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                 02/21/2018 01:59 PM  
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08/04/2010 08:25 AM ID: 84960 Permalink   

Store Refuses to Sell Alcohol to 67-Year-Old - He Couldn´t Prove He Was Over 18


UK: A One Stop Shop refused to sell a bottle of cider to 67-year-old Chris Page because he could not produce acceptable ID. Page, who doesn´t have a license or passport, offered to combine his photo bus pass and birth certificate to no avail.

The retailer previously lost its license to sell alcohol due to "lax selling". The strict ID policy was a condition of the getting the license back. In 2009 they drew attention by refusing to sell to a 68- and 70-year-old based on the same policy.

"They wouldn´t accept my bus pass, even though it´s got my photo. I might look a little bit younger than 67 but I certainly don´t look anywhere near 18. It was completely ludicrous," said Page.

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  Age discrimination  
at its finest. Even if they only sell to the people they are allowed to, they exclude other people.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   08/04/2010 08:52 AM     
  It´s called capitalism  
Go to a different store, genius.

Actually, now that i think about it, this is the second time they have made the news? This is free advertising for the store, i wonder if it was staged?
  by: moxpearl   08/04/2010 02:05 PM     
It seems this store got busted, presumably for selling alcohol to underaged persons, and the council revoked their license to sell alcohol. One of the conditions the council put on giving them their license back was that they had to card everybody - no exceptions.
  by: ixuzus     08/04/2010 02:11 PM     
I totally agree. The law is the law. I´ve been kicked out of a bar because I forgot my wallet. I´d been an entertainer there for years. The server that asked me was new. The reality is here, if you can´t provide suitable ID, then get out.

The laws are there for good reason even if its application seems stupid at times.
  by: gbestwick   08/04/2010 05:18 PM     
  on IDs  
When a place gets crowded enough to require ID´s, social collapse is not far away.
-- Robert A. Heinlein
  by: archaic   08/04/2010 08:05 PM     
  That´s just numb!  
Sorry but, I know kids are getting better at looking older and yes; I was getting served in Off-Licenses when I was 14 (was big for my age); but carding a pensioner... That´s just retarded!

The LAW is the LAW is the LAW; maybe, yeah. But it’s obvious Common Sense isn´t that Common anymore either :-/ Isn’t there some clause about “The Spirit Of The Law”? I’m not a solicitor but surely?

Ok, you shouldn’t use wikipedia as it’s floored but tell me this article doesn’t make sense:

  by: spacechimp     08/06/2010 03:58 PM     
  must be a UK thing  
only time I ever get ID´d is when I have a clean shave
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   08/07/2010 09:20 AM     
  He really IS old...  
...I mean the drinking age hasn´t been 18 in quite awhile.
  by: tuogh     08/07/2010 04:53 PM     
  Well I am 30  
and a girl in a GAME Store refused to sell me a game because it was over 18. She claimed I had to be over 24 to buy it. I didn´t have my passport with me, who does? so had to leave the store!

Before that I have never, ever been asked for my ID. Even back when I was 18!

I told her, in no uncertain terms, that I was buying 18 rated games and movies when she was still in nursery school.

This country is getting more and more crazy by the minute. A Passport is a valuable document that I cannot afford to loose. I am not gonna take it with me everytime I do a little shopping.
  by: MalcolmB   08/10/2010 04:58 PM     
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