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                 02/22/2018 06:02 AM  
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09/30/2010 09:25 PM ID: 85628 Permalink   

College Student Kills Himself After Roommate Broadcasts His Sexual Relations on Internet


A student at Rutgers University jumped to his death after being publicly humiliated by his roommate and former friend, Dharun Ravi, and an accomplice, Molly Wei.

Tyler Clementi had been engaging in homosexual relations when his roommate and the accomplice recorded what took place. On September 19, Ravi broadcasted the recordings on the Internet. They had intended to do a second webcast on September 21.

Ravi wrote a response to this on Twitter on September 19 saying "Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly´s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay."

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  This is a very sticky situation  
Ok to dissect this one item at a time.

One: as cruel as what they did is, in the end, Clementi is the one who chose to kill himself. There have been times in my past I´ve been embarrassed by others, maybe not to this magnitude, but Clementi killed himself. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei did not kill him.

Having said that, what these two individuals did is absolutely disgusting. True, Clementi could have chosen to do it somewhere other than a room shared by another, but still this does not make it ok for Ravi and Wei to be complete pricks. However, to be clear, the laws they are charged with are the laws they broke. They don´t deserve a "greater sentence" because Clementi committed suicide. If he hadn´t committed suicide, would they still be entitled to a "greater sentence?" No. They are rightfully charged with the crimes they committed. However, it was Clementi who chose to murder himself.
  by: Student_of_the_World     09/30/2010 10:28 PM     
would you say the same if Clementi was your brother?
  by: groomsy     09/30/2010 10:58 PM     
I agree.

Thing is, Ravi would expect Clementi to give up the room if he had some girl come in (Molly?). He would also expect complete privacy and respect.
  by: nimira     09/30/2010 11:00 PM     
Yes I would. Suicide is terrible, but at the end of the day, did Ravi or Wei push him off the bridge? No they didn´t make him get in his car, drive to the Washington Bridge, get out of the car, and jump off. These were choices made by Clementi alone. If my brother were stupid enough to commit suicide because of a video, I´d find him at fault for jumping. Now, I´d probably end up in jail also because I´d beat up Ravi. Not because he killed my brother. I´d do it for being an a--hole to my brother and posting the video on the Internet.
  by: Student_of_the_World     09/30/2010 11:20 PM     
  Really Sad  
That today a young person should take their own life because of sexual orientation.
When he found comfort in a lover he was driven to his own destruction. This should weigh on the soul of the self rightious anti gay conservatives that can not let people live their own lives without trying to push their religious bigotry down every ones throat.
  by: ichi     10/01/2010 12:50 AM     
  What disgusting little people.  
Regardless of sexual orientation I´d be pretty distraught at finding out my sex life is now on the internet.

My condolences to Tyler Clementi´s family.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei I wish nothing but the worst for you and hope you spend your lives wracked with the guilt that you own.
  by: Convivial   10/01/2010 01:48 AM     
those who say its all tyler´s fault are forgetting having straight sex leaked on the net is different to gay sex. and you know it.

for all we know, like many teens, clementi might have well know the outcome of his family finding out, and peers and felt this was his only option.

I believe in this case the two morons who broadcast it should be charged with manslaughter.
  by: george2101436   10/01/2010 03:11 AM     
  This is just sick  
I hope their cellmates in prison give them justice for their inconsiderate crimes on humanity. They might not have pushed Clementi off the bridge, but they sure didn´t do anything to save him either. I hope someone in the prison makes both Ravi and Wei rape victims on a daily basis and broadcast it on the Internet.
  by: Ms_SmartyPants   10/01/2010 04:24 AM     

@Student... The penalty is stiffer because he did commit suicide.

It´s two different cases completely when one has a suicide and the other doesn´t....
  by: cyberfreak   10/01/2010 06:52 AM     
Successful troll was successful?

I like to tease people but there are somethings I TRY not to bug about. This would be an example of going too far. Maybe just making a subtle sexual joke would have done it but putting it on the internet in a video..? Ouch.
  by: JayWar   10/01/2010 07:13 AM     
nope, i think its all the the dead kids fault.
society these days simply amazing. ohh they made fun of me i think i will take the easy way out. why does he think that he is that important that anybody would care who he kisses. if he wants to be gay then be gay and quite worrying about it. Sh!t America, you think you have it bad? step outside for once. there is always a way out, dont like where your at, then move! its much healthier for you.
Listen its your own damn fault if you decide to end yourself, nobody else´s. EDIT: where those other kids d!cks? sure they were aS$holes no doubt about it. do they deserve jail time? nope.

[ edited by snowman47 ]
  by: snowman47   10/01/2010 07:53 AM     
  Student´s right, Snowman too, mostly.  
We can´t throw everyone in jail who makes fun of someone because the person ended up doing something foolish. Per the source, the recording and transmitting of video CAN be punished by jail time. I think they should get the maximum sentence under those laws, since obviously it did have the maximum negative effect. But going further is to treat differently a sort of person we´re told we´re supposed to treat equally, chills free speech, and generally makes society even LESS able to handle all the freedoms we have. Let them suffer psychologically, let society move on, and Tyler Clementi rest in peace.
  by: MomentOfClarity     10/01/2010 08:32 AM     
  The Real Problem  
Until we deal realistically with the fact that our religions, which are held up as a good influence, give justification for this kind of thing, it will continue.
  by: Jim8   10/01/2010 06:03 PM     
"But going further is to treat differently --a sort of person we´re told we´re supposed to treat equally--, chills free speech, and generally makes society even LESS able to handle all the freedoms we have."

I´m not sure if your statement has anything to do with his sexuality (which I heard he was still in the closet) but I would be just as upset if this were a straight person.
  by: skittlesloli   10/02/2010 02:54 AM     
  It is just one of the most nauseating...  
of mental cruelties I have heard of.

People like this make me sick!

The deliberately brought this kid down so low he killed himself.

@Student. I disagree they should serve a long time. A kid has lost his life because of them, if they had any conscience they would want to be punished.
  by: captainJane     10/02/2010 08:59 AM     
I just meant that gay people aren´t any weaker than anyone else, so we shouldn´t apply the law as if they were. That just sends mixed signals about the law and the group.
  by: MomentOfClarity     10/04/2010 04:44 AM     
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