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                 04/18/2014 02:18 AM  
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07/12/2010 09:24 AM ID: 84717 Permalink   

UK: Horse Killed by Big Cat?


Herefordshire: A big cat, possibly an escaped panther, may be responsible for the death of a horse at Ross-on-Wye. Initially the attacker was thought to be a horse but an examination of the wounds ruled that out. Police are advising locals to be alert.

According to the British Big Cat Organisation´s Danny Bamping there have been a number of no dissimilar attacks in West Wales. Based on photos of the horse´s injuries he is "95 percent sure" a big cat is behind the attack.

"I was one of the biggest cynics when I hear about cats roaming the countryside. However, having looked at the injuries, there is a definite possibility that they were inflicted by a big cat," said vet Simon Lyddon.

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  by: Shaka2155   07/12/2010 07:18 PM     
Keep the goat suckers out of this!!
  by: billycan   07/15/2010 04:53 PM     
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