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                 01/16/2018 08:52 AM  
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08/31/2010 02:36 PM ID: 85299 Permalink   

Slovakian Gunman Kills 8 - Wounds 14


An unnamed man went on a shooting spree in Bratislava, Slovakia, Monday the 31st.
Seven people were killed outright and an eighth died from injuries at the hospital.

The shooting started an apartment complex, where after police arrived, four women and two men were found dead. The gunman had fled the scene and taken to the streets where he continued his rampage.

After a being cornered by law enforcement, the gunman took his own life. He was found with an illegally obtained assault rifle and two other firearms. No motive has been brought forward as of yet.

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He probably watched eurotrip.
  by: DRK   08/31/2010 06:42 PM     
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