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                 02/23/2018 09:50 AM  
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07/20/2010 04:54 PM ID: 84825 Permalink   

Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work Web Site


Playboy has launched a safe-for-work web site with the aim of reaching aged 25- to 34-year-old men who are at work, bored, and browsing. Most employees are firewalled off from sites such as due to its nudity.

The new site, won´t actually contain the articles that so many claim to read Playboy for, instead concentrating on being funny and "basically a juke box of cool".

"It´s all about social currency. You want to be the first guy of your friends to send the funny joke, the crazy video ... You can be the coolest guy among your friends..." said Playboy´s editorial director Jimmy Jellinek.

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Expressions like "juke box of cool" don´t inspire confidence for me. Maybe I just lack a sense of humour but being the first person to send all the jokes usually gets known as a friendly spammer.
  by: ixuzus     07/20/2010 04:57 PM     
Definitely not in my office. I can´t imagine there being many offices where you could openly browse this site!

I had to shrink my browser window to the size of a Post-It note to keep others from seeing what I was seeing!

Despite being NSFW, it does seem like a pretty cool site. Will probably visit it again... just not from the office.
  by: CArnold     07/20/2010 10:53 PM     
  agreed... is NSFW  
they need to tone down their content and language to at least a low PG equivalent instead of the level they´re at right now

I think they probably self-rated their site as safe for work. They need an independent company to rate their site for them. Obviously, Playboy has a very biased concept of what´s safe for work.
  by: BlainGarnet   07/21/2010 12:16 AM     
  by: Mannyishere     07/21/2010 03:06 AM     
  According to Smartfilter

This site has been blocked by content filtering software as ´Pornography´.
  by: clone 99   07/21/2010 03:35 PM     
I only read for the articles.
  by: lafinjack   07/21/2010 09:05 PM     
Just the word ´Playboy´ would get it blocked more than likely.
  by: Lurker     07/22/2010 03:36 AM     
  So in other words...  
Playboy has removed its soft R rated photos and left in all the information needed so douchebags can learn which colognes and doo dads they need to buy in order to keep up with their loser friends....

How nice.

  by: bbeljefe     07/22/2010 05:32 AM     
  IF any of you own stocks  
in playboy... sell sell sell...
it´s going to $hite - in a handbasket.
  by: mexicanrevolution   07/22/2010 09:49 PM     
just checked it out and the site sucks
  by: shaohu     07/26/2010 08:25 AM     
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