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                 01/21/2018 03:07 PM  
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09/03/2010 03:44 AM ID: 85326 Permalink   

A Wee Dram of Whisky


James Gilpin of London, has made a boutique whisky by using the high-sugar urine produced by elderly diabetes patients, including his own grandmother.

Highlighting his own experiences with diabetes and discussing food sciences and their consequences, the Whisky is created by filtering the urine using the similar processes used to purify water, taking the sugars from the process, so they can used in the fermentation of the Whisky.

The Whisky is not planned for sale but you can try a wee dram if you´re in London this month. Displaying it at the 100 per cent Materials design event in London in September, complete with taste testing.

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  considering the colour  
Considering the colour of whisky and urine, I think this is very unappealing. If the whisky was warm...... gross
  by: veya_victaous     09/03/2010 04:21 AM     
  Hey Why Not  
They both taste about the same anyway.
  by: ArchAngelMichael777   09/04/2010 03:12 AM     
Your not much for whiskey are you. Good whiskey warms the throat not burns, and has a unique and delicious taste.

I´ll have some Gentleman Jack on the rocks with a splash of cola and a hint of lime please.
  by: KMKHeathen   09/04/2010 03:56 AM     
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