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                 01/19/2018 06:38 PM  
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09/03/2010 04:02 AM ID: 85327 Permalink   

Spider Hunt Back´FIRE´


Chris Welding´s wife screamed there was a spider in the house, he sprang into action, nearly killing himself in the process. The IT engineer chased the spider into the bathroom of their Clacton, Essex, home in England.

Using a flammable aerosol can, he sprayed the spider as it hid behind the toilet and then used an open flame to see if he had killed it. The flame ignited the gas and caused a massive explosion, blowing him off his feet and into the hall way.

He was admitted to hospital with flash burns to his head, legs and torso.
He might not have killed the spider
"We´re not entirely sure whether the spider got away or not but there was no sign of it at the scene" said an Essex Fire Service spokesman.

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  What an Idiot  
Everyone knows you light the lighter first than spray the aerosol while holding the lighter in front of it.
That is how you properly kill a spider.
  by: ArchAngelMichael777   09/03/2010 04:20 AM     
  Wussy and Stupid  
Are there any fatally poisonous spiders in England?
Spiders aren´t that bad most can be picked up and moved outside easily with a piece of paper and a glass, and I get red-backs and funnel-webs in my house which are the 2 most poisonous species of spider in the world.

and seriously a flame thrower? isn´t that overkill? aren´t you concerned about the walls? and it probably escaped anyway (haha).

Spider 1 : Man 0 : Aerosol 10,000,000
  by: veya_victaous     09/03/2010 04:41 AM     
Darwin award contender
  by: Sweet*Chillin   09/04/2010 11:54 AM     
this is the begining of the real Spiderman. Sit back in awe!
  by: alisha rose     09/04/2010 11:59 AM     
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