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                 01/23/2018 11:05 PM  
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07/20/2010 10:41 AM ID: 84814 Permalink   

Report: China Shot Down a Second Satellite Earlier This Year


According to reports in Foreign Policy magazine China shot down a second satellite earlier this year. China previously shot down another of its own satellites in early 2007.

While many connect the test with China´s displeasure at Taiwan´s efforts to secure the Patriot missiles China-based military expert Peng Guangqian says the tests would have required significant preparation time and may be unrelated.

China reportedly says the test was defensive only and not aimed at anyone in particular. Peng also said that China has been a vocal supporter of keeping outer space demilitarised - something the US refuses to comment on.

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  I kill me first  
In the middle east they blow themselves, in china they blow their own sats, how can you win against such people.
  by: kmazzawi     07/21/2010 05:06 AM     
This one was dead and no longer required
  by: ixuzus     07/21/2010 05:33 AM     
They were probably testing to see if they could hit a moving target. Shooting down a satellite sounds simple but it is something only a few nations so far have the technology to do so far.

China is basically proving that they can do it and as such, are a power to reckon with to other industrialized nations.
  by: slavefortheman     07/21/2010 02:41 PM     
  @ Slave  
I think you are bang on! Pardon the pun.


You above all people you should know there are people forcing inocent civilians into wearing these big bang belts. Either for their own politiacl gain or sometimes their self important power games.
These peoples lives are nothing more than a commodity for thier to abuse, many of the bombers have and always will be victims too.

  by: captainjane     07/21/2010 03:16 PM     
Stop supporting the murder of civilians. No Palestinian christian blew himself up yet even though they have to suffer it twice as bad from the israeli jews as well as the muslim arabs.
  by: kmazzawi     07/21/2010 03:53 PM     
  It is common Knowledge..  
I wonder where that SN report is on the Iraqi mentally ill sisters were used in the Bagdad market Bombings.
  by: captainjane     07/21/2010 04:40 PM     
  Last comment @  
  by: captainjane     07/21/2010 04:41 PM     
Yes. the mentally ill is used by religious and political authority to blow themselves up. Driven by a foreign wahabi doctrine and supplied with foreign wahabi cash. A doctrine that will not share an inch.

  by: kmazzawi     07/22/2010 01:13 AM     
Let´s blow up a satellite and fill up orbit with MORE flying junk. Brilliant.
  by: CaptainChainsaw   07/22/2010 06:56 AM     
They blew it up because it was defunct and they wanted to say, ´we could do this to all of your communication satellites´ to other nations. A bullying tactic, basically.
  by: velger   07/22/2010 07:15 AM     
Believe there is a international treaty being drawn up to prevent space from being littered and thus, to dangerous to leave our planet.

I also think that another nation collided one of there satellites with another defunct one on purpose to stop them leaving low orbit and crashing back to earth - possibly in a densly populated area.

It´s a tricky situation, we don´t want satellites falling on our heads, but we certainly do not want satellite junk blocking our way out of here.
  by: Claridus   07/22/2010 08:00 PM     
  the answer to satellite junk  
is lasers. in the future there will be stations high on mountaintops with high powered lasers to vaporise debris stuck in earth´s orbit
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   07/23/2010 07:18 AM     
No satellites = no GPS or communications, so by having the ability to shoot down a satellite you basically have the ability to bring down a super power like the US to our knees. I dont like this one bit, with how much were used to technology now I think wed have a hell of a time trying to coordinate a war without communications.
  by: swordfizh   07/23/2010 07:08 PM     
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