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                 01/18/2018 08:37 PM  
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08/19/2010 01:54 PM ID: 85141 Permalink   

Half a Million New Hepatitis C Infections in Egypt Annually


According to a recently published study, there are more than 500,000 new Hepatitis C infections in Egypt every year, far more than any other country in the world.

Around 10% of the most populous Arab country are infected with the virus causing Hepatitis C, creating a huge reservoir that drives the infection. The Ministry of Health in Egypt, however, claims the numbers in the new survey are "exaggerated".

Since it is a blood borne diseases, the bulk of virus transmission takes place through the healthcare system. It first spread in Egypt through syringe reuse. Lax sterilization practices in public hospitals and private clinics feed the epidemic.

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  I am  
Fairly ignorant about the life of anyone in Egypt, but why is "lax sterilization practices" tolerated on such a massive scale? are people not outraged by things? you know what..... nevermind
  by: ReasonableAtheist   08/20/2010 09:13 AM     
  In Egypt  
I am in Egypt this week. Basically, this would be news to most Egyptians. Not that it is not True. It is very much True. Just that, most Egyptians do not know about it. And the rates of Hepatitis B are much higher too.

This is what happen when a country refuses - by law - to take and publish census. when the country has no clue about who is doing what. This is what I saw when I read that Canada and the UK and several other countries are reducing and abolishing their Census capacity.

When SN published that UK is abolishing their census, my first post I remember was: "Welcome to Third Word Status England".
  by: kmazzawi     08/21/2010 02:29 AM     
  Sweet Pyramids?!  
What is causing this?! It cannot simply be the healthcare system alone! If it was, that would mean that they NEVER change needles. I´ve had some injections in shadier places than Egypt and (to date) have no ailments. So what´s going on? Jeebus!
  by: zirschky     08/21/2010 02:57 AM     
  Not just healthcare  
You´re right zirschky it is not just the healthcare system. There are also many bad habits - especially in rural areas - that contribute to the epidemic. However, the bulk is in the healthcare system.

But to be fair, the standards have increased considerably, and there is almost never syringe reuse in hospitals and clinics and they have overcame many of the threats. Not all, but many of them are under control now.

The problem is there is a huge resservoir from past bad habits. When you say that 10% of the population is infected (by the most conservative surveys - it is probably much higher) than every time someone goes to the hospital and gets an intervention involving blood, there is a 10% chance to catch the virus.

That is why countries with a healthcare system much worse than this have lower incidence, because the original reservoir is small.
  by: Breathe   08/21/2010 11:54 AM     
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