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                 02/21/2018 02:04 PM  
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07/14/2010 05:44 AM ID: 84747 Permalink   

Soldier Goes on Killing Spree - Still on the Run


Thursday night, Sles Yeb (a soldier) got angry with his wife and son and attempted to slash them with a knife. After they fled the house, Yeb grabbed his AK47, bullets and bombs and he walked down the streets of Kampom Treas, Cambodia, shooting.

Yeb killed his first random victim by shooting him in the stomach ten times. He shot and killed two more people and seriously injured four before he fled into a corn field to escape the police.

Police did a 48-hour stakeout at the cornfield but did not catch him. Currently more than 100 police and soldiers are involved in the manhunt for Yeb. Yeb´s commander said, "We do not support him even though he is a soldier."

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  Good on Yeb´s commander.  
At the time Yeb began randomly killing people, he became a serial killer more than a soldier.

It´s a pity the Catholic church doesn´t take the same viewpoint...

  by: bbeljefe     07/14/2010 05:52 AM     
  cops and solderis= criminals  
the people who are the biggest criminals and who hurt the country and economy the most are the military and police.

They´re responsible for almost all the illegal logging and deforestation, for a lot of the human trafficking, they get away with murder constantly, rob constantly, and are, in general, wastes of flesh.

The country is corrupt from the top down so corruption is the norm. Everyone knows about it but when the ones with the guns and the power are the corrupt ones, what can be done? A coup would be very bloody and this country doesn´t need another coup; they´ve already had such a rough history in the last 30 years but as long as the govt, military and police keep screwing all the rest of the people, the country will never progress.

Almost every time a soldier, cop or govt official breaks the law, murder´s someone, rapes someone, steals, etc, they are almost always protected and they get away with anything they want. They know this which is why they are the ones committing some of the most heinous crimes.
So what´s the solution. Trying to get them out of power will destroy the country quickly with war, or let them have their power and watch them destroy the country slowly.
Doesn´t seem to be any solution except we need some vigilantees to assasinate some of the top corrupt officials. If the top corrupt people constantly get shot, maybe eventually we can get one who isn´t corrupt. Since the country´s current foundation based on corruption, what happens when you knock the base out?

BTW: I know a guy who is a soldier and he is given orders by his commanding officers to do illegal things (right now he is in reservations doing illegal deforestation. If he doesn´t do the illegal things, then he is "fired" and fired in a way so he can never tell anyone anything.
At the same time, soldiers and cops sign up knowing that the majority of their actions and duties will be illegal.
Even "normal" govt workers are corrupted to the core.

If you ever ask ANY government worker for a receipt they will laugh you out of their office. They don´t give anyone receipts so they can pocket the money.
ok..rants over
  by: shaohu     07/14/2010 05:59 AM     
I have to ask, why isn´t the US attacking a country like this to overthrow the corrupt government, but they attack a government that is actually somewhat stable (Iraq)?
  by: nimira     07/14/2010 01:44 PM     
Where does it say anything about the ctholic church?

@ shaohu
That sounds really bad, which is a particular shame as I have seen your country on television and it has some spectacular nature and nice folks.
  by: Flutje   07/14/2010 01:46 PM     
  Did anyone else notice?  
This guy´s name is an anagram foe "Bless Ye"
  by: opinionated   07/14/2010 03:38 PM     
as in Bless Ye with my bullets? But no, hadn´t noticed that.
  by: reehaw     07/14/2010 05:03 PM     
  Nowhere, Flutje.  
I was simply making an abstract comparison of the words spoken by Yeb´s commander and the actions of the Catholic church when dealing with pedophile priests.

  by: bbeljefe     07/15/2010 05:58 AM     
there are a lot of countries who suffer from having totally corrupt governments. Going to war with these countries isn´t the solution. Look what happened when the US tried to stick their nose in Somalia´s problems. I can name a lot of countries that have governments that are corrupt from the top down, but going to war with them will do no good.
The solution is education. Kill off everything that stands in the way of educating people.
  by: shaohu     07/15/2010 07:28 AM     
Why are you asking my community to pay for the murder of people in their community? Where did you get that idea?
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/18/2010 11:44 PM     
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