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                 01/22/2018 05:34 PM  
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08/18/2010 03:24 PM ID: 85118 Permalink   

Israel Buying 20 F-35s from US


After years of negotiations Israel and the US has struck a deal for the exchange of 20 F-35 stealth fighter planes for 2.75 billion dollars. Much of the negotiations were over Israels want to install their own electronics in the jets.

The F-35 Lightning II, is a Lockheed Martin stealth fighter. It cuts through most conventional radar undetected, and comes in a few variants. One for conventional takeoff, one for vertical and short runway takeoff and another for carrier takeoff.

Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak stated that the F-35 would help Israel maintain its air superiority and military edge in the region. Despite the deal being officiated now, they will not receive the fighters until 2015.

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  The F-35 is crap.  
Maybe Israel can fix it.
  by: walter3ca   08/18/2010 04:23 PM     
  What I want to know  
Who´s paying for these planes? Are they just being bought with American financial aid?
  by: TheBlob   08/18/2010 04:47 PM     
Buying isn´t the right word here. How does Israel earn all that money needed for such an formidably equipped air force (and army and navy)? By selling excessive amounts of olives?

  by: Poseidon   08/19/2010 11:01 PM     
  Why am I betting that the US taxpayers will be  
the real ones that actually fund this "sale"?
  by: slavefortheman     08/19/2010 11:04 PM     
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