010 09:42 PM     
  Ugliest Dog award = Special Olympics  
It´s like hey I can´t do that high caliber breading like the pros do it, lets do the complete opposite! While we´re at it, lets make an award for most trashed and thrashed car and fattest person / most unhealthiest person.

Diety forbid we attempt to improve our race or the race of lower lifeforms.
  by: LykosSN4   07/02/2010 04:00 PM     
  @ Everyone  
Ya that dog is pretty cute, definitely wouldn´t call it ugly.

But did anyone get a look at the 2003-2005 winner...

Now THAT deserves to win, no questions asked. aparently even the judges like recoiled in horror at the sight of this nighmare.
  by: radso1   07/02/2010 04:46 PM     
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