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                 01/21/2018 11:21 PM  
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07/14/2010 08:41 PM ID: 84756 Permalink   

Republican Leader Backs Birther Lawsuits


Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) supports the conservative groups that are challenging the issue of President Obama´s citizenship, he said at a town-hall style event in Metairie last Sunday.

Conservative groups´ claims that President Obama is not a legal United States citizen have been discredited. Nevertheless, the Senator said he supports "conservative legal organizations and others who would bring that to court."

However, Vitter said he foremost wishes to focus on opposing President Obama´s agenda and said that conservatives shouldn´t focus on the birther issue, saying that would be "a big mistake."

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  So to break that down  
... Senator Vitter believes that President Obama wasn´t born in America and thus is a "usurper" to the Oval Office.

But he doesn´t think too big a deal should be made of that.

Right ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/14/2010 08:55 PM     
  It´s like a circus  
Watching this clown juggle.
  by: vhan     07/14/2010 09:51 PM     
Again...answer me this Ben.

Obama has released his ´Certification of Live Birth´ or the short form certification.

Why has the ´Certificate of Live Birth´ not been released and why has the government refused to answer freedom of information requests for the Certificate of Live Birth/long form?

Why does the government continue to ignore this simple, legal difference in Hawaiian state documentation.

This whole matter could be finished, finalized, done, if the ´Certificate of Live Birth´ was released. I could care less which side is right, Obama´s in office and we have to deal with it. But, we could shut everyone up if the Obama administration just ponied up and presented the correct document.

P.S. Totally knew this was a BR post.
  by: Sasquatches_United   07/14/2010 09:59 PM     
It´s just like in 2008: "We believe Barack Obama has associates who are terrorists (for example, William Ayers). Now, we haven´t taken action to keep him from running for president. We haven´t reported him to Homeland Security or anything like that. We just think you shouldn´t vote for him."

Yeah, right! : )
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/14/2010 09:59 PM     
Again ... Obama has produced legal documentation which is, and always has been, accepted as proof of birth in the United States.

End of story.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/14/2010 10:01 PM     
  This was and still is...  
Nothing but discrimination on the basis of race, color, and ethnic background. Bet you if Obama´s name, while still being black, was DeWayne James, or any other "American" sounding name, it wouldn´t be as much of an issue...

But because his ancestry is partly Kenyan, and his name bears the infamous "Hussein" name, the idiots assume he must not be American. It helps that he´s a Democrat, therefore against all patriotic values that conservatives hold dear...

Only a small excuse is needed. That´s all.

This would be the same if the president´s name was Pedro Rofrigues...everyone would be saying the president is Mexican.

How stupid.
  by: bkraul   07/14/2010 10:30 PM     
>>This whole matter could be finished, finalized, done, if the ´Certificate of Live Birth´ was released.
::No it couldn´t. I said it before so I will just quote myself.
"It doesn´t matter. He could have a video of himself showing every moment of his life from birth until he became the President. He could get notarized copies of his birth certificate sent to every person in the US. He could have his doctor from his birth come around to every person stating under a lie detector that he is a citizen. And it wouldn´t matter in the least. For whatever reason, people will claim that the whole thing is a coverup, a conspiracy. No matter the amount of proof he gave, people would still be claiming he was not a citizen. *sigh*"
>>I could care less which side is right, Obama´s in office and we have to deal with it. But, we could shut everyone up if the Obama administration just ponied up and presented the correct document.
::He did and people still don´t believe it. No amount of proof will ever allow them to believe it.
  by: qwerty017   07/14/2010 10:56 PM     
"It´s just like in 2008: "We believe Barack Obama has associates who are terrorists (for example, William Ayers). Now, we haven´t taken action to keep him from running for president. We haven´t reported him to Homeland Security or anything like that. We just think you shouldn´t vote for him."

Ummm, you do know that Obama´s political career was launched in Bill Ayers living room right?
  by: Sasquatches_United   07/14/2010 11:37 PM     
  Really now  
Don´t we have more important things to worry about other than this nonsense. This has been going back and forth since he´s been elected. Agree to disagree and move the hell on already.
  by: diamond204   07/14/2010 11:57 PM     
  Jesus H. Christ.  
Didn´t the republitards finally put their tinfoil hats away on this nonsense? Tell you what, I´ll give them the president´s birth certificate when Sarah Palin provides a high school diploma.
  by: CaptainChainsaw   07/15/2010 12:12 AM     
  Barack´s birth was in the local paper  
For the love of God, drop this nonsense already.
  by: caution2     07/15/2010 12:24 AM     
  Here we go again  
Right wing retards do nothing but beat dead horses and invent conspiracy crap, don´t you know that? I´m so fed up with Prison Planet/Alex Jones lies and conservative drivel I could just puke. Get your collective heads out of your asses. You are embarrassing.
  by: Lurker     07/15/2010 01:36 AM     
Funny that the things you birthers are always looking for are always easy for me to find.

Here´s a page with the link to his birth certificate.

Here´s a page with two different newspaper announcements of his birth.
  by: splicer   07/15/2010 02:11 AM     
They don´t want truth and evidence. They want to cling to their fantasies.
  by: Lurker     07/15/2010 02:41 AM     
  On the contrary. ..  
The worst thing Obama could do would be to provide more evidence of his birth in the USA, by doing that he´d be aknowledging the existence of these attention seeking ´birthers´. He´s given more proof than any other president has had to (as far as i´m aware) and now he´s focussing his attention on running a country. Sounds kind of... presidential.
  by: jamesmc   07/15/2010 03:22 AM     
  This is so stupid.  
Here in Aus our current PM was born wasn´t born here, the opposition leader wasn´t born here either. I haven´t heard anyone bitch yet and i really don´t care.
  by: shiftyfarker   07/15/2010 03:37 AM     
...had to pass a special bill just to deal with the retarded asshole "birthers" in order to combat their relentless requests for obama´s birth certificate. These assholes sent out thousands upon thousands of requests, taking up valuable time and spending tax payer money on this frivolous and asinine "issue".
  by: vash_the_stampede     07/15/2010 04:30 AM     
  An Interesting Question  
What do you do with someone who refuses to believe what you know is true?

I have come to believe that people are free to believe what they want. If they insist that it´s Thursday, and I am certain it´s Wednesday, why should they accept my truth? They won´t make their appointments, but that´s their right, to be wrong.

Or course the woman who convinced me of this listens to too much talk radio.

But I have come to accept that to her, if she really believes something I know is wrong, she has that right.

Our country can´t possibly be successful anymore. Too many people with their own truths.
  by: Jim8   07/15/2010 05:55 AM     
  Right wing retards  
these money hungry parasites will not give up or assist this government with anything, they are hoping for failure, in order to get back into power. that´s some patriotism right? let the whole USA down just for their own greed. seems like the sh*t started to hit the fan with the start of bush & co government.
  by: robbierobertson   07/15/2010 01:01 PM     
The answer to that is simple: How is anybody supposed to believe anything the US gouvernment says when it is documented fact that they have lied thousands of times to their own people and the world? People dont believe notorious liers like the government even if what they say regarding the birth certificate is true. But even if he is an US citizien, how comes he did go to an islamic Madrassa school in indonesia for many years and why is he also known as Barry Soetoro? Remember when he used this name while calling the radio show, he said Hi this is Barry from D.C. We will never find out if he is an US Citizen or not but some facts dont add up that is undenieable.
  by: evilrat   07/15/2010 03:03 PM     
  The man in the blue turban?  
The least Obama could do is to present that certificate. Whatever happened to of the people, by the people, for the people? Even if the present chattering classes, including their numerous useful idiots, feel the deepest contempt for ordinary people and their opinions. This shouldn´t even be an issue. Obama has a problem and he should address it. Unless of course... the birthers are right.
  by: Poseidon   07/15/2010 03:52 PM     
Thanks for making my point. You have your own truth, and there´s nothing that could convince you.

Unfortunately we will argue about this stuff instead of trying to achieve anything.

You win. Our society looses.
  by: Jim8   07/15/2010 04:54 PM     
  Have you plugged the hole yet daddy?  
Just thought I would throw that in there.

I have nothing of note to say.

Ignore me, I´m just bored.
  by: moxpearl   07/15/2010 08:04 PM     
First "our" Society does not lose as i am not an American. Second, i am not confinced, i am "on the fence" about this issue. It may be true or not that he is born in the US. But honestly i think it does not even matter. What counts is what he does.
  by: evilrat   07/15/2010 08:04 PM     
Then what the heck was with your silly earlier reply where you recounted all that crap?

I think you don´t care what he does, you dislike him because you are told to by Fox News, the source for a lot of what you mindlessly repeated.

By the way, what is important about a guy using a nick name? Barry for Barrack. So the %^&* what?

Then there´s the "islamic Madrassa school in indonesia" thing. He was, what, 7? Should he have had a temper tantrum and insisted on a Christian school?

It´s obvious that you are ignorant of other cultures.
  by: Jim8   07/15/2010 11:39 PM     
Not all of use that oppose Mr. Hussein listen to fox news.

I oppose his shady connections with dirty Chicago politics, his inherent cronyism (look at his cabinet and appointments especially Kagen), his use of race and bi-partisan ship for dividing and marginalizing the public for his benefit, his complete and utter failure at dealing with the BP disaster, his awful handling of real financial reform, his unconstitutional health care bill, his grooming by entrenched elite from the very start of his political career, his lack of releasing his undergrad records, his expansion of the middle east conflicts, his run-away spending and racking up the deficit, his pandering to foreign royalty, his complete lack of enforcing immigration law, his extension of the patriot act and that´s just the start of it.´ll probably just say I´m racist and ignore all of the above. There´s nothing wrong with him being black or having gone to an Islamic school. I would have preferred Hilary though as she´s a known commodity or Colin Powell.
  by: Sasquatches_United   07/16/2010 12:21 AM     
Do you mean President Obama? Who calls someone by their middle name?

What are his connections to "dirty" Chicago politics by the way?
What is wrong with Kagen? She seems perfectly qualified.
How does Obama benefit from supposedly dividing and margainalising the public?
What exactly should Obama have done differently to handle the BP oil spill?
What is unconstitutional about the health care reform bill?
What should he have done differently with financial reform?
Why do you feel you need to see his undergrad records?
By ´his expansion of the middle east conflicts´ I presume you mean the stepping up of the war effort in Afghanistan, what is wrong with that?

The rest of your problems or rather the rest of ´just the start of´ your problems with Obama I´m not interested in, but I´d like to see the reasoning behind the above.

I don´t believe you´re racist, but you´re not helping your case against my thinking you´re stupid...

My impression is that you are a person who has made up his mind about Obama and seeks to find or manipulate evidence to fit your preconception. I have no time for people who do that - so please, back up your rant above.
  by: jamesmc   07/16/2010 12:44 AM     
My friend, i dont even have FoxNews, its not available here. I get only CNN int. Second, you call me ignorant of other cultures well i am married to an african wife and i worked in humanitarian projects in africa for the orphans. I also have been to many countrys around the world and have friends from asia, the US, and many countrys in Europe. I guess the ignorant one are you judging about people you dont even know.
  by: evilrat   07/16/2010 12:54 AM     
  by: ixuzus     07/16/2010 01:47 AM     
It´s a well known fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a kenyan born double agent.

And why is it that we never see Ayers and Obama together? Obviously they are the same person!

A very clever disguise Mr. President or should I say Mr. Ayers?

  by: ukcn001XYZ   07/16/2010 03:44 AM     
  Mr. Hussain  
  by: Jim8   07/16/2010 04:38 AM     
  Actually come to think of it...  
I´ve never seen Obama, Ayers or Saddam Hussein all in the same room together, they´re probably all the same person.

That would also explain why Obama´s muddle name is Hussein!

It all makes sense now!

Except that Saddam Hussein is supposed to be dead, though his execution was definitly staged by ACORN.
  by: jamesmc   07/16/2010 01:09 PM     
  You may or may not like Obama but  
Let´s not beat around the...
  by: jamesmc   07/16/2010 02:19 PM     
End of story

Apparently not. If it was you wouldn´t have been able to post this story.
  by: hellblazer     07/19/2010 07:47 AM     
  I´ll just leave this here...  
  by: syoware   07/19/2010 08:04 AM     
compared to the vast majority of the people who post on this site, I would be considered right wing...and this bullshit is old to me.

The man is President, he was elected by the people of this country and for better or worse, he will remain president until his term ends. STOP looking for bullshit excuses to get him out of office, becuase it wont happen...and with all the collective minds attempting to come up with a valid reason to discredit him, THIS was the best they could come up with....those who back this up are pathetic.
  by: soulserenity   07/22/2010 10:32 PM     
Finally, a conservative that thinks! Well done!
  by: Lurker     07/22/2010 10:55 PM     
  Tell me why?  
Obama´s birth and college records are sealed. Why would anyone do that, unless they were hiding something? Avoid appearances of evil, and all that.
  by: biggfredd   07/24/2010 06:24 PM     
They are not sealed. You´ve been lied to and you´d rather believe a lie than the truth. Typical birther.
  by: Lurker     07/24/2010 06:40 PM     
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