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                 01/21/2018 09:16 AM  
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07/29/2010 11:35 AM ID: 84901 Permalink   

France Cracks Down on Gypsy Camps, Deports Illegals


Nicolas Sarkozy has announced his government will be cracking down on Gypsys, ordering the closure of some 300 camps of displaced travellers and Roma, and announcing the deportation of anyone in France illegally.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said: "Within the next three months, half of the illegal camps will be dismantled - camps and squats - that is to say some 300." The government says the camps are sources of crime.

The President also said that new legislation would be in place by the end of this year that will allow the government to easily expel Roma travellers but the new crack down is "not meant to stigmatise any community, regardless of who they are..."

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So how does this compare to the Arizona law?
  by: nimira     07/29/2010 12:41 PM     
  Why aren´t the SN libs  
up in arms over this obviously racist law?
  by: moxpearl   07/29/2010 01:42 PM     
  Different things  
They are not asking for anyone ID based on suspicion of them being illegals. They are dismantling makeshift camps of squatters that are in violation of many laws.

Just try going on an empty field with a couple dozen of your friends and setting up camps in tents and RVs. It won´t take long before the police comes and ask you to leave, unless it´s your property. What puzzles me is how it could be tolerated in the first place.
  by: Ryuken   07/29/2010 02:33 PM     
it just means thier country enforces their laaws and makes sensencable laws reguarding invaders. in teh states, those in congress are so power mad, they will jiss ass of illegals and give them many free lunches to gain their vote when they give them amnesty and free health care all the while allowing illegals to take jobs from american workers. the kenya born president and congress alone are working to socialize america. the people are against that but congress refuses to listen. it may be time for rebellion.
  by: shannon853   07/29/2010 04:31 PM     
The difference is that this law is about deporting illegals, not about forcing all citizens to carry their immigration papers around whenever they´re in public under pain of arrest.
  by: jamesmc   07/29/2010 04:37 PM     
  Good on you France!  
In Bulgaria we have a similar problem with gypsys and their crime...

During the communist days there, the govt actually tried to help them out by funding houses with carpets, hardwood, just nice houses.

In response to this generous gesture, in the winter the gypsy´s simply ripped up the carpetting and hardwood and burned it for heat so they wouldnt have to pay for gas!!

you simply can not civilize these types of ppl, only other option, kick them the hell outa your country, good on you France!
  by: radso1   07/29/2010 04:59 PM     
Gypsies are a bit different, they will camp on your property and if you try to make them leave, they will shoot you and set you on fire. They are deeply affronted by those with a notion of land ownership and think we are fools that we fought and died for it.
  by: Pandaemonium   07/29/2010 05:20 PM     
  As well  
When you look Gypsies in the eyes they hex you & invade your dreams all the while stealing sock pairs so you never have a matching sock ever again.

You can only stop the hex by being bitten by gypsy, which is very good luck btw. That & being spit on by one too. Give em hell!?!?!?!
  by: vhan     07/29/2010 10:58 PM     
  Shows were the world is heading...  
There is a way that seems good to a man...

Anyway, how many gypsies were killed in the holocaust? Yea, there´s where we´re heading!

A gypsy is simply a disenfranchised minority of people who don´t seem to die of or can ever be satisfied with playing by the rules of the modern world that puts them at a disadvantage.

Instead, they use the world. The world hates them because they refuse to bend over and take it like good little slaves. They refuse to die and disappear.

"Gypsies" exist all over the world, but they go by many different names... they are the people who are at the bottom of the great social and financial pyramid who´ve been left with the final bill and refuse to pay and refuse to cease to exist...
  by: mexicanrevolution   07/29/2010 11:54 PM     
  I´m confused by...  
the people that say there´s a difference..

"The difference is that this law is about deporting illegals, not about forcing all citizens to carry their immigration papers around whenever they´re in public under pain of arrest."

How are you going to tell if they are an illegal if you don´t check their ID? Does France have some magic seer stone that they can divine someones status?

There´s pretty much only one way to find out who someone is...
  by: Pyronius     07/30/2010 01:51 PM     
  Identification different  
There are some forms of ID that require certain things in order to obtain. Like proof of citizenship, a residence, etc. If one could not produce any form of ID that proves they are a citizen why not ask for their immigration papers. Especially given the circumstances of this crack-down.
  by: MrSpike   07/30/2010 05:42 PM     
  So does this mean  
homeless people are screwed?
  by: vhan     07/30/2010 06:56 PM     
it does... citizenship becomes an aristocracy...
This is how it all begins. Then certain people no matter how long they´ve lived in a land (for instance native americans) can never achieve citizenship.

Monies are still collected from the peoples that are not allowed "citizenship" but those same people can never receive a benefit from it. It is also how slaves were dealt with after the civil war.

Don´t be fool by the nationalist talk, and the land of laws crap... the truth is, freedom is being robbed not from "illegals" but from actual citizens and handed over to a machine that is addicted to power. By limiting rights to some, power concentrates in a few. When that power reaches a certain tipping point, that small group takes away from everyone - aristrocacy that started a democracy/republic becomes a empire/totalitarian system.

For instance (and i´m sure there are these types of people in france pushing for deportation), Joe Arpaio. He is a corrupt and dirty police chief who used to work in the FBI. Accusations of abuse of power have run rampant in his office for many, many years - from using his office to threaten political opponents to spending money on personal pursuits. Now, he has chosen immigration and crime as his baby. The fact that he is corrupt shows that he only wants you to give him more power. See hitler for more examples.
  by: mexicanrevolution   07/30/2010 11:22 PM     
Give me your tears! If you will not give them to me, I will take them from you!
  by: shiftyfarker   07/31/2010 04:39 AM     
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