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                 01/17/2018 06:18 AM  
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08/18/2010 02:23 PM ID: 85115 Permalink   

Pakistan Left Out to Dry


Over the course of the last few weeks, Pakistan has been ravaged by brutal monsoons. Almost one fifth of the country has been submerged under water, with many more places suffering flood damage.

Pakistan seems to be almost completely reliant on foreign aid in this situation, and has only received (according to the UN) approximately 50% of the 460 million it needs to recover.

While the Pakistan government reaffirms that it will use the aid money from the supporting countries for flood relief, Minister Nawaz states that he believes they are falling short on aid due to other countries mistrust of Pakistani intentions.

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  I don´t like that I´m gonna say this but...  
I remember when Katrina hit and a terrorist leader in Pakistan said something to the effect that "It was Gods punishment" and we deserved it and all.

As Americans we kind of take that kind of stuff personally. Good thing for them we have a short memory.
  by: VermiciousG     08/18/2010 02:58 PM     
Like WWI and WWII War debts o.O
  by: Pyronius     08/18/2010 03:05 PM     
  Muslims hate America  
until they need our help. Then they think that we are stupid for doing so. And they are right.
  by: walter3ca   08/18/2010 04:30 PM     
Actually they don´t hate America. They have no problem whatsoever with South or Central America. I imagine most of them think Canada is a nice place too. In fact I bet a good many of them would think the USA is a nice place as well were it not for the racist, oil greedy, war-mongering, selfish bastards that seem to inhabit it. Muslims don´t need your help, they just need you to stop invading their countries, subverting their governments or arming their genocidal enemies.
  by: billycan   08/18/2010 04:59 PM     
  2.5 million in one week  
has been gathered by the citizens of my little country (the Netherlands) in one week.

So that seems to be going well.

Although I am sorry for the people in Pakistan seeing as this disater is even bigger than the one Tsunami in Azia I won´t be giving any money at all.

The last time money was given to pakistan 200 million euro´s were used by the government for the government instead of for the people where it was inteded to go.
  by: Flutje   08/18/2010 08:02 PM     
  Good post!  
Now write some more!
  by: Sleeky     08/19/2010 08:11 AM     
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