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                 01/21/2018 03:40 AM  
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07/21/2010 09:55 PM ID: 84830 Permalink   

Black Parents Surprised as Blue Eyed White Baby Arrives


White babies have been born to black parents in the past, usually due to the mix of ancestry and what is commonly known today as the genetic throw back; but Mr. and Mrs. Ihegboro maintain that their story is a somewhat different.

This case is an unusual occurrence as both parents originate from Nigeria with no background or information to explain how this little girl could possibly be born with a mass of blond hair, blue eyes & white skin.

Bryan Sykes from the University of Oxford said: "We are all genetic mixtures & occasionally you´ll have a convergence of the pale versions of these genes in African Americans & African Carribbeans who have a mixed black and white ancestry."

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  It´s True!!!  
Numerous amounts of babies HAVE been born to black parents in the past!
  by: StormRoyale   07/21/2010 09:58 PM     
I think you forgot your hood.
  by: vash_the_stampede     07/21/2010 10:27 PM     
Lighter skinned children being born to dark skinned parents spontaneously has to be possible, being that everyone had dark skin originally -- but, not to this extreme degree I´d think? Weird.
  by: velger   07/22/2010 12:08 AM     
Why is this such a mystery? The answer is simple:

Mr. Ihegboro, that ain´t your baby! Looks like your wife helped herself to some white meat.
  by: CArnold     07/22/2010 12:15 AM     
  Answer is actually much simpler...  
but because people already have this religion called race... they can´t accept the truth.

It is already historically and archeologically known that people of all colors have appeared through out human history spontaneously all around the globe. There is no great black exodus from africa... no great white exodus from the caucus mountain ranges... it´s all crap!!!


and there is no such thing as santa clause and the easter bunny either... sorry kids! Race is a myth. Get over it... and stop talking like in-breeders!
  by: mexicanrevolution   07/22/2010 12:20 AM     
  I Think A DNA Test  
would be interesting.
  by: ichi     07/22/2010 12:36 AM     
race 1 (rs)
1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.
2. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race.
3. A genealogical line; a lineage.
4. Humans considered as a group.
5. Biology
a. An interbreeding, usually geographically isolated population of organisms differing from other populations of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits. A race that has been given formal taxonomic recognition is known as a subspecies.
b. A breed or strain, as of domestic animals.
6. A distinguishing or characteristic quality, such as the flavor of a wine.

The dictionary disagrees.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     07/22/2010 12:52 AM     
I agree with you about the "mass exodus" from one area to another.

As a Christian, I believe that we are all descendants of Noah, which makes as all of the same human race.

This is like the woman who gave birth to a black child; claiming she became pregnant by watching 3D porn.

Can you say: Sancho hahaha
  by: Mr.Science   07/22/2010 12:59 AM     
you are right.

The only families who have true blood link with a true blood race would be the people who have lived on the out backs of any country,they are the only ones standing the possibility of being indigenous to their race. I am sure genetics would prove this right.
  by: captainJane     07/22/2010 01:07 AM     
"As a Christian, I believe that we are all descendants of Noah, which makes as all of the same human race."

You mean descendants of Adam. Who was 90 foot tall according to the koran.
  by: kmazzawi     07/22/2010 01:17 AM     
  The Right Stuff  
As a scientist first and christian second, I believe we should first DNA first to establish the innocence or culpability of the mother. And then we should stone her.
  by: kmazzawi     07/22/2010 01:34 AM     
  DNA is the way to go..  
I think we are all agreed on that then @ Everyone.

@kmazzie. "I believe we should first DNA first to establish the innocence or culpability of the mother. And then we should stone her."

What a load of twaddle! Islam is not about stoning women that is the both bureaucrats and simpletons, using the old traditions to suppress women as a whole. Not ALL Muslims live by this rule.

  by: captainJane     07/22/2010 02:37 AM     
  Even if the mother cheated..  
Even if the mother cheated she is very black and the baby has blue eyes and blonde hair which is regressive genes compared to the brown eyes black curly hair of the mother.
To me baby looks Albino as it has the fair traits but still an African nose and face structure.
Need DNA test to prove anything.
  by: veya_victaous     07/22/2010 02:44 AM     
  If my girlfriend/wife  
Had a black/asian/whatever baby I´d be claiming something else lol
  by: JayWar   07/22/2010 02:48 AM     
1. Check the kids blood the type has to match the father/mother, its quicker than checking for DNA.

2. Check the kid´s DNA, to make sure its your kid, there´s the possibility that the mother had an affair or that the hospital mixed up the kid (the latter being a fairly common occurance).

3. If the kid is legit then simply check the family tree, if there was 1 white in your ancestry then the kid had a chance (regardless of how miniscule it is) to be born white.
  by: jhax   07/22/2010 02:49 AM     
1. You´re onto something with the blood type, but it isn´t that simple. Examples: A parent of type A and a parent of type B can potentially have a child of type A, B, AB, or O . However, you´re right that analyzing blood type would be quick and easy method that might conclusively disprove paternity.

3. Some whiteness would have to be present on both the fathers and mothers sides.
  by: reverend j roach     07/22/2010 03:26 AM     
  hey "Mr Science"  
what scientific evidence do you have that Noah spawned all humans(did that happen about 6000 years ago?)? your name implies that you would require some sort of evidence believing a story such as that...especially when counter theories already exist that do have evidence to support them(tracing genetic defects for example)...
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   07/22/2010 03:29 AM     
"You mean descendants of Adam."

If you take the bible literally (if that were possible) then there is the story of the flood which basically says that everyone died except for Noah and his family (and all the animals). So if you look at it that way, Noah was the most recent genetic "choke point" (though strictly speaking, he would have been a descendant of Adam so either statement would be true).
  by: opinionated   07/22/2010 03:42 AM     
  With The DNA  
I would more interested in the linage that allowed a white, blond, blue eyed baby to be born to a black couple if the child was both of theirs. How far back the gene was recessive if it was caused by a recessive gene. If it was a spontaneous mutative event. If it was hereditary from this point on. A lot of interesting questions that gene mapping could help explain.
  by: ichi     07/22/2010 04:19 AM     
  There are...  
a mound of interesting things on trail @ ichi.

I hope we will post everything that comes out on it all, right here. :)
  by: captainJane     07/22/2010 05:36 AM     
  Michael Jackson Had Three White Children  
And no one questioned it.
  by: Jim8   07/22/2010 06:11 AM     
The mother´s were white...except for 1 kid who doesnt have a mother in the birth certificate.

mmmm but now that you mentioned it, its odd all of them are white...he had a lot more chances than these 2 though.
  by: jhax   07/22/2010 06:18 AM     
  this happened  
this happened to a talk show host named Dinah Shore. She had a day time show called "The Dinah Shore Show" (1970´s Era) .. it was like Montel Williams Show .. day time talk shows for the bored house wives of the 70´s .. anyway her husband divorced her, and as it turned out, it was a genetic thing .. her facial features were interesting .. I remember when this happened :-D
  by: Key2000     07/22/2010 07:35 AM     
  This thread  
is one of the more interesting conversations I have seen on ShortNews in a long time.
  by: moxpearl   07/22/2010 01:45 PM     
  @ jhax  
I don´t know how common the ´mix up at the hospital´ scenario is outside the US. I think it depends greatly on whether the maternity ward in the hospital (or country - if it´s nationwide) does the wierd US thing of taking all the newborns away from the mothers and putting them all in one room. I find it really strange that this happens in America. I sure as hell won´t let anyone take my baby away from me to be kept out of my view when I start having kids!
  by: DarkLady   07/22/2010 02:20 PM     
  What am I missing here?  
The kid is clearly albino. It´s not that uncommon. What is the big deal??
  by: Appeal to Reason   07/22/2010 02:57 PM     
"What a load of twaddle! Islam is not about stoning women that is the both bureaucrats and simpletons, using the old traditions to suppress women as a whole. Not ALL Muslims live by this rule. "

I was referring to the stoning as ordered in the bible repeatedly. I dont know why you brought islam into this. What does islam and stoning have in common CaptainJane.

As for islam, you are insane if you think I will wait until ALL muslims support stoning before I raise my voice in defence of the people still getting stoned in the 21st century. Plz, as I asked you yesterday to not support in favor of bombed civilians, plz also do not speak in favor of stoners. I want you to be angry for those who are stoned. For those burried till there shoulders and then stoned with stones that are not too big as to cause a quick death, or too small as to cause no damage.
  by: kmazzawi     07/22/2010 03:39 PM     
And since you chose to lecture me from a very high horse about stoning in islam saying it is for bureaucrats and simpletons. I want you to to continue your lecture to me and tell me then, how is stoning related to islam, who in islamic history condoned stoning and ordered it on several occasions.
  by: kmazzawi     07/22/2010 03:42 PM     
know this is a little bit strange but i think that baby was born from an inplanted ovum keeping it secret by the parents.
  by: vizhatlan     07/22/2010 03:56 PM     
  Off the subject but if anyone´s interested  
I only recently became aware of an ethnicity called "negrito" Interesting too me anyway.
  by: VermiciousG     07/22/2010 03:57 PM     
Why does this actually surprise me more than a white couple having black kids with no cheating going on?
  by: nimira     07/22/2010 04:54 PM     
  Another side of the grand...  
male dominant nature coming out there. @Kmazzie.

High horse why? Because I correctly remarked what is known to be on common knowledge this side of the troubles. Change the record please.


That is really very interesting. Even a picture taken in Malaysia taken in 1905. Thanks!

  by: captainJane     07/22/2010 05:20 PM     
I just put it out there as a possibility. It is extremely uncommon but it can happen, even in America.

There was reported here in SN about one case, I dont remember it exactly, but it was about some black hair brown eye parents that had a blonde blue eye son, they raised him and by the time he was they decided to do a DNA test cuz they were tired of people telling them that was not their son.
Surprise to them, DNA showed it wasn´t their kid, the hospital mixed them up. I think it was in Europe though.
  by: jhax   07/22/2010 06:41 PM     
Yes... there´s a clue there... also in south and central american cultures...

but there are many, many more hints... the obvious is usually ignored altogether though... race (you know, that people are a race of blacks, whites, or whatever) is a myth. It is political/religious philosophy that has no grounds in science. It is something that sprung up as a justification for political and religious segregation and domination.

It is heavily relied upon to justify modern societies... the nation-state uses it most frequently. Anyway, you can see how brain washed people are just reading the posts above...
  by: mexicanrevolution   07/22/2010 09:40 PM     
Do not blame the lady as yet, The Nigerian man could have slept with another woman who has just slept with a white man but did not clean himself and manage to pick a fresh sperm from the other woman and went to is home and deposited the white man semen into is wife who was just ripe!!
  by: OWIT   07/23/2010 04:03 PM     
Sperm in open air dies in a matter of minutes (or seconds), only way for your theory to come to fruition is if the guy was sleeping with both women at the same time, and the "dirty woman" had sex with the white guy only hours before.

Kudos on the creativity though.

  by: jhax   07/23/2010 04:13 PM     
"Another side of the grand... male dominant nature coming out there. @Kmazzie"

What are you talking about? I was talking about stoning in the bible and you jumped my about stoning in islam. Why did you bring islam into a stoning conversation? the easiest thing for you is to avoid this thread, the courageous thing is to apologize and take it back, and the weird thing you can do of course is to keep posting weird (?) posts.
  by: kmazzawi     07/23/2010 07:26 PM     
i think he meant since the flood ridded the earth of blasphemy and whores, noah repopulated the earth
  by: groomsy     07/23/2010 07:58 PM     
and also why cant it be an albino?
  by: groomsy     07/23/2010 07:59 PM     
apologize to you? when have you ever apologized for your mistakes. I have not made one , you just rant off on your own war solving nothing.

Have a good day, for a change, give yourself a break.
  by: captainJane     07/23/2010 08:15 PM     
Captain Jane brought up Islam because of the 1994 video of a woman being stoned to death.

Is stoning women to death, mandated by Koran or Islam?
Within their own communities, many women and girls remain at risk of death or injury from male relatives if they are accused of behavior held to have brought dishonor on the family.
  by: Mr.Science   07/23/2010 08:16 PM     
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