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                 02/24/2018 12:37 PM  
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09/30/2010 09:44 PM ID: 85629 Permalink   

"It´s Always a Race Factor," LeBron Said


The former Cleveland Cavalier´s star player opened up in an interview as to why he thinks as much backlash has been dealt after his decision to head to Miami. So what is Mr. James´ diagnosis? Racism.

Maverick Carter, James´ business partner and friend, sat with the ball player during the interviewer and added, "It definitely played a role in some of the stuff coming out of the media, things that were written."

Finally, they indicated that the hour-long show they did announcing the move may have played a role. "The execution could´ve been a little better, and I take some of the blame for that," stated Carter.

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  Race card is getting old  
You know what, it´s LeBron James´ decision what he wants to do with his life. If he wants to play in Miami that´s his prerogative. Cleveland is just mad they are losing THE BEST player they have had in a long time. In spite of that, I don´t think race has anything to do with this. Of course, you are naturally going to have your racist pricks that will make stupid comments. However, this whole "race card" crap is getting way too far out of hand. If Dirk Nowitzsky got traded, nobody would care or say "It´s because he´s a white guy." How can you say you want equality, but every time you don´t get your way you pull the race card? That is very child-like.
  by: Student_of_the_World     09/30/2010 10:35 PM     
  LeBron James  
is washed up. Good luck to Miami on trying to work with this guy.
  by: Ms_SmartyPants   10/01/2010 04:26 AM     
is an outdated term.

Of course, ethnicity would be more fitting term. Just like you wouldn´t invite a jew/muslim to pork roast, without alternatives. Ethnicity does have a role, somewhere.

My point is of course ethnic groups may differ.

And before and anyone gets antsy, I´m am commenting on a social matter, and offering one perspective.
I prefer to share discussion and leave room for other perspectives.

[ edited by MannyisHere ]
  by: MannyisHere     10/01/2010 04:43 AM     
You are trying to tell me, that your fans.... are angry at you for leaving.... because you are black? What the fuck kinda sense does that make?
  by: ReasonableAtheist   10/03/2010 06:37 PM     
we all know this decision was made years ago at the olympics! i am not a cav fan but id be pissed too if i was and you left, its not because you are black, its because you are a good player and you fucked their franchise over
  by: groomsy     10/03/2010 07:05 PM     
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