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                 01/23/2018 04:27 PM  
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09/26/2010 09:43 AM ID: 85569 Permalink   

Meat Dress to Jerky for Posterity


Lady Gaga made both fan and onlookers wonder at her bovine fashion at the MTV Awards.

News is out you have to wonder no more about what will happen to the Lady Gaga Meat Dress now the awards are over.

It was not thrown on the B.B.Q. and served with wine and nibbles it will be lovingly turned into some rather strapping Jerky as a keep-sake.

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  Don´t they have to smoke it  
to make it into Jerky first? Yummy! :)

[ edited by Hoz ]
  by: Hoz     09/26/2010 02:43 PM     
Jerky is not smoked. Just add spices and salt and dehydrate. I make it all the time.

I bought a jerky shooter, looks like a caulking gun, that shoots ground meat into strips.

The results are much more tender to eat, less stringy and easier on my tooth. The jerky is very satisfactory. It recommends using 90% lean because it will not go rancid as quickly without refrigeration but the 80% tastes better. Just keep it in the fridge. I usually make 10 lb at a go.
  by: valkyrie123     09/26/2010 04:35 PM     
  thanks valk  
I´ve always wondered how it was done. I might give it a go!
  by: pas content   09/26/2010 06:00 PM     
  If Lady Gaga  
shows up at my house wearing a dress of beef jerky, she´ll be going home naked cause I´ll eat it all.
  by: Ms_SmartyPants   09/26/2010 07:04 PM     
make 350 at a go.

Make me a LADY.
signed LADY GAGA
  by: alisha rose     09/27/2010 09:41 AM     
Though it doesn´t have to be smoked. Smoking it adds a wonderful level of flavor to the meat.
  by: bala_mt   09/27/2010 10:55 PM     
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