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                 01/16/2018 10:32 AM  
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08/26/2010 03:33 AM ID: 85246 Permalink   

WWI Soldier Found in Melting Glacier


The mummified remains of a WWI solider have been found in the Italian Alps by local man, Dino De Bernadin. Collecting Military relics is his hobby. He describes finding the body in the melting glacier.

“Saw a pile of rags and did not pay much attention. But I am a curious type, so I went closer to have a better look, I hacked at the ice with my pick and a boot worn by Alpine troops emerged. Only then did I realise it was the skeleton of a soldier"

A trend of warming in the Alps has resulted in melting glaciers recently revealing ancient treasures as well as explosives, ammunition and the bodies of troops. Excavations have been ordered in the area in case there are remains of other soldiers.

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did he add the guy to his collection of Military relics?
  by: valkyrie123     08/26/2010 03:41 AM     

... It´s obviously Captain America, folks.
  by: Dayron   08/26/2010 07:45 AM     
of assets in wartime can be a bummer
  by: alisha rose     08/26/2010 09:15 AM     
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